One Page LO

Natural BeautyI did this in record time. ONE HOUR! I am a sloooow scrapper. I would lay things out, stare, stare, lay it out more, stare, glue one or two things, stare, buy something, stare, glue, stare more and finally get down to finishing it. This can go from four hours to a month to complete a layout. So this is a big thing for me. Ok, hope you like it!

Before logging off… we just got back from swimming. Note to self, never again go on a Saturday. So many birthdays = so many kids. We couldn’t move and M was scared. Next time we’ll try the university. I need to get a pass tho for the rest of the family. That might be a better deal. It’s free compare to $4. Ha, such a tight wad.

Natural BeautyMaterial:

Paper: Unknown
Embellishments: Prima, buttons from WM, K&C Company metal, SU ribbons, hemp, brads, and photo corner, Rhonna Farrer Word Art and Flourish stamps, Office Depot date stamp
Behind the scene material: SU glue, pop glue, glue dots

Oh, there are more pictures on the Flickr site. Including how it looks as a whole. I just like the close-up pics more than the whole image. I really need to scan my LO for the web.

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