Have You Googled Yourself? Plus Felt Reindeer.

OMG, I just did that and I am on two pages. My old friends from school wouldn’t be able to say they weren’t able to get a hold of me! Try it out, see if you’re all over Google!

So, besides that, I wasn’t feeling too paper crafty this evening. So I decided to make a little ornament. I made this little guy based on Mel Goodsell’s template. This is my second reindeer actually. My first one was a Christmas present but I forgot to take a picture of it. If I remember correctly, the other one is cuter than this but my stitching skill is a bit better here. Who knows. I’m still confused in some areas, like what do you do when you run out of thread? How do you start again to get a clean and continuous looking stitching. Is that even possible? So despite my questions and that I think it’s just not done right, since I learned on my own from a YouTube video (see my first felt creation), I’m going to shut up and be happy with what I’ve got. Here it is:

Felt Reindeer

For the stitching, I just used regular sewing thread. I don’t have access to anything else in this town — got to drive — so just have to use what I have. Orange is the color of the thread going around the reindeer. The mouth is suppose to be red but you can’t really tell. I didn’t use anything around his neck because unlike Mel’s, my scarf looked ridiculous

I like this little guy. It’s my fourth creation. Two owls and two reindeers. I want to try a little dolly or the pencil topper thing (guess who’s site I’m getting this idea from, ha!). I do love a lot of the items that in my Flickr favorites but many seems so hard. Maybe when I get better. Now, I did get some zig zag scissors for fabric, oh, what are they called now… so this weekend I can work on M’s bday stuff.

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