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Sometimes during the Christmas 2006 break I lost the center of my engagement ring. We were going to replace it but we just never got to it until my wedding band fell off my finger last summer. I had no idea what happened. I remember talking about it while driving back from lunch with my co-worker, I remember looking at it even, and when I got in my car to drive home, it wasn’t on my finger. Ahhhh…. I loved that ring too. It was one of those eternity type rings.

RingWe didn’t get into the ring replacement until we returned from our big trip overseas. My co-worker recommended me a jeweler in Independence, MO, and there I went. I liked this place, still do, because they do handmade work. So I talked to Kelly, gave him whatever diamond and gold that I have left, he drew me a design, I loved it, and off I went to look for a center. I was stuck on a cushion diamond. I love antique everything and I am in love with old style rings and the cushion cut is an old time cut that’s becoming popular again now. I did my research and of course I came to find out that I fell in love with the most difficult diamond to purchase. The cushion has no perfect specification unlike the round for example. You have to look at a cushion and you either like it or you don’t. There are all sorts of different ratios and even the perfect cut and polish doesn’t always mean a great looking cushion. Of course I couldn’t find any locally. They all had to bring one in and all had some sort of policy if I don’t like the look of it even though it perfectly matches all the specs. After lurking around at, talked to a few stores, I finally found the cushion man. Mark from ERD in NY. Ha ha… yeah, I bought a diamond online. Because he had such great reviews, I trusted this guy to find me the perfect cushion within my specifications and that looks great. He found one of course (being in the diamond district has its advantages) and for what it is, I got a great deal on it, well at least a few hundred less than if I got it locally and shipping was included. I recommend him everybody at pricescope swears by him for cushions.

Thank you ring cardKelly and Drenon was the one who build my ring. He was a bit skeptical about me buying my own center, ONLINE, but he was quite impressed with my cushion. After a couple wax, the first wax was not at all like how he drew it, he nailed it. Although it was a bit weird to look at a blue and orange (the color of the wax) I knew it was the ring. After a couple of weeks I picked it up and voila, my ring {::SMILES} Kelly did a great job I think. Not only did he create a great ring he patiently put up with me.

Coincidentally the ring was completed a few days before Christmas. So in a way it seems like it’s a Christmas present and almost to the year since when I lost the center. Hope he likes the card. I tried to make it kind of manly even though the paper does have flowers on it. I have nothing manly. The papers are new, I got them at Hobby Lobby, 5/$1, by Memory Keepers. The stamp is a Fiskars clear stamp. I was looking for something that has a diamond ring and this was the only one I could find. The “thank you” is from the Spring Solitudes set.

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