I Am on Dial-Up

Not! But my Internet is sooooooo slow. So, until it gets better, I will not be posting this weekend. I had a hard time just logging in. We are SE of Kansas City and if you’re one who watches the news you probably know that from Tulsa on east, the mid-west got hit pretty good. Luckily we’re on the very tip of it so we did get the ice storm but it only lasted 6 or so hours for us and then it just rained. So no trees or power issues (good thing since we’re all electric here). We were ready for it but like all of you we’d like to avoid all the disaster as much as possible.

Anyway, things have been normal except the Internet. It was fine during the storm but later the next day it just got slower and slower and now it’s just trying very, very hard to even show any sign of high speedness. This is the second time it did this right after an ice storm. It’s so weird! I hate it since I live off this thing. I did get my grading done though so that my students can feel at ease and if any are graduating tomorrow, they can walk in confidence 😀

The good news is that I’ll be off the computer this weekend and I’d be able to focus on making some hot cocoas for Emma’s teachers. I found a recipe from allrecipes.com and instead of a jar I’m just going to use plastic and decorate the tag really well. It’s my first try so if they turn out pretty I’ll take pictures 😀 I’m also going to try to make marshmallows. My coworker did it and they’re so yummy.

Well, that’s it for now. It’s snowing outside and we’re suppose to get a few great inches. Ahh…. making a snowman day. I’ll take pictures if we do get a load. It’s our pup’s first real snow too (I don’t think ice counts) so it’ll be fun. Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “I Am on Dial-Up

  1. Hey Savitri….we ARE on dial-up for real and it ain’t pretty!! HAHA!! But it doesn’t get worse during a storm…. Anyway, have fun –you have a great site – I think I am finally able to post some comments!! (stupid blogger (not me the site!))

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