Creating a Watermark in Photoshop

Ok, so there are many tutorials on how to create a watermark but I haven’t found one that’s really clear from just reading it or a video that has what I want to show you. Plus I just installed this new software at work and thought I’d try it out really quick on something fun.

You’ve seen those fancy girls (I love those fancy girls, btw :)) on SCS’s gallery or blog where they have their card and their fancy signatures on the top, right corner, left top, etc. Watermarking is not just for signatures but also for photographers or anybody who wants to protect their work or give some sort of disclaimer. If you’re ever wondering how to do that, well here’s the scoop:

First there are many ways of doing this, first from the manual mode to the more fancy Photoshop action. But my favorite is by creating a brush and then reusing this over and over and over and over again where ever I want. So, although this tutorial is on how to create a watermark, you’ll also learn how to create a brush! How nice is that 😀

Let me explain a few things. Since my end goal is to create a brush, in my example I started out the process by creating a new file with the following settings:


Since it’s only going to be for the web, the 72 resolution is fine and for a brush, the Grayscale color mode is just dandy. You can’t make a colored brush anyways. The darker your brush the darker or harder or the more prominent your brush will be, the grayer/whiter/with some sort of color your brush the lighter your brush will be. I’m using gray for this video but usually when I make a brush I use black or #000000. Also, I set my width to 640 pixel. The reason why is because I’m showing you two different ways of saving and reusing your watermark image. For the first method, it’s important that you create your watermark using the right size. For a brush, it’s more flexible since you can increase and decrease a brush size easily.

NOTE: To create a brush for digital scrapbooking, make sure that your resolution is set to 300 dpi, this way you can have a brush stroke that covers your whole 12×12 page.

Also, although the video was created using PS CS3, you can use the same method for Elements and previous versions of Photoshop. CS3 does look a lot different than the older versions but in essence I was just using the regular menu options and layers.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “Creating a Watermark in Photoshop

  1. I’m a new blogging sister…looking forward to getting to know you!!
    I loved your watermark tutorial…if only I had PS!
    I bougt some really neat watermarks…but I’ve yet to figure out how to use them!! I’m assuming I must need a program like PS.
    I have vista with the windows gallery and I have the program that came with my Sony camera…but I can’t seem to figure out how to use my watermarks with either of these!!

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial–I’ll have to try making a watermark like this some time soon. Looking forward to getting to know you and the other SBS2 members!

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