The Holiday Season

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was quite nice: fun and relaxing with the family.

Now our favorite holiday is coming up, Christmas. It’s not all about the presents but it’s all about the atmosphere and that during this time, we somehow think less of us and more of others that we love. This year we decided to buy less but do more and even our little girl was on the same wave length as us. Here’s what we asked Emma, she’ll be 4 in February:

Mom: What do you want from Santa, Emma?
Emma: A pink sleeping bag, a pink cash register, and a pink laptop
M: Is that it?
E: Yes, I need to share with the other kids
M: That’s nice Emma, it’s nice for you to share and not want everything
E: Uh uh
M: What do you want from mom and dad?
E: I want mommy and daddy to buy something for another little girl that has no toys

Ok, how can you beat that? We’ve asked her over and over again the last few weeks and it’s the same answer. Now ever year, ever since I had my first real job actually, I have a habit of picking a child off the angel tree. One year I didn’t because my work decided to adopt a family and I took responsibility for the gift of one of the child, but besides that, it’s a habit I’ve always had. This year was different though, Emma was really into picking out the little tag, asking me who the child was and what he/she wanted, and deciding on one. So this year we’re going to shop together for a nice package for this 18-mo-old that we picked out.

We’ve done all sort of different things throughout the year to help others. We don’t do yard sales, we’d donate our clothes and toys to either the church or the Big Brothers Big Sisters. Even Emma will go through her toys and clothes and she’ll put a bag together herself. The same with furniture, we’d take them to the Salvation Army. We donate dry goods to the local food pantry and help the United Way or Children’s Miracle Network. This year we found some other ways of helping, and spreading the ways we donate, and you can see that in our Charities link.

I know that we’ve had one year where we spent thousands of dollars on presents, I know one year at 7 mo pregnant I was pushing a 6 speaker system Onkyo system into the house, but those were the days. Christmas isn’t about how much we buy but it’s about Jesus’s birth. This is something that we need to work on with Emma since Jesus is not at all in the picture, it’s just Santa and gifts right now. But at least she’s got the giving idea right.

Hope you can share your blessings and joy with others who are less fortunate. I don’t need that extra stamp set, the $25 can go to 😀

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  1. Hi. I just joined the SBS2 sisters! I look forward to getting to know you.

    My daughter will be turning 4 in February too!! Your daughter sounds so sweet and thoughtful.

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