The 1 Minute Card

Here’s the story: Last week my co-workers and myself got together so that we can hand write some, super late, “welcome to our campus” cards for new professional staff employees. The last card was sent out in March so between April and last week, we had 27 cards to do. Now, we’re not working for a big university and funding for silly things like this does not come easy so I managed to smuggled some card stock from my office’s supply closet, grabbed my own stamping stuff, figured some really easy design, and voila. In an hour we hand wrote and stamped 27 cards… we even stamped extras for later use, with “thank you” on some of them.  In my experience, this was probably the easiest card that I have ever made.

1. Grab an 8.5×11 cardstock
2. Cut it so that you will produce two 8.5×5.5 pieces
3. Fold the cardstock
4. Randomly stamp the front of your card, I chose this stamp set because it’s neutral, male/female would be ok with it.
5. Stamp sentiment
6. You’re all done!

Hand stamped card

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