Digi Tuts

These are some videos that I’ve created using Adobe CS2/3. There are a few using PSE and they will say on the title. If you can’t view the videos properly, click on it and it’ll take you to the Revver/YouTube site. Lately I’ve been adding them to YouTube. Revver cut my video on the left and side since I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.x. Sorry about that.

I’ll add more when I have time and feel motivated. Keep in mind that there are MANY ways of doing a certain technique in Photoshop – it’s just like any other application – the ones on the video are ones that I use and I found very easy and not too time consuming.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Digi Tuts

  1. Wow - great stuff here.  Look for a review on my blog a little later on this week - I think this will be something my readers will definitely want to take a look at!!
  2. I'm just getting started with digi-scrapping and stumbled upon these tutorials. Thank you SO MUCH for putting all of these together. I can see it will take a while to get through them. I've watched a couple of them so far and enjoy your presentation style and explanations, so I know I'll be watching all of them. I'll be checking back for more. Thanks again!!!!

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