Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Felbrigg Hall

Hiya!! I have a few travel photos that I want to share with you all. This set was from our trip to Norfolk a few weekends ago. On our way to the beach we stopped at this old house maintained by the National Trust, Felbrigg Hall, and while I couldn’t get a photo of the outside, under maintenance, the inside was just beautiful. I think of all the old places I’ve seen this is my favorite. The house isn’t big compared to the many we’ve seen but was well decorated and if I had that much money I really wouldn’t need anything bigger than this! While richly decorated the house was very cozy. Loved it!!

You can browse through the gallery below. The above is also in the gallery but I wanted to highlight above because there’s a neat story behind it. See those two pink screens right in front of the fireplace (there’s a decorative embroidery piece in between the two). From our little visit we learned that the pink screens were placed in front of the women’s face. Back in the days the women wore very thick make-up and the screen helped to not melt the make-up off the women’s face. Interesting, huh? I thought so!

If you’ve been visiting my blog you’d have noticed the other National Trust home that we visited, Blickling Hall. These two home were from the same era and so like Blickling Hall, Felbrigg also has a Chinese room and the odd pointy ceiling.

I love the kitchen too! I haven’t gone to too many kitchens and this one was nice. I absolutely loved all the pots and pans. Copper – SHINY copper! Delish!!! I wish my kitchen wall looks like this! {::SMILES}.

Like many NT sites this house has a huge garden/park area and dogs are welcomed. The cafe, while simple, was pretty good and filling. We enjoyed our lunch here – it was beautiful too and felt so nice sitting outside.

  • DSC_0466
  • DSC_0471
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  • DSC_0503
  • DSC_0504
  • Felbrigg Hall

Can you feel the richness of the home? I love all the colors in there. The owners did a great job of decorating it back in the days!

Have a great one and I’ll share some projects on the next post!


Merry Christmas

Happy weekend everybody!! Here’s my first creation, using Waltzingmouse’s sketch and Sassy Season digital papers from in the Making Designs at Jessica Sprague, after almost two weeks! I’ll be busy creating again the next few days though cause I just got a few design team packages in the mail. YEAH! Tonight we’ll be watching some fireworks (celebrating UK’s Guy Fawkes day and fund raising for the local preschool) and then a bonfire at our friend’s house. We’ll be showing them what Americans do around a fire: Making and eating S’mores! Good times!!

I also want to share more pictures of our trip, something which I hope gives a calming effect. I’ve been playing with Photoshop the last week – another reason I didn’t do any crafting – and have really just been enjoying messing around with adjustment layers.

During one of our holiday sight seeing trips we stopped by this beach called Brean Down. I was hoping to go to a National Trust building, a fort, while there but we didn’t arrive until 5p and the place closed at that time. So we just hung out and played on the beach. Although the day was chilly the beach was nice. There weren’t a lot of people and there was a very wide stretch of sand here. It was a great feeling being there. I felt so small and in awe at this place I live in, this place called earth. We were very careful though, we read that the tide comes fast here, one of the fastest in the world and we made sure we were safe.

This was what I saw soon after we passed the tall tide wall. On the left are mobile homes. From where I was they looked like beach houses.

Then there’s hubby doing the Karate Kid move, the stork stand. But see how vast the sand area was? The water was on the other side of that land on the right. Quite a distance away but when high tide comes, it’d quickly make its way to where I was at.

There’s M making a face on the sand. I think it was Waldo/Wally (why the US and UK has two different names for Where’s Waldo/Wally puzzles me).

Then there’s hubby and Jovie. She was cold after a little bit and that was why we only stayed for half an hour at the most. Jovie’s so cute when she’s cold. She’ll sign cold and say “brrrr.” Love that little bundle of joy!!

Of course it’s not quite perfect if you’re at a beach close to sundown without a sunset kind of picture. So here’s mine. Not a sunset but close enough. This was probably the closest thing to a sunset that evening. It got really hazy cloudy and this ended soon after. The water line was still far far away. I’ve never seen a beach with this wide of a sand area before!

Card details:

I love this digital paper line by in the Making because although it is a Christmas kit the colors are not at all Christmasy and I LOVE none traditional pieces. Except for the cardstock base everything was from that Sassy Season kit. For the background I chose a light pattern and then I stamped some musical notes on it. I thought the base looked a bit dull and so I did some ink blotching (using a brush and Winsor Newton ink). Then per the sketch I added a few circles. I felt that the card was still blah so I added some jute string and the buttons finished the card off.

Well, that’s it from me. You all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again next time I post! Ciao!!!

King Arthur and the Tor

If you’re into magic, fairies, king arthur, magic water, psychics, self cleansing, knights in shining armour, etc. you might want to put Glastonbury on your list of places to visit or move into. At first the town seems like any other British town but once you get to looking you’ll see shops full of crystals and stones, small book shops full of spiritual books, clothing stores where you can walk out as Queen Guenevere,  and a store that sells witch craft related items — I think I should have gone in to see if there’s a magic cleaning wand/spell!! Then when we looked through the newsletter while munching on lunch (and making sure Jovie’s not going to bust her skull open — no high chair) besides the regular massages we saw spiritual massages, self healing, psychic readings, and spiritual guided tours.

We didn’t go to any of the shops. I guess they were just a bit too different for me. But we did walk up to the known Glastonbury Tor, also managed by the National Trust.

This photo was halfway up. As you can see hubby got a great workout, 18lbs of love was on him he he…

And this was what’s up there. You can read about it on the Wikipedia link above but according to legend (in case you didn’t read the Wiki) this is the home of the fairy king Gwyn ap Nudd. The Glastonbury Tor site has some great reading if you’re really interested in this!

The view from above was beautiful. We got lucky that although a bit chilly the sky was blue. We walked up late, about 4p I think and the sun was just perfect. It wasn’t very busy either which made the experience and walk more enjoyable (I think it took us 30-45min/ea way).

For a little dramatic effect, here’s another photo of the Tor with M on the left.

Page Details:

First of all, I just love it when Miss M wants to model for me. Lately though it’s been hit and miss. Back in the days I could bribe her but now it’s just whenever she feels like it and it hasn’t been frequent enough for me (I want it every other day at least ya know).

For this page I used a few digital kit from Jessica Sprague. It’s a Holiday/Christmas kit but I found that I could use a lot of the pieces for a none Holiday/Christmas photo.

Here are the pieces that I used:

In the Making Designs: Sassy Seasons paperelements
In the Making Designs: Modernist Jewel
Carina Gardner: Coquette Wordart

Now, is there anything you’d like to know about this page? I am thinking of doing more videos and one is how I create something (or two) on my digital creations.

Have a great one and thanks for visiting!!!

Laziness + Ancient Abbey

I always have the case of laziness after a vacation. When I was working I thought that it’s just cause I had to go back to work but now that I stay at home I am coming to a conclusion that I’m just pure lazy. It’s just me not wanting to go back to the work routine. On top of that, I’ve been sleepy even though I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual. The projects that I’ve been posting for the last two weeks I’ve done before I left on vacation. Lazy I tell you!!

I do want to share more pictures from our trip. This time it’s from Glastonbury Abbey. This place has 2000 years worth of history/story and due to the mid-1530s social and religious upheaval known as the Dissolution of the Monasteries the most of the abbey was destroyed. According to legend little Jesus was here and King Arthur and wife were buried here too.

Stories has it that Jesus and his uncle came and visited this area when Jesus was just a boy. His uncle then came back and built a church right where the below church was built. Back in the days the inside of this (gigantic) church was very well decorated but most of the expensive pieces have been looted or sold.

A view from a distance. These three pieces used to be one big church. I can’t remember the square footage but it was big. It became the riches abbey due to the pilgrimage activities. The second biggest is the abbey (also in ruins) near us, in Bury St. Edmunds.

The kitchen was the only building that didn’t get ruined and we got the opportunity to listen to a little history besides watching M and a few other girls make magic bread. It was magic because the dough magically turned into a full loaf of bread after putting the dough into the fire pit. The monks at the abbey didn’t eat lavishly. They had a very thin diet. This kitchen was mainly used to cook meals for the visitors.

If you’re in the Somerset area, Glastonbury Abbey is a neat place to visit. There are other things to see and do too which I’ll share later.

Page details:

This scrapbook page is pretty simple. I used the October Scarlet Lime kit for this page.

Happy Feet, Scarlet Lime Oct.'10 kit

The page has a few little pieces here and there from some Prima and Pink Paislee goodies. I love them a lot and I want to spread them out a bit, ha!

Happy Feet, Scarlet Lime Oct.'10 kit

Well, have a great one. As I write this my eyes are really heavy and I had a good night sleep!! Laters!

Dunster Castle

Can you believe it? It’s NOVEMBER!! I really thought that life at home will just drag but my goodness was I wrong! With a new month comes a new Clear and Simple stamp set: Happy Fall and new CSS colors: a Clean Slate. I am liking the serene scene above. Reminds me of our lovely little vacation last week. Let me share a few more pictures with you!!

Oh, before the pictures, I want to say “thank you” for all the comments on M’s first digital page. She didn’t know I posted it and when I showed her the post the first thing she asked was: “Did anybody commented?” Thankfully there were some and she read them all. The comments have really encouraged her learn Photoshop more. She’s halfway through one and she can’t wait to finish it!!

On to pictures… The first place we visited after getting to the cottage was Dunster Castle. Some posts ago I mentioned joining the Royal Oak Foundation which support the UK National Trust. Well with the membership comes free entries to all of the NT’s many properties and Dunster is one of them. We loved visiting this castle and also the garden. After visiting Germany a few years back our family has been exposed to a few castles but this was the first one where we could roam around freely and where the castle has full furnishing. It was fun imagining how it would be like living there some hundred years back. Emma was even entertained because there was a scavenger hunt type of activity for her to do. The garden was lovely. There was a river flowing through it and many nice paths to follow. Except for inside the castle dogs were very welcomed.

Here are some pictures:

M ringing the dinner bell. This was another neat thing, children could touch a few things… some did get carried away with this gong although most only rang it once.

Ringing the Gong

This is the family room. The literature said it’s supposed to be more informal but to me, it just felt so grand still.

It’s not quite my style but if I were living in a castle back in the days I’d happily take this room {::SMILES}.

Master Bedroom, Dunster Castle

This would have been M’s bedroom and speaking of, I just noticed that you can see her on the mirror! The room is bigger than what I photographed. There’s a fireplace across from the bed, a balcony, wardrobe and a good size dressing table.

My favorite part of the whole castle. Can you imagine a scrapbook table right there where that little table is? HA!!! The view to the outside is gorgeous!!!

Conservatory, Dunster Castle

Alright, that’s it for now. I hope you all had a great Halloween!!