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Grateful Greetings

Last weekend hubby said that if people clean like I do they’ll never get anything done. After I thought about it I guess he’s right. It’s day three and the house isn’t any better than it was Sunday when I started. I kept stopping – stopping just cause – and taking craft breaks. The other night hubby was here in my craft room watching Netflix and he looked at my box of cards and said: “You are obsessed with making cards. After you’re done you just toss them in that box.” You know all the cards that I’ve made the last few years? Yeah, I don’t have that many friends to give them to. I do donate but not as often as I make them. I’m going to be purging again soon. There’s a Christmas bazaar at M’s school. I can donate to that.

Then today after I was done making the above card I looked down at my Stampin’ Up! paper pad. It’s that 10×16″ pad that demos use at workshops so that you have something to either measure with or practice stamping. Well, since I don’t demo anymore and I hardly ever did workshops I still have a big thick pad of it and that’s where I stamp on. It’s nice, flat, cushiony and I can make a mess on it. Like my mess below? I’ve had this pad for a few months now and it’s about ready to be replaced by a nice new clean sheet. I should do the masking + spraying on a scrapbook page/card sometimes.

My Scrap Pad

Card details:

This card was inspired by 2Sketches4You’s sketch, no. 63. I haven’t played in a while and thought I’d join. This card is also my last official card for the DigiChick. You like the butterfly? I do! I got that from the Patisserie kit by Sugarplum Paperie at TDC. The butterfly was a .png file but I took it into Photoshop and converted it into a .jpg. After this I was able to bring it into my electric die-cut maachine, I have the Klik-N-Kut, and cut it. The back scalloped paper was a die-cut template from the Cutting Files also at TDC. The Cutting Files has all sorts of other templates. The fun thing about electric die-cut machines is that you can alter it. I didn’t do the holes for my doily, just the shape.

Doilies TDC Cutting Files

Ok, that’s it. I hope you all have a great day!

Other materials:

Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Stamps: WPlus9, Season of Thanks, and Waltzingmouse, Musical Backgrounds

Hello and Goodbyes

Jovie, 16-mo

Goodbyes are rarely easy, doesn’t matter if they’re with friends, families, co-workers, or jobs (it was even tough parting with my work’s Mac Tower and 30″ monitor!). I’ve had a few goodbyes in this life, especially lately because of hubby’s job, but we all know that if we really want to one day we’ll meet again.

Although starting something new is exciting it can be tough at times to quit what you have so that you can start that new thing. Today I sent in two emails. Both were resignation emails. One to Sweet Shoppe and another to the DigiChick. It was harder to quit the later because I’ve been there for over two years and Nicole + LuAnn (owner and hybrid coordinator) are nothing but kind. But, after some thoughts, it was something I had to do.

On the 7th of October, a bit past midnight, I received an email. If I’ve been good at keeping up with what’s going on out there I’d have found out sooner but Savitri’s just been behind lately with reading. My first email on my birthday was from Jessica Sprague telling me that I’ve been accepted to be in her team. Talk about a sweet birthday present!! If you’re a digital scrapbooker and don’t know who she is then you’ve been hiding under a rock {::SMILES}. Jessica’s everywhere, one of the most influential person in the scrapbook industry, and the most popular how-to digital scrapbook instructor out there. Being in Jessica’s team doesn’t just mean having access to her beautiful store (for you paper peeps think Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park, on top of Jessica and other designers) but also to her classes. BUT, in order for me to have full access to Jessica’s classes I need to create exclusively for Jessica Sprague.

Jessica Sprague

I’ll miss creating with some of my favorite designers’ kits at Sweet Shoppe and the DigiChick on a regular basis but I am very much looking forward to creating with goodies from Jessica’s store but to also take some classes from her and her team! You all know how much I love learning and I just can’t pass up the chance to learn about photography, using my two favorite Adobe software, and more for free or very inexpensively.

I am now very glad that I submitted. It was last minute, I’m on page three (putri is my username for all my online crafty stuff) out of 23. I submitted not only because I love what Jessica has to offer but also because I’ve always wanted to be in the same team as Cathy Pascual. I’ve loved her work since I met her at SIStv (I think the site’s inactive now) years ago and like me we both have two (adorable) girls whom people might think are related if we ever meet up. This opportunity is like one of my stalker-come-true-dream, HA!

So this month’s the last month I’ll be sharing, on a regular basis, hybrid projects from Sweet Shoppe and TDC but in a few weeks I’ll be sharing things from Jessica Sprague’s awesome store and classes! I can’t wait!!

Page details:

This digital page was created using pieces from three different kits: Zoe Pearns – SSD, Penny Springman – SSD, and Quirky Twerp – TDC. Aren’t the owls cute? Zoe Pearns is one of my favorite digi designer and the owls she made are just the cutest thing! I did a lot of layering because there are too many cute elements to choose from. I think it worked out pretty well. I left the left side a bit light to not hid the photo of Jovie — who’s looking more and more like her daddy — the prettier version of her daddy.

Jovie, 16-mo

Okie dokie, that’s it. I have you all have a great day, it’s the weekend soon! Whoohoo!!!

The Almost Perfect Bag


I think this week will roll by pretty quick for us. It’s already Tuesday and I thought it was just Saturday yesterday! Today’s post I want to share a little simple card above using Mojo Monday’s sketch and digital paper from the DigiChick by Nikki Epperson: Remember These Days, and I want to show you something that the hubby got for me… a yellow camera-handbag!

I’ve been wanting a new bag for a while. When I was still working, one of my friends and I talked about handbag shopping but we never did. Yellow’s my most favorite color and last fall I kept seeing all these beautiful yellow handbags and have been wanting to get one since. Last week while Net browsing I came upon this one at Joules (here’s the US store but waaay more expensive!!) and when I went to the store last weekend I was in love and today I got to bring one home!

This is why I want this bag… A month before we left the US I bought this Kata bag. It’s a camera + laptop backpack. I love it and it’s great for traveling but it’s just not so girlie to carry around on a daily basis. I still have the Crumpler 4 million, still love it, but I use that mostly for the Canon XTi/450 which I carry around most often on our little outtings. I’ve been looking at Etsy for more of a girlie bag and through it I found a store that I love: Ketti Handbags. She use to sell on Etsy but she’s now running her business through her personal site. I’ve been stalking her sit for forever, trying to get on the wait list, but it’s always full (aka the link for the wait list was disabled due to her not taking anymore orders), and I thought I was going to get one this week per her announcement but her store is still not open and there’s no waiting list as of the end of Sept. Darn!!

So when I found the Joules bag I was very excited. Not only was it simple it was yellow and the size that I need to insert the padding from my Kata backpack, which comes out. If you’re interested in using your handbag for a camera bag, go to B&H and they have all sorts of inserts.

Joules Handbag

The price was a bit less than Ketti too so to me it was all around great. Here’s how my purse looks with Nic in it + 17-50mm, some diapers and a 50mm lens:


I’m not the kind of mom with all sorts of stuff in the diaper bag. I don’t have a proper diaper bag. When we go places, even for a whole day trip, I just carry wipes and a few diapers. I figured there are stores everywhere and if Jovie makes a mess I’d just grab something on sale. So in my bag there are always these items: Purse, key chain on change and ID wallet, small baby wipe container, 2-3 diapers, bottle and phone. With my new bag I can also add the camera insert, a camera body with a lens, up to two extra lens and accessories. Most likely though I’d just take two lens and no accessories. When we go on big trips I’ll still use the Kata bag since I’ll be hauling my laptop with me.

It’s a great, big bag. I think it’d be better if the zippered part is a bit longer cause I can’t stick my check book in there. People still take checks ya know {::SMILES}. Have a good one and I hope this post inspires you to find a big bag for your camera carrying needs.

The Perfect Pair

CSS Cookie Bake + Die Cuts and More

After a long blog break it takes me a while to get back into it and into project making. But, being a part of a few teams (they make me feel like I’m not totally unemployed, ha!) have been useful in terms of motivation. So today I am participating in the Perfect Pair Blog Hop and on this post I will be showcasing Creative Cuts and More‘s fun die-cuts, the Apron Pocket and Self Closing Box, and Clear and Simple Stamps‘ Christmas set called Cookie Bake.

There are two prizes to be won and IF you came to this post via anything but the Creative Cuts’ blog do start there first if you want to be eligible for the prize. IF you did start out right then you’d have been at Darsie’s blog before you got here.

My projects are fairly simple. The apron was all about gluing, trimming and putting a few elements on the right spot while the self closing box is about practicality. I see the below as little gift boxes to give at parties. They’re cute as is and just need a small bit of personal touch. The best part about the box… NO gluing!!! I really like these die-cuts because all I had to do was fold and glue (or no glue). I just have to think about decorating. LOVE!!

CSS Cookie Bake + Creative Cuts and More

After this, do stop by Noelle’s blog and leave your comment there. Have fun!!!

CSS + Creative Cuts Blog Hop

If you’re curious, other accessories are as listed:

Ribbons and Button: PTI
Twine: Olive Manna Etsy
Baker’s Twine: Annie42 Etsy
Jute Twine: Etsy
Digital Paper: Karla Dudley from the DigiChick

Sept 11th


Today I have a card using the new Waltzingmouse sketch. It’s a simple one and this is my interpretation of it.

As for the title… even though my spiritual believes don’t put a lot of weight on the body and what happens to it after the soul has left it I respect what an individual has done in his/her lifetime. Granted that we weren’t in NY it was still something we thought about when we were visiting the largest European American cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery on Sept. 11th.

Here are some pictures from that day. Since hubby was at school in Germany, work related school, he had his uniform in the car and so he put everything on (right there next to the car parked just to the left of the photo) so that he could salute and pay his respect to the Americans who fought and died during WW1.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

Just a close-up photo, one out of 14,246.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

Just them three walking up to the little chapel.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

This was a different area. This was Verdun or Douaumont. In that building are the remains of the unknown soldiers. Hubby said when he took a peak into one of the window there were bones everywhere, all sorts of them, skulls included. I didn’t look. It was a bit creepy for me.


Trenches ?of the bayonets. This is a burial site. During the war this was a trench with soldiers carrying weapons hiding in it. A bomb went off covering the trench with dirt and the men were buried alive. You can to really look but you can see the end of their bayonets sticking out of the dirt.

Trenches of the Bayonnet

The day wasn’t all gloomy (or the History Channel). We ended up in Bouillon that night (it’s only 46 miles away) and got to see this fortified castle (first mentioned in 988 AD although the exact year it was built is unknown) and had the FABULOUS dinner that I shared yesterday.


We didn’t spend a lot of time in Bouillon. It was just dinner, chocolates, and a night but we will come back to do some sight-seeing and relaxing in this area. This is one of those places that you want to get a week home rental. Very beautiful, lots of trees, lots of little villages to see, etc. While driving to the different sites there was a car with a wild boar on it and I had to laugh out loud. It was an Asterix moment for sure – my favorite comic book growing up!!

Have a great one!!


Stamps: Waltzingmouse
Pattern paper: Digital paper by Quirky Twerp from the Digichick
Accessories: Ribbon, ?twine and button