Little Whitnell Cottage

For You

Happy weekend!!! I hope your week was great! Ours was!!! We had a lovely lovely time at our little vacation cottage: Little Whitnell Cottage near Nether Stowey in Somerset, England.

Today I have this card to share, a few photos and a little bit on our cottage renting experience…

Back in the days my ex and I used to own a timeshare. The places we went to were nice and they were definitely better than a hotel. We didn’t own the timeshare for long but while owning it I was introduced to home/cottage rentals and I told myself that one day I’d have to try renting one in Europe. Somewhere along the line I got into Bed and Breakfast and didn’t get to thinking about vacation rentals until a few weeks ago when I had to rearrange our holiday plans from Paris to staying here in the UK. After some hard decisions (between the many sites and the different cottages) I decided on Little Whitnell and what a great choice it was!

The cottage itself is 400-yrs-old. I’ve always loved old homes and I originally wanted one here to live but during the 30-days that hubby had to look for housing there was none that was near a good school, had ample parking, with a nice yard, doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to heat, not near a major road (people drive fast even on little roads here), and a good size house. We saw a few (oh so charming) homes but just didn’t fit half of our criterias. So being able to stay in an old one, even if it’s for a week, was a happy happy experience for me. LOVED it!

This was our living/family room from the stairs. The cottage isn’t big but it was so cozy! The fireplace was our only heat source and that thing warmed up the whole house! There’s hubby on the couch asleep — it was only 10 a.m.!!

Little Whitnel Living Room

Our cottage was just charming. The beams, the fireplace, the stone floor, everything was just wonderful. We had everything we needed there too, including fresh eggs from a neighbor, everything for tea/coffee and a bottle of wine!

Then in the morning I saw this:

Little Whitnel Kitchen

LOVED the light coming through the little window!!!

Then the girls. At the cottage we had something we don’t have at home: TV!! So there’s M glued to the TV and Jovie reading.

M and Jovie

Card details:

A card using the latest and greatest sketch from Waltzingmouse, their wonderful stamps: Musical Backgrounds and Nutcracker Sweet, with digital paper by Christy Lyle: Whimsical Whimsy at Sweet Shoppe. This week’s card is more less like the sketch. I did a lot of layering and also some stamping on the Pebbles Inc envelope. I sewed too but not sure if you can see it because it’s brown on brown. I wanted to sew but was too lazy to change the thread… yes, that’s me, the lazy crafter! I really wish I was a bit more motivated with the sewing machine or just more techniques!

For You

I really like this card. It’s got substance! Due to the layers the card is a bit heavy. I also love the pom-poms which I am slowly running out of. I MISS JoAnn’s Fabric!! The buttons I love too, the sweet ladies at Clear and Simple Stamps sent me these for my birthday.  Also, twine and scrunchy seam binding from Memarie at Etsy.

Have a great weekend everybody! Until next time!!

A Sketch and a Hop

Give Thanks, a Card

Today is a special day because I get to use my blog to do something nice!

I have a thing for old people, especially little sweet old men, they make me go “awwwwww” and reminds me of my own grandpa. but in general, lot of them just brings a smile to my face. A little squeeze on my arm, a little laugh, home made cookies, whatever… old folks gives me the warm and fuzzies. I especially love loving elderly couples. Ya know, those ones who still giggle at each others’ jokes or still walk hand-in-hand or have that look for each other that’s just ever lasting. I love it because it always reminds me that true love is not just in story books and I hope that one day, 50 yrs from now, the two old folks laughing at each other (lovingly of course) would be hubby and I {::SMILES}.

Anyhow, Vera (my fellow Indonesian-American craft blog friend) is having a card drive. She wants to gather as many cards so that she can send them to elderly folks in nursing homes. Do check out her blog for details and if you participate not only will you help bring a smile to an elderly person’s face you will also be eligible to win some yummy goodies!

Card details:

I used the brand new Waltzingmouse sketch for this card. If you need inspiration for the card drive, do stop by and check this lovely sketch out. It’s awesome because it’s so versatile and the other DTs have some fabby cards to show you!!

I did some stamping, Waltzingmouse Musical Backgrounds and Victorian Frippery, AND also used some hybrid goodies, Fall Frolic, by Zoe Pearns. I added some stitching too to match up with the cloud and owls.

Give Thanks, a Card

Don’t you just love the owls? Underneath the big one I added a little bit of leftover paper which coincidently fit the color scheme. Leftovers are a good things, I keep whatever I can.

Now, if you didn’t come from Sarah’s blog, there’s a blog hop going on to support Vera in her card drive. If you’re already hopping you’d have came her from Sarah Martina Parker’s blog. If that is the case, let me send you off to Tiffany’s blog for more eye candy!!

Have a great Saturday everybody!!!!

Hello and Goodbyes

Jovie, 16-mo

Goodbyes are rarely easy, doesn’t matter if they’re with friends, families, co-workers, or jobs (it was even tough parting with my work’s Mac Tower and 30″ monitor!). I’ve had a few goodbyes in this life, especially lately because of hubby’s job, but we all know that if we really want to one day we’ll meet again.

Although starting something new is exciting it can be tough at times to quit what you have so that you can start that new thing. Today I sent in two emails. Both were resignation emails. One to Sweet Shoppe and another to the DigiChick. It was harder to quit the later because I’ve been there for over two years and Nicole + LuAnn (owner and hybrid coordinator) are nothing but kind. But, after some thoughts, it was something I had to do.

On the 7th of October, a bit past midnight, I received an email. If I’ve been good at keeping up with what’s going on out there I’d have found out sooner but Savitri’s just been behind lately with reading. My first email on my birthday was from Jessica Sprague telling me that I’ve been accepted to be in her team. Talk about a sweet birthday present!! If you’re a digital scrapbooker and don’t know who she is then you’ve been hiding under a rock {::SMILES}. Jessica’s everywhere, one of the most influential person in the scrapbook industry, and the most popular how-to digital scrapbook instructor out there. Being in Jessica’s team doesn’t just mean having access to her beautiful store (for you paper peeps think Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park, on top of Jessica and other designers) but also to her classes. BUT, in order for me to have full access to Jessica’s classes I need to create exclusively for Jessica Sprague.

Jessica Sprague

I’ll miss creating with some of my favorite designers’ kits at Sweet Shoppe and the DigiChick on a regular basis but I am very much looking forward to creating with goodies from Jessica’s store but to also take some classes from her and her team! You all know how much I love learning and I just can’t pass up the chance to learn about photography, using my two favorite Adobe software, and more for free or very inexpensively.

I am now very glad that I submitted. It was last minute, I’m on page three (putri is my username for all my online crafty stuff) out of 23. I submitted not only because I love what Jessica has to offer but also because I’ve always wanted to be in the same team as Cathy Pascual. I’ve loved her work since I met her at SIStv (I think the site’s inactive now) years ago and like me we both have two (adorable) girls whom people might think are related if we ever meet up. This opportunity is like one of my stalker-come-true-dream, HA!

So this month’s the last month I’ll be sharing, on a regular basis, hybrid projects from Sweet Shoppe and TDC but in a few weeks I’ll be sharing things from Jessica Sprague’s awesome store and classes! I can’t wait!!

Page details:

This digital page was created using pieces from three different kits: Zoe Pearns – SSD, Penny Springman – SSD, and Quirky Twerp – TDC. Aren’t the owls cute? Zoe Pearns is one of my favorite digi designer and the owls she made are just the cutest thing! I did a lot of layering because there are too many cute elements to choose from. I think it worked out pretty well. I left the left side a bit light to not hid the photo of Jovie — who’s looking more and more like her daddy — the prettier version of her daddy.

Jovie, 16-mo

Okie dokie, that’s it. I have you all have a great day, it’s the weekend soon! Whoohoo!!!

On Settling

Happy Birthday

As a military family we think about where we’ll be next. If I can have it my way I’d love it if we stay overseas until hubby’s done with the military. Then after that I hope to secure a job outside the U.S. and travel some more. Although I’d be happy retiring outside the U.S. hubby would rather go back so that he can be closer to his good friends (he’s also not too crazy about European taxes). I love America but I feel like there are still so many places to see out there, old and ancient places especially.

We’ve talked about places we’d like to settle in the U.S. but we still can’t pinpoint one. I said Vermont but he’s more into the western states. Colorado keeps popping up so we might take a big trip there after his time is done with the Air Force. I told him that wherever it is we have to be within an hour of an International airport so that I can catch last minute deals to Ecuador for example. I know, I have my priorities {::SMILES}.

Today I’d like to share a Mischief Maker card. I love how the card turned out. It’s the colors that I love the most, just soft and still fun. There’s a bit of yellow, blue, green, brown, white, and sand. I love the flower too. I can’t remember where I got it from but it’s from here in England. It was cheap, £1, for a dozen. I just tied the wire around the butterfly. I was ok with the wires exposed that way. I thought it gave the butterfly more dimension. I also layered some burlap and tags. The tags are based on the sketch — see the resemblance?

Happy Birthday

Then the ribbon, button and twine. Lately it’s all about these three items!! For the stamping I used two Waltzingmouse sets: Victorian Frippery and Teeny Trees. The pattern paper are all digital paper. The tags came from a Zoe Pearns kit: Away We Go and main pattern paper from her collab kit with Lauren Grier: Come Away with Me.

Happy Birthday

Yes, I’ve been hybrid happy this month because of my new laser printer. That this is nice and if you’re ever wanting to get a color printer, wait a few months, save up a bit more and get a laser. Better print and cheaper in the long run because the cartridges (expensive up front) last so much longer.

Have a great weekend and craft away!!!

I Am Baaack!

Thank You

We ALL back home and had a wonderful time visiting friends, sight-seeing, and of course getting the hubby. The trip had a lot of stories which I will share later. Right now, I just want to post this because this was Saturday’s Waltzingmouse’s sketch that I couldn’t make live Saturday due to no Internet and I never did set it up before I left or in Germany when we were visiting our friends. You’d think that being on vacation would give one plenty of energy but not for me. I was pooped!! My friend pooped us all out!

Here’s just a little close-up of the card. I LOVE the stamps and the digital kit I used!!!

Thank You

So ta-ta for now. More later!!


Stamps: Waltzingmouse Teeny Trees and Vintage Labels number 10
Pattern paper and flower: Come Away with Me Digital Kit by Zoe Pearn and Lauren Grier
Accessories: Ribbon PTI, sewing machine, rhinestone, twine and button