Charity FAIL

Name Tag

We sell stuff we don’t use anymore. Only big stuff though. Our first and last yard sale was before moving to the UK. Little things like used clothes, toys, books, etc. we donate.

In the UK you can either take your donations to the different charity shops (many many different versions of the Salvation Army type stores here; every charity has a shop I think) or, these charities will come around, door-to-door, and drop off a little bag with days of when they’ll be coming by to collect and we all just stuff our donations in those bags. Ninety percent of the time it just shows the day of collection on these bags. While this is fine with the majority of the UK folks it’s not quite so with me. I did check the mailbox this morning but the last time before that was… hmm… two weeks ago? So can you see how a circled “Wednesday” might just confused me? Was it last Wednesday or this one or next week?

Last week we got one. From the Salvation Army. It had the date AND the day when they’re collecting. Whoohoo!! Hubby filled it up and he kept telling me to put it in my calendar so not to forget to take it outside.

This morning before taking M to school I put the bag outside, under the bush since it was sprinkling. When I came back from drop-off our neighbor across the street, who was getting ready to go somewhere, waited for me to come closer. I thought he just wanted to say hi. Well he did say hi but he also pointed to my bag and said, “You’re a day too late for that.”

WHAT?!?!?! Aurgh!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, do you also see why I checked the mailbox today? I checked after I came home from drop-off, with bag in hand, to see if there’s another collection bag for another charity so that I can just dump the content (or double bag) into the new bag and hope that I put the bag outside on the right day the next time around.

Hubby said there’s always a reason why I do something. Like checking the mail today. I probably wouldn’t check the mailbox until next week if I wasn’t looking for a charity bag… or expecting stamps from Waltzingmouse – they’re in Ireland so I get my goodies in my house mailbox instead of the base APO one.

Charity Bag

I made the tag above for a little friend. It was her birthday and she wanted a tag similar to what I made for her sister. It was a bit challenging because her mum said that she’s not very girlie. After some pulling stuff out I decided to use one of my favorite stamp set from Practicing Creativity, a few oldies but goodies from Studio Calico and another stamp set, from American Craft, that I forgot I had. Love finding old treasures!!

Have a great day all and tomorrow’s blog post might be about pencil cases…

Language Learning

Swim Diapers

I have a French audio language tutorial plugged in to my ears right now so we’ll see how my post will turn out… I am getting ready for our little trip to France and Germany to get the hubby in Sept. I like to learn the language of the country I visit. Granted I was never good when I get there it’s nice to be able to understand a bit and/or to say a few phrases. Any hints on how to learn a language well besides immersion?

Last night I was browsing around for some inspiration and fell in love with Embellish Mag’s colors. I haven’t played the last few of them and I felt like I really have to do this one. I used the main colors: Pink, brown, and green but I’ve also added a splash of black and white. I may have strayed a bit with a touch of teal but hey, teal’s partly green, right? {::SMILE}. The layout design was inspired by my good old blog buddy of mine, Angie Tieman (the Stampin’ Up! goddess). The strip of paper was what really got me and thus my layout.

Ok, I’ve switched to German now (an hour later, slow blogger remember). My, it’s so so foreign when it’s the first time. But, after rewinding it over and over again and looking at the words the language doesn’t seem so scary. We’ll see what happens though after a few weeks!

Page details:

Well, most of the details are on the bottom but really they’re just layers of paper and stickers. I’ve also subtly added birds. Can you see them? Also, aren’t Jovie’s cloth swim diapers adorable? Who needs a swimming suit, right?

Swim Diapers

I found this bright pink paper in the August 2009 Scarlet Lime kit. It’s wrapping paper. Ooooh, not acid/lignin/whatever free. I really don’t care. I use lots of stuff without the free stuff. Will it ruin my photos? Who knows but I am having fun and that’s why I have backups of these photos so that the kids can print more when they grow up or 100 years from now. That’s what the ink said on the box, 100 years lifetime guarantee.

You see the birdies? They’re there!

Well, I am sleepy (this is hours later from me listening to German). Gnight!


So Lucky

The girls are very lucky to have this dude as a dad. He not only loves and cares about these two girls but he’s also fun, funny, sweet, and approachable. He’s the kind of dad who looks forward to Jovie napping on him for hours or putting aside his own fun so that he can help M learn to ride her bike. Hugs and kisses from the girls are what makes him happy and even though he hates doo, he’ll go change Jovie’s poopie diapers.

When the girls grow up they’ll also realize that daddy’s a great person to talk to. He’s open minded, a great listener, not judgmental, and worldly. As long as it’s not underwear or PMS talk he’ll sit down with them and have a daughter and dad serious talk whenever they need him. They’ll know that they can be themselves, have their own thoughts and ideas, and not be afraid to share. Daddy’s not going to get angry (or get his feelings hurt) because they don’t share the same idea or the girls see things differently. As long as they have a valid and reasonable explanation he’ll listen and talk. He’s also not going to be upset either if one of them calls at 2 a.m. needing a ride because she’s had too much to drink. He’ll mumble and stumble trying to get dressed (half awake and all) but he’ll gladly pick his girl up. He’s been there done that, he knows what young adults go through. They’ll also one day know that dad knows a lot of useless knowledge… stuff that you don’t need to know on a day-to-day basis but great to have for social get togethers – he can join in on a lot of conversations or give people a good laugh or two with his info.

Hubby’s a great daddy. He’s strict but not at all scary. He can punish M but five minutes later they’d be hugging, tickling, laughing, and kissing again. M seriously adores him and I know these two will be close for the rest of their lives. Jovie’s still little but I think she will be too. Watching these three interact makes me very warm and fuzzy inside – reminds me of my grandpa and I.

Before I go into the details of the page I want to share my first iPhone app project for Clear and Simple Stamps. You can download this baby from iTunes! Here’s a sneakie peakie of it:

Golf Pro, CSS

Page details:

The page design came from Pencil Lines Sketch, sketch # 196, I’ve been wanting to use these pieces of paper, some Sassafrass and Cosmo Cricket, that I got from a Studio Calico and Dirty Dozens kit (no longer sells). I thought the paper and color combo would be a tad bit too much, bright and loud, but I think I kind of like it. I trimmed the owl and cloud from a 12×12 Sassafrass paper and added some more ink splatters — I really like my India ink and cheap calligraphy brush! The fonts are Making Memories and American Craft. I LOVE the MM little alphas. I got a bunch of them when they went on sale, three of each color, and wish I got more!! I like the Cosmo little alphas that I grabbed at Archivers before our move and the KaiserCraft ones but the MM are still my favorite!

So Lucky

Then I added this piece of fabric tag from K&Co. It’s an Amy Butler collection that I’ve had for a long time now. I did adhere the tag with glue but on the left I punched a hole with the Crop-A-Dile and tied a twine through it and on the right I did some folding and sewing. I am very “happy” with this little piece! I was going to just let it be. It was looking just fine but these brads were gawking at me and so I grabbed a couple and stuck one here and another on the top right of the page. You can’t see the hand writing on the bottom but it just said: “So VERY lucky to have this guy as your dad. Father’s day, 2010.”

So Lucky

Ok, that’s that for this morning… or now afternoon… does it take forever for you to write a blog post when you have a little kid around?

The Color Room


Happy weekend everybody! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Sunday. We are!!

Last night I got the chance to do some scrapbooking. It was NICE!! The picture I used was the one I did a tutorial on at TDC. While I was looking for some inspiration I came upon the Color Room’s colors and sketch. The sketch I didn’t quite follow all the way. I have the title and three photos and although the journaling isn’t quite where it’s suppose to be on the sketch I did add some. I don’t journal much on my pages. While I love scrapbook sketches I’m not a big fan of color challenges. Unlike cards it’s very hard for me to stick to certain colors on a page. There are just too many pretty embellishments or paper with other colors on it ya know. But I did it and pretty happy with the end result. The page is pretty simple. It just looks busy with all the patterns on the paper.

Page Details:

Let me see… all that you see here came from part of a Studio Calico kit and an October’08 Scarlet Lime kit. Yes, I am still trying to use my old stash up! There is a KI Memories La-Di-Dah flower button, some Prima flowers and alpha, Martha Stewart butterfly punch, Basic Grey paper and stickers, and Creative Imaginisce paper.


That’s that and more later!!

Two-Steppin’, Funnies, and Budgeting

Hi y’all, I two stepped. Oh yeah, me, Savitri, two-stepped. How? Cause hubby let me lead. I’m not good with music. I have to read sheet notes to be able to play any songs on the keyboard where my sister can just memorize and/or listen. But I can listen to rhythms and  beats and that’s what I did. I wasn’t awesome but I two stepped! Oh, I did the Electric Slide (it was rough starting but then it was like riding a bicycle… it just came back) and who knew what else. There were all sorts of Electric Slide-ish types of dances, stomp here stomp there and when things get too confusing I just make my own moves. It was fun.

Oh, before the dance hubby’s friend and I had a conversation. It wasn’t word for word but it went more less like this:

Friend: You going to cut a rug tonight?
Me: What (looking at him funny)?
Friend: You going to cut a rug tonight?
Me: (hmmmm, did hubby tell this dude that Max, our Lhasa Apso, puked on the rug this morning) Why?
Friend: Just curious if you and Drew are going to cut a rug tonight.
Me: (hmmmm, I washed the rug before we left. Hubby knew that. Why would we cut the rug?) Why would we want to cut a rug? It’s clean.
Friend: (gave me a weird look) You don’t know what cut a rug is?
Me: (me giving him a weirder look and thinking, of course I know what cut the rug is, but why would I want to cut our rug?)
Friend: It means to dance it up (or something like that)
Me: Oooh, uhm, maybe. If he drinks enough.

So folks, don’t ever talk slang with me cause who knows how I’d interpret it. Hubby said I am the smarter dumb person he knows. Trust him {::SMILES}. Just FYI, hubby drank enough to want to dance. We had fun!!

Today we had all day event at the city. Sushi at our favorite place, some grocery shopping for Jovie’s meals (check out the WOW of the day!!)), dinner with lovely friends, and ARCHIVERS!!! Yes! I got a few goodies which are great (of course) but my Mint account is going to kill me. Do you have one? It’s like an online version of Quicken or Microsoft Money. I like it a lot because it’s online and I can quickly look at all our accounts in one place. If you have an iPhone you can get a cool app for your phone. It’s pretty neat.

I set it up some while back when one of my friends from work mentioned it. Lately I’ve been using it more, the planning portion, to get us used to a budget. With two income, small town living, and not a lot of bills we have been somewhat carefree when it comes to spending for our hobbies. The UK, with one income and the possibility of still owning a house, we’d have to cut back and really watch our spending. But this month’s not a good month to budget. Mint has been screaming at me because we’ve overspent already on eating out. This January’s special. It’s our last time seeing families and such and so we’ve been eating out or buying food to cook for them.

Anyhow, just the other day I gave myself a craft budget. It’s a reasonable amount but this month I already have my last SU order as a demo, some PTI goodness, and then Archivers. It’s going to get some getting use to since after the UK I’m only allowed a scrapbook club (Scarlet Lime) and specials on holidays and birthdays or worst case scenario (if we still have the house and I am completely jobless) nothing at all. Technically I should be ok with nothing because I already have a lot of stuff but being able to get whatever whenever now will make it harder. It’ll all be good though. No worries… at least I’m not.

Oh yes, I did a scrapbook page. Just cut-outs from Sassafrass Lass. It came with my 2008 Studio Calico kit. I’ve been hoarding it.

Tiny Hands

Have a nice one I am off Monday, yippee!!!