Warm Wishes

For great husbands!!

I’ve been coughing this whole week and Wednesday evening, after returning from a days out at the zoo, I got really sick. I don’t get sick often but I do I am not at all useful. If it wasn’t for the husband I wouldn’t know what to do in terms of feeding and cleaning the kids. M’s been a great help but she’s only seven and a very short one too and it’s still limited on what she can do. So the week I’ve been on and off sick hubby got me meals in bed, took M to swimming, got me some meds in the middle of the night (thank goodness we don’t like in London or other big cities in England) and cleaned. While I am glad that I have been up and around today without feeling like a bulldozer ran over me I wish the meals in bed or cleaning continues. Ahhhh, wishful thinking, huh? I won’t give up hope though. Cinderella didn’t and her fairy godmorther showed up!!

I am still coughing but recuperating well. Hopefully by Sunday I will be normal again!!

To all you ladies with awesome husbands, go give him an extra big hug and kiss {::SMILES}.

Today I want to share this card that I created for Pebbles Inc. My last card for Pebbles! I will not be joining their DT team for the year 2011-12 but very much looking forward to seeing who the new girls will be! I am sure they will be fabulous and really rock the new releases! I have a few on hand, from Scarlet Lime, and they are LOVELY!! I had a great time working with Pebbles, the girls and especially Lynn Gahary. That girl is one coordinated chick!! It’s been a great experience working for a big manufacturer but I will also be looking forward to more scrappy and stamping time for me.

Wardrobe Change

Summer Fun

I can’t remember if shared this or not but one day I told my colleague that I was one of those college kids who rolled out of bed, brushed teeth, put hair up and went to class in PJs. I told her that I slept in flannel bottoms and T-shirt top. I was adorable!! I can’t remember what she said exactly or what she did but she wasn’t impressed and eye rollings most likely took place. Fast forward… I have nice clothes, many are dry clean only ones too, from well known companies. But, unless there was a meeting, I was teaching or was super motivated, everyday was casual Friday. Fast forward again and now I am a work at home mom. Dress style: Way too casual for hubby and M’s taste. Jovie, as long as she gets her mama, she doesn’t care less. I have good days but for the most part: Frumpy!

Despite my lack of dressing up motivation, I do change 2-3 times a day!! I’d wake up, look at the weather gadget and dress accordingly. Today for example, I got a fitted tee, a skirt and flip-flops. It wasn’t even noon yet and the weather changed. It was cold and raining. I had to change into some long sleeve shirt and pants. Oh don’t forget the thick socks. Later in the evening, between getting pee’d on by Jovie (potty training not going anywhere) and the warmer temperature I had to change again. The UK weather make me feel like a movie star! The weather has also confirmed my belief that the UK is definitely a female. Ya know, indecisive, moody, and one more thing which I won’t write out in public.

Now, I’m not complaining. I actually like the coolness, makes me sleep well! I want to share a bit of my experience here.

When we went to the carnival (on the scrapbook page above) the day was beautiful but goodness, it got chilly. I made the mistake of not bringing a jacket but see, this is where you need to always be prepared when you’re in the UK. ALWAYS have an umbrella and ALWAYS bring a sweater/light jacket. You never know when the weather will change — I really don’t think the weather folks even know either. Need more details on the scrappy page? Check out Pebbles blog for info! TTFN!!

Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day

I’ve been a terrible present buyer for the husband. It’s not that it was intentional but somehow, each time I buy hubby a present it’s always something where if he doesn’t like it, I’d happily keep/use it. It’s been kind of bad that hubby said for my birthday he’s going to get me some size 10.5 men’s shoes. BOO!! For father’s day I should probably just pick some random book about WW2. The only use I have for them would be as a door stopper. Hey, I like that idea! I really didn’t think about that until I wrote about it. I was actually thinking sarcastically about it but hmmm… a book on WW2… that’s just lovely!

I did though make a card and this I made especially for him. The only thing I couldn’t resist putting was the butterfly (I’m not sure if butterflies make masculine cards sissier). For this little piece I used Pebbles Mr & Mrs goodies (complete list of materials you can see on their blog). I really like all the different patterns. Reminds of my college days too when I was doing graphic design. I used to do simple designs like this just because I couldn’t, still can’t, draw.

Well, toodles (Jovie’s new word) for now. I’ll post more tomorrow!!

Interview With M


On our way back from Norfolk I asked M a few questions about our little getaway. It went more less like this:

Me: M, did you have a great time?
Jovie: Nope.
Me: M, did you like all the places we went to?
Jovie: Nope.
Me: M, you enjoy our little outing?
Jovie: Nope.
Me: M, can you duct tape Jovie so that you can answer my questions?
Jovie: Nope.
M: (Lotsa giggles)
Me: Jovie, you want duct tape?
Jovie: Yup.

That kid’s annoying! No wonder babies and toddlers were made to be cute!

Today’s layout is brought to you by Pebbles and American Crafts. If you don’t know, Pebbles is a sister company of AC. This has been wonderful for me because not only have I been receiving plenty of fun Pebbles goodies for all sorts of projects I have also received some American Crafts cuteness for this last assignment: Pebbles and AC swap, which basically meant we had to use both products on a project.

I went with a clean and simple design for this page because I want to highlight the photo. I LOVE this photo of M. I didn’t think it’d turn out this great but it did. I also love this picture because it’s the last decent piece that my now dead Canon took.

It took me a while to decide on which pieces to use but after much thought (it takes me longer to create a CAS layout sometimes since I have to really decide which items to use) I settled with those on the page. You can find the details on Pebbles’ blog AND also enter their giveaway. Who doesn’t want FREE Pebbles and AC goodies?

Here’s a little tip: When doing a simple layout select paper that really showcase the photo. For mine a dark base wouldn’t work and anything too colorful/bright would shadow the photo. Since the photo has a soft feel, I tried to find a base paper that would portray that feel also. For the embellishments, go for slick/simple but powerful — the power can come from color or shape. I used a brighter yellow butterfly and a few colorful buttons and brad.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!! I am because I JUST finished grading my classes! I have a few weeks off before my one summer class starts. Whoohoo!!!