Nine More Days

Jovie's Party

And the dining table is full of party goodness. Tutus, magic wands, tissue paper pompoms, crepe pompoms, pinata, lanterns, paper chains, etc.

Super excited to host a party for six lovely little girls. Jovie and her five little school besties. Can’t wait!

Happy Thoughts

Wplus9 June/July Release

Today I will be thinking about Jovie a lot. Tonight will be our last 3-yr-old hugs, kisses, talks, giggles, laughs and cuddles. Tomorrow, she’ll be a sweet little 4-yrs-old. She can’t wait and today she said (in her oh so sweet voice):

It’s ok, mommy, I have to grow up sometimes. But I’ll always be your baby girl!

Ahhhhh… she’s even speaking like a big girl!

Since I was feeling a bit nostalgic and melancholic, I made a card using WPlus9’s new goodies (coming out June 5th) that’s soft and sweet. Hope you like and before you go, do visit the other DTs work to see what they’ve come up with:

Until next time!! Today, I am spending the day with two sweet girls and giving loads of hugs and kisses to a very special 3-yrs-old. Ciao!!

Baby Girl’s Card

Happy Sunday!! It’s BEAUTIFUL in England today and the perfect day to celebrate an early birthday! It’ll be Jovie’s birthday in a couple of days and due to our super busy schedule, we decided to do something special today. Can you believe she’ll be four on Tuesday?!?!?! Where did the time go?!?! So later today, after some more outside play, hubby’s going to make a cake and we’ll fire up the grill for a family BBQ. YAY!

Last night (I know, last minute, but we just got back from holiday) I made her a sweet little card with all her favorite colors and since she LOVES ice cream (she had an ice cream, two sometimes, every day of our holiday), I had to use WPlus9’s new stamps for the center of her card. PERFECTION! I hope she likes it!!

WPlus9 June/July release

I hope your part of the world is gorgeous too and before you leave your computer/tablet/phone, do visit the other DTs work to see what they’ve done with this adorable set!

36 More Days

Fairy and Pirate Birthday Invitation

Until Jovie’s birthday party!

And I’ve gone a bit overboard on the planning — but hey, what’s new {::SMILES}

Jovie and I decided to do a fairy and pirate birthday party for her upcoming fourth birthday. Since we just decided a week ago, I moved the party back to the 15th instead of closer to the 4th of June (her birth day), so that I can prepare accordingly.

Soooooooo, to make the party oh so pretty and fun, crazy mama here ordered over 600 yards of 6″ tulle to make six tutus, a few pom pom tulle decors, and tulle wands. I think I may have also purchased enough ribbons to tie around our village. I’ll give more details on where I purchased the supplies later after the order comes in. That way I can also do a bit of a review on the shop’s shipping — in case you need to buy lots of tulle and ribbons.

I’ve been on the Internet whenever I have the chance Pinning ideas and using Evernote to organize my notes and check list. If any of you have ANY fairy and pirate party idea, please don’t hesitate to email me or comment here. I’d love all (easy and affordable) ideas.

Last night I started creating and got four cards done. After I post this blog entry I am going to finish making the last two. With Jovie, there will (hopefully) be six girls and one boy. She said they are her best friends {::SMILES}. The party is scheduled to be an outdoors party and I seriously hope it’ll be lovely that day. BUT, I have plan B aka in our living room, in case the rain decides to visit.

The card is simple and whimsical I think. Initially I wanted to use WPlus9’s Oatmeal cardstock to print the invite on. That card stock is my FAVORITE and I have been using it for 75% of my cards. But, I couldn’t run the card stock through my printer because it was too thick. The card stock is 100lb (lovely and thick — perfect for card making) and my printer can only handle up to 85lb (Stampin’ Up! card stock would work fine, their card stocks are 80lb paper). Boo!! After some messing about, I decided to just print on normal printing paper and adhere it to WPlus9’s Ballet Slippers paper. While I miss the speckles of the Oatmeal paper I was quite happy with the change of plan.

I also wanted to include a photo of Jovie in the invite. I’m not sure why since these kids are her good friends and all the parents know how Jovie looks like but I just wanted to add a photo and give the invite a bit of scrapbook feel to it. The buntings idea came from my friends and I love of buntings. There will be buntings at the party and I thought that buntings on the invite would be the perfect extra touch. So buntings I made!

I didn’t use a template or die-cutter. I just cut out estimates squares for the buntings and a rectangle for the banner. Then I trimmed the edges accordingly. Two minutes (did two/three layers at a time) was what it took to prepare the pieces. After the trimming I had to do another thinking moment. Baker’s twine, hemp twine, clothes pins, stamping, hand drawing or sewing? I went for the later. I figure it’d be quicker and flatter. And it was.

I know I said flat, but I had to have some sort of dimension. And that’s where the button came in. I just used a glue dot and voila, all done!

If I had the idea thought of beforehand, I could have created all four invites in 30 minutes. BUT, I was faffing about as usual and I didn’t go to bed until 4 a.m.

Fairy and Pirate Handmade Party Invitation

Jovie saw her invites this morning and she approved. Later this afternoon we will hand a few of them to her school friends. Yay!

Hey, Let’s Take a Photo of You Two!

Emma & Jovie

But I don’t want to take a picture with Emma!!

Emma & Jovie

Jovie, let me sit next to you!

No! I don’t want you next to me!!

Emma & Jovie

Emma, don’t laugh at me! I don’t want you to take a picture with me!

Emma & Jovie

Mommy, take the picture now!

(Mommy was too busy laughing out loud to take any serious photo)

Emma & Jovie

Emma, go away!

Emma & Jovie

Now, mommy!!

Emma & Jovie

Mommy, hurry take a picture of me!! (And look, I am not going to take my eyes off of Emma while you’re at it)

Emma & Jovie

Jovie, let me hide behind you while you take your picture!

Ok, Emma.

Emma & Jovie

(Emma sneaking into the photo)

Emma & Jovie

(Now, too bad I wasn’t ready, still laughing, because this would have made a great photo. Oh well, it’s the memories that matter for this set!!)

Emma & Jovie