Happy 10-years-old!!

Emma 10th birthday

Oh my, how did this ever happen? Our big girl, Emma, is TEN today!! First double digits, which she’s been so looking forward to!

This morning we woke her up super early. Super early because dad leaves for work quite early in the morning and we wanted to surprise her together. So after scrambling looking for candles (I know I have some somewhere), we brought cupcakes, 10 tea-light candles on a tray, and presents at around 6:30 a.m. <– yes, this is super early for us who wakes up at 8 a.m. on a weekday.

But despite being woken up, she perked up quickly and blew her candles at the end of the song. Aaaah, bitter sweet. I love how she looks forward to growing up but as a mom, I just wish she grows up a little bit slower.

So here’s our googly eyes girl who’s still sweet, caring, loves gymnastics and all her good friends. My little travel, craft and foodie buddy and the best big sister Jovie could ever have. She loves to rough it with her daddy and watch hours of documentaries on Netflix.


And oh, the girl who has this “whatever” look when she thinks I’m just full of it. Love her to bits!

Happy birthday, sweet angel!

Emma Emma 10th birthday Emma 10th birthday Card made by me as usual but I can’t claim the cupcakes. Cupcakes were made by a local cake artist: Cake, Love, Crossbones by Holland.


M’s Scrapbook Contest

Hello hello!! I am still alive!! The weather’s been great, the kids’ been busy and I’ve just been busy with them, house and photography. I am though itching to do lots of scrapbooking if nothing else!! Oh, and some sewing!

In a month’s time we’ll be moving to a house just in the next village. We’ll miss our village but the girls will still be in the same school for a little bit longer, or Emma may move and Jovie stay – we’ll see, but there will be so many more positives at our new place than not and we’re excited! I’ll tell you more about it after we settle!

Right now, M has a scrapbook competition for this summer break and I working very hard to not take over. Emma did ask for help though getting it started and so I’ve been raking my head to figure out what’s best.

I thought of doing a mini Project Life and also a make your own kraft bag album with lots of colorful embellishment. I am leaning more towards the later but the PL is going to be so easy and manageable for M. Plus I think you can keep adding if needed. With the kraft bag, there will be lots of space to put lot of photos, tickets, notes, etc inside the bag itself or inside a glassine bag. I was going to sew the glassine bag onto the kraft bag. I know it’s redundant but I am going for pretty. Then Emma can do the sticking, adding content etc. So basically I’ll just be the book maker. There’s also a mini binder with kraft/glassine bags in between pretty papers option, may be easier to expand than a kraft bag album. I looked at Liz K’s website (she loves doing minis) and I just love the binder idea also.

What do you think?

She is Beautiful!


Inside and out.

Sometimes us mommies tend to see (and brag about) academic, athletic, and/or physical beauty in their children. It’s not like we’re completely superficial or overly ambitious but it’s because they’re just easier to see and society can make us that way. But while I am overly proud of Emma’s grey cells, art, gymnastics and natural physical gorgeousness (and don’t forget the silky hair), there’s one thing I am extremely proud of: Emma’s kind soul!


The other day I asked her who she played with at school. She said she played (or maybe she said hung out since playing is so 7-yrs-old, ha!) with A. I looked at her and said, “With A?” And she said, “Yes!” Of course I had to find out more and asked her why. Her answer was: Because A didn’t have anybody to play with. All the other girls were mean to her and so I played with her.

I about cried! Actually I am a bit emotional about it still. It’s so so nice to know that we’ve raised a wonderful little being! As a mom, it’s this kind of thing that makes all the effort and sacrifices worth it. Gymnastics meet and dance recitals come and go, glowing report cards will one day end, and physical beauty doesn’t last but that special kindness that M has will always be in her.

What I shared here is just one example. She does lovely kind things often.

So proud of her and I feel very blessed to be her mother!

Gift Box + Card

Gift box + card

Hey! Don’t fall off your seats but I am still here!!

I have been so busy the last few weeks. I had family over for two weeks and I spent a couple of weeks before their arrival getting rid of stuff to make room for an extra bed. I’ve also been busy with my new (finally) business. If you’re interested you can check it out: Savitri Wilder Photography. I’ve been on and off about starting, mostly off due to children duties, but now that Jovie’s in preschool 3x a week and in September going full time, I have no more reasons to not go for it. I’ve done a couple sessions here and there and so far I have enjoyed every one of them!

In between my crazy schedule, I managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting time. M had a birthday party to go to last week and I decided to give her little friend a gift card. What’s the best way to quickly package a gift card? By using WPlus9’s kraft pillow box! A bit of Damask, a star die (cause M’s friend is a gymnastics super star), a tag die, a sweet “Fresh Picked” little sentiment, twine and American Craft Thickers I got a sweet little gift ready in 5-minutes!

To make the gift sweeter, I created a matching card. Same Damask stamp, a Lacey layers and matching die, the new (oh so fab) WPlus9 Folk Art alphabet dies, a button and a twine. Also 5-minutes.

Oh, the white ink and paper are also WPlus9’s products. The ink…. DIVINE!

So in 10 minutes time I got the above set ready for Miss M to bring to her makeover party.

Gift box + card

Oh, this post can’t be complete without a photo of the all made up girl AND the cupcake she decorated at the party:


Miss M

Ahh… doesn’t she look all grown up? Where did that cute chubby cheek 4-yrs-old go?!?!?!

Until next time and I hope this next time won’t be so long {::SMILES}.

Our Little Champ


It was about 5 years ago, at the start of my blogging life, that I was moaning about how Emma didn’t want to much of anything in terms of activities. She quit ballet three times by the time she was five (or maybe even before that age). And the reason why she stayed as long as she did — 3 months — was because I made her. It’s not often that there’s a ballet school right across the street from our friend’s bar/restaurant {::SMIRK}!! She didn’t want to do piano, she didn’t want to do much at mommy and me gymnastics session or did she want to do the preschool class sans me.

At five and a half she asked to go to gymnastics again and while in doubt, I took her. Gym only lasted for six months but it wasn’t due to her lost of interest. We moved to England. After almost a year of being on a waiting list M got space and from the second I walked in, I knew I made a mistake. I felt so stupid for not trying out first, or even visiting the place. I didn’t know that there are only rec gyms in the UK. I thought all gyms are like the US.

Three gym clubs later and Emma is now a grade 14/level 5 gymnast. We’re so proud of her not only because she’s still sticking to it but for working so hard to be where she is today. She’s only started real gymnastics training in February of last year but in a year’s time she’s improved so much.

Last weekend was her first big, as in lot so of people and lots of big gyms from the southern bit of England competing, and she won herself the 3rd place sash!!

So so extra proud of her and we look forward to see what else she can do in gymnastics!