Merry Merry Christmas!


The ornaments have been carefully placed in each branch of a very carefully chosen tree.


Gifts have been exchanged amongst friends and placed lovingly in their special places.


The presents have been wrapped.


Even for the tiniest members of our family.


A few special gifts were handmade. Waiting for each of us to open.


And now, only the mice, the children’s slumber and my keyboard can be heard in the house. 


The most chocolaty of chocolate cookies were made last night.


Proudly presented.


Taste tested.




Thoroughly analyzed.


And approved.

Now off to bed I go but before I go, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Thank you so so much for following and reading my blog. It means the world to me and I’ll see you in 2015!!


Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me!

So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!!

To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string). Here’s the tricky part, tying the strings! In order to not get frustrated with this project, you need to first tape the chocolates together with any clear tape (just fold the tape around so that it’s sticky on top and bottom, or you can use double sided tape) and then tie the string around.

The result, no little boy or girls will be able to resist these little goodness :)







Crafting for the Holidays

Hello again!! What have you been up to lately?

We did a bit of traveling up north during the girls’ school break and I’ve been busy helping organize a Christmas fair and doing a bit of crafting for the event also. I know our stall will have lots of cards since a few of my great crafty friends have kindly said they will mail me a box of goodness, a few yarn wreaths (since I have a butt load of yarn from a local friend), tags, gift card holders, ornaments and hopefully more yarn goods since I have A LOT! I don’t have a minimum number to make and so if I get one done, then be it. Whatever profit our booth makes will go to the Brain Tumour Charity via Sophie’s Smile.

I’ve been having fun again with my craft, I guess the whole variety of things and having a purpose did it, and I cannot wait to share with everybody in a few weeks time at the fair. Unlike my blog posts, where I don’t care if anybody likes what I created, I seriously do hope that those who visits the fair will like my creations enough to buy them. I want to make a lot of money for the charity!!

If you wish to create a star like the above, this were the tutorials I followed:

I bought my sheet music from a charity/thrift shop. I got a bit for £2. But I think the ones I bought were a bit too old for the project. There’s a lot of folding involved (although you can eliminate the pentagon folding if you use a template) and by the end, my already fragile paper was a bit more so. But, it does look so pretty!

Here are a couple photos from our trip:


Whitby, Yorkshire, UK. The inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


The Lake District. We visited Beatrix Potter’s home while there. It was so neat and I think her home is now number one on my favorite places I’ve visited list. I felt a bit emotional walking into her home and this girl is not at all emotional!

Until next time!! Hugs!

Our AMAZING Craft Fair

Sophie's Christmas Fair

Last Sunday, a few friends and I welcomed 28 vendors and over 450 visitors to our Christmas fair. The fair was held in memories of a dear friend to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity.

This was the reason I went MIA on blog land.

The idea of the fair came up earlier in the year, but, for whatever reason (I forgot) it wasn’t until the end of October that we decided to go for it. With the (iron hand) leadership of my (OCD) friend (if you’re reading this, you know I love ya), we managed to pull everything together in about six weeks! We donated almost £2000 to the charity (that’s around $3,200) and couldn’t be happier!!

I didn’t sell anything (although after seeing all the stalls, I am tempted to do a stall of a hodge podge of things next year) but we all pitched in and made a few huge snowflakes and I made glue gun bunting.

You’re probably now oooohing and aaaahing about the snowflakes. That’s ok, everybody did! And wondering how it was made. Super easy! Watch this YouTube video and if you have all the supplies (paper, scissors, tape and staples), you’ll have a gigantic paper snowflake in 20 minutes time!

Oh, don’t forget the wine!!

Bunting details: All I did was cut fabric, adhere fabric to twine using a glue gun and I just estimated a 3-4″ distance between each banner. Total length? I don’t know. I just know I had about 21 banners per bunting. I honestly got lucky on the length. I didn’t measure the hall we were using. I just new I needed three of them. I also would have sewed instead of gluing if my machine wasn’t broken. I dunno, just left less crafty using the glue gun {*SMILES*}. A completely personal issue!

For the banner, I didn’t have an example to go by. I just freehand cut a triangle on a piece of paper for my patter. But if you need a place to start, you can download this banner template. My banner was about 6″ tall and 5″ wide.

I cut all the fabric first and after all the triangle’s cut, I fold the top (around half an inch) and trimmed the sides that were showing off the top edges. This way I won’t have to trim after the banner’s been glued to the twine. You can accidently cut the twine if you trim after gluing (or sewing).

The gluing was quick and easy. Banner on the bottom, back side of fabric facing me, line of glue, twine on top of it, another line on the fabric above the twine and fold over. Estimate a 3-4″ distance and do it over again.

I bought super cheap red stripe, red polka dots, and red gingham fabric and I just alternated between the three.

 I may have spent two hours creating the bunting. Not too bad!

So that’s that! Super easy, quick and festive decors for your home, classroom, office or a craft fair!

Below are some photos from the day.

Pretty aprons (and one is Jovie’s!) and other fabric goodies. Makes me REALLY want to learn how to sew!



Handmade folding shopping bags! I LOVE the fabric!! The lady sold out though by the time I got a chance to shop!


How adorable are these? My friend made these and she also made a cute fabric bunny that ALL the little girls wanted. Jovie has one. I shall photograph it sometimes soon!!


And look who decided to stop by?!

Father Christmas was not at all planned! He just showed up that morning and asked if we needed him to stop by for the children later in the day. Of course we said YES!!

DSC_1289  Hope you enjoyed this post! I wish I had photos of the bunting making but seriously, it’s just gluing and I’m sure you can figure it out {*WINK*)

Bye for now!

A Tiny Christmas Decor

Christmas Loop Wreath

Hi again!!! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of November! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then our favorite holiday: Christmas!!

Since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in England, Christmas preparations have already started here. Many many markets, fairs, etc have been held since the first weekend of November and I’ve been doing a bit of crafting myself. I have this crazy intention to make lots of new decor for the home these next few weeks!

So here’s holiday decor exhibit one: A wool and felt wreath. My blog friend Cathy Pascual is a FABULOUS wreath crafter and I followed her felt flower tutorial to create the flowers. Aren’t they pretty? The making of the wreath isn’t hard but a bit time consuming (or maybe I’m just not good at it — a possibility *WINK*). I am though very pleased with how it turned out and I may create a few more for gifts.

For this one, since it’s my first, I used inexpensive materials. Now that I know better and I want better materials, I shall order some wool felt and also good wool. BUT, this is just me. As you can see, the inexpensive materials came out pretty nice!!

Below are a few close-ups and if you like, you can go on YouTube and there are many tutorials on how to create this. OR, if you don’t want to be bothered, pop over Cathy’s Etsy shop and she’s got many many gorgeous ones for you to choose from!

Until next time!!

Christmas Loop Wreath Christmas Loop Wreath