And She’s Off


To school… First day of (intro to) pre-school today.

Going to school

She was so excited to go. We’ve been pumping her up for it you see. And one of her best friend was there and the moment she saw him, she was hooked on school!

I was worried that she might freak out when I left but she didn’t. I said goodbye, she didn’t even acknowledge me, and off I went.

I stayed for tea in the next building and left 30 minutes later.

So here I am, blogging in peace (when I should probably be cleaning).

Ahhh… the girls are growing up!

I hope you have a great day! I also have a little card that I made using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. I LOVE the little heroine stamps, super cute and perfect for the girls!!

And She Rides


Yesterday Emma figured out how to ride a bicycle.

I think I was about her age when I learned how to ride the bicycle. I learned on my own using a neighbor’s bike, an adult size bicycle, while holding on to that neighbor’s wire fence. I can’t remember how many times I fell, or how I managed, but after a lot of hard work, a few weeks of it I think, I learned how to ride the bike.

I remember the moment still too. I got onto the bicycle while holding on to the fence. Since it’s a wire fence, I was a bit wobbly, but I was ok. After a few adjustments I let go, peddled, and voila, I moved forward. Those first few real peddles were one of the happiest moments in my little life. Not only did I learn how to ride the bicycle, I did it myself.

The happiness didn’t last very long though. The few peddles were just that, few. And since I haven’t figured out how to stop, I jumped to the side of the bike, onto the grass, to stop. I couldn’t use my feet because I felt like I was too high up — remember, I was on an adult bicycle. I did get better, riding that is, but stopping was still the same, I jumped onto the grass and the bike would wobble forward until it crashed.

A friend of mine finally taught me how to stop properly. I was at her house soon after she got a new bicycle and guess who jumped off the bike to stop?


M had her daddy to help her. We didn’t get to teaching her until last year. Before the move we lived on a dirt road and we were both too tired to go back into town just for bike teaching. We did plan on teaching her two years ago but hubby was gone a lot that first year. I couldn’t do it since Jovie was still not walking. I didn’t want to put Jovie in a carrier while helping M. Last year Emma got herself a new bike but I think between the training wheels and that the bike was a tad bit too big for her, M didn’t progress. This year I told hubby that no matter what, M’s going to figure out how to ride the bicycle!

And she did! She’s grown into the bicycle and without the training wheels, Emma peddled on her own on the first go.

So proud of her and we can’t wait to do family bike rides!

Hope you like the card I posted too. I used Waltzingmouse’s sketch for the inspiration. You should play along too!!

Stamping Time


It’s been ages since I created a stamping project that’s not design team related. In the past I used to create something everyday and post each here. But the last few years, especially since our move to England, my papercrafting time has gotten lesser and lesser.

My blogging time has shrunk dramatically too. Not only did I use to update my blog every day, or every other day at least, I used to also visit my blog friends’ blogs and leave comments. Now, I almost forgot I have a Google Reader!

I have been wondering why things are the way they are and I finally got it! I now have a social life!!!

Back in Missouri I not only just have M but I rarely go anywhere after work. On a weekday I just want to stay home after getting home at 6 p.m. (plus we lived in the country with no neighbors my age). On the weekends we tend to go to Kansas City for any sort of excitement or shopping. Now and then I’d crop or stamp but that’s not often. I had wonderful colleagues and now and then we’d hang out but it’d just be once in a blue moon.

Now we live in an active community. M’s school is a 5 minute walk and soon Jovie’s will be too (preschool in Sept, YIKES!!). There is always something going on during the term and I try to participate. I’ve made wonderful friends through the girls (and friends of friends) and we meet up quite regularly; I am now in a book club too. On the weekdays my scheduled is full. Jovie has something Monday-Thursday (flexible schedule but do tend to hit most during the week) and M has something after school Tuesday-Friday. On gymnastics days, we don’t come home until 8/9 p.m. On weekends I try to take the girls and hubby somewhere, to take advantage of our time here. Oh, don’t forget house chores, those get done between Jovie’s and M’s activities.

Papercrafting used to be my way of relaxing. A time away from computers and gadgets but now that I don’t stare at a computer 8hrs/day, when the girls go to bed, I want to get on the computer, read up on some Photoshop technique and edit some pictures. By the time I’m done (or too tired to go on), it’s past 2 a.m. Sometimes I just want to go to bed after the girls go to bed and that’s what I do.

Last night was nice. The girls went to bed and I was still feeling good. I did edit some photos but I got done with that quickly and after browsing a few challenges (which I had to Google since I don’t know what is around nowadays) and rummaging through my stamps, I created the above. I used an Embellish Magazine challenge for the card: Bicycles and the colors purple, blue, orange and yellow. I was going to do something else, since I thought I didn’t have a bicycle stamp (Stampin’ Up!), but I did find one and was quite pleased with my finding and the end result. The road, if you’re curious, is from WPlus9 Classroom Backgrounds.

I don’t want to give up on papercrafting. I still LOVE scrapbooking the girls’ pictures and making cards for friends and the girls but now that I have more things going on (and that I am also into knitting), I’ll have more varieties to share besides just papercrafting projects here on my blog.


Last but not least, I want to share M’s photo. It’s from last weekend. She had a ballet recital at a festival, her first. I have photos of her dancing but there are other girls on them and thought it’s best not to post those without their parents’ consents.

The Piano

Good Morning

“Nothing is fun until you’re good at it” — Amy Chua

Every morning Emma would get up a few minutes early and on her own would practice the piano. Sometimes the morning would be fill with pretty tunes while other times it’d be filled with off notes and a frustrated 8-yrs-old. When the later happens I always have to come into the piano room and tell her to eat breakfast first and then revisit the piece again after she calms down. Nine out of ten that usually works and she’d come out of the room with a huge smile and an, “I DID IT!!!”

I love all of Emma’s activities. I love them because M chose them. I especially love piano though since it was one that I wanted to be good at when I was her age. I couldn’t take lessons back then since my parents couldn’t afford it (or the piano). I resorted to asking my aunts to teach me and whenever I could, at my grandpa’s house (a three hours drive), I’d practice. I learned a few songs this way. A few years later I did learn from a very good teacher but we still didn’t have a piano and Fur Elise was the last piece I did.

I still want to be decent at the piano. So now, when Jovie’s not bothering me, I’d practice the songs that M’s learning at her lessons.

Emma is very good with gymnastics. She might really have the natural talent for it but I have a better feeling about her musical talent. She’s been very quick with her reading and fingering, even her teacher is impress and rushing her along (with lots of homework), and I cannot wait to see what the end of the year will be like. She has this goal of playing a few Christmas songs at her school’s church program and I think she’ll do brilliantly!

I made the card above for Emma. I left the card that way on the piano. She was quite pleased this morning when she saw and read the note inside. I used Waltzingmouse’s stamps and sketch for this card. Just simple layers but I think the pattern paper and background stamping is making the card shine.

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend. It is GORGEOUS here today! The sun is out and if you’ve been in England the last month and a half, you know that this day is special!! Please sun, do stay awhile!!

Photographer’s WORST Annoyance


When something or SOMEBODY walks behind (or in front) of the (adorable) subject we want to photograph. I mean really? Did this person NOT see a lady with her big camera aiming at Jovie?!?!

Despite the disturbing photo above, I did get a few good ones of the girls. I’ll share those later. For now, I want to share this card that I made using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week.

Je t'aime

I’ll be back later with some pictures of us here in England. Even though it’s still raining almost everyday, we’ve been going out still and doing as much as we can with our time here.

Take care!