Nando’s and Charcoal


Last week I decided to try Nando’s. It’s a chain BBQ chicken restaurant that a lot of people, US military people that is, seem to really like.

It was good. BUT, it wasn’t something magnificent. I mean basically, if you all know how to light a BBQ, throw a few lightly marinated chicken pieces on top of it, attempt to not burn them and later lather the well BBQ’d chicken with the Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce, you’ll get more less the same thing. So taste wise, it was an 8. If I were stuck at a train station and the options were McD or Nando’s I’d go for Nando’s. In terms of value for money, I personally don’t think it’s worth it. It’s like IHOP. I used to go there. Loved it. But once I learned that it takes 5 minutes to make a pancake batter from scratch and the pancakes taste so much better, IHOP wasn’t good anymore.

It was also last week that I realized the reason why Nando’s quite popular, and maybe more so outside the summer season, charcoal is a SEASONAL item!!

NO NO NO NO NO! BBQ-ing is good all year!!

We wanted to BBQ last week but hubby forgot to grab some charcoal from the base. So he went to three different stores and came home with: “Honey, guess what? Charcoal is a seasonal item. The people at the store thought I was crazy when I asked them where the charcoal’s at.”

So note to self: Always stock up on charcoal!

NOW, have you looked at all the pretty new releases from WPlus9? You should!! They’re all so pretty! Also, check out the sketch challenge at Card’s magazine. You can win some fab stamps! If you’re short on cash and can only buy one thing from WPlus9, the one item I simply love and use 90% of the time lately is their Oatmeal cardstock. It’s off white with light speckles. It’s so so pretty and it goes with whatever style.

Alright, I’ll be done for now. I’ll share my knitting progress next time and some other news from last month. Bye!


Cards Magazine Blog Challenge

Card's Challenge

Hello folks! Hope your day is better than mine. I’ve had a stiff neck and upper right shoulder since Monday and I am not a very happy camper (it’s just a bit of an inconvenience since I have a lot to do which requires my right arm). BUT, as long as I don’t do sudden moves or reach up high or down low, I can still create {::SMILES}.

This month WPlus9 is sponsoring Card’s Magazine blog challenge and based on the lovely sketch by Dawn, I came up with the above card.

Do join us because there is a set of fabulous prize for the winner!


For my card I stuck to the colors that I have been using for the release it seems like my new favorite stamp is that banner. It’s just such a great looking piece, stamps so well, and the little sentiments are a lot of fun to use.

I hope you do join and I’ll post more later… when I can flap my right arm a bit more. Right now even typing is a bit uncomfortable. Ciao!

A 10 Minute Piece

Simply Amazing

This year will be another quick one. Without knowing it, it’s passed the middle of January!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but a very special personal event came up and I simply forgot and so if you’re a WPlus9 AND the Craft Dash fan, so sorry! I did have a different card to share but earlier today I had a little woolly get together and I crocheted the flower. A bit of glue gun, ribbon and sentiment, voila, a less than 10 minutes piece! I’ll share my other card next time I post {::SMILE}.

I hope you’re January’s been good. We’ve just been so busy that I still have a lot of things I planned on doing to do still. In the meantime, we finally had our first snow! Emma did really well at her try out for a competition too. She came second and so she has a really good chance of being picked to compete next month at Alpha Factor. I got my Project Life protectors from Amazon a couple days ago and cannot wait to put everything together from the last two weeks. I started working on my business again earlier last week and I am finally in the US tax system (again) as a small business owner. Yay! Now I just need to find insurance, publish my website and finalize my business card order. Coming along, coming along {::SMILES}.

Alrighty, more later! Until next time!!


Tired Santa

Santa will feel tomorrow!

Can’t wait!! ONE more sleep!

Just popping in to say hello. Been awhile since I blogged! The Christmas prep, visit, events, etc. has kept me busy. I do plan on getting myself back up into being creative on a regular basis in 2013! So wish me luck and send my way some creative juices! {::SMILES}.

In the mean time, here’s a card that I created using WPlus9‘s new goods that I haven’t posted. LOVE the new sets and I can’t wait to play some more and scrapbook with them besides card making!!

You and Me

So kids, be good for one more nights, aka no peeking, and hope Santa brings you lots of goodness!

Peeking M

Take care!! Until next time!!!

Ed Ramblings

Shining Star

Everybody who knows me in person knows that I am all about education. There’s not a day where I don’t think about it or not do the act of educating. To me, learning is like food. It’s something I need and crave.

After I had M, I knew soon after that one day she’ll go to kindergarten, middle school, high school and then college. It was the same after I had Jovie. I knew within a few months that she’ll one day go to college. So after settling with the new family addition we opened a college fund and when I heard that hubby can transfer his GI Bill to the girls, I made sure he got on it.

Then last weekend, in the middle of talking about school and how important education is to me, somebody asked, “What if she’s (M) not academic?” I stopped and I most likely looked puzzled and said (in a slow shocked manner), “But my grandpa was academic, my dad’s academic, all my cousins and siblings are academic, I am academic and so of course she will be academic. School ends after university and anything less was never (as far as I know) talked about in my family.” My answer probably came out sounding snobbish but that’s just the way it was. I never realized that college was optional.

Today I had lunch with a friend and I asked her (she happens to have two bright children) about her children’s academic future. I shared with her the little conversation I had last weekend and without going over her answer, she told me more less that since I grew in an environment where I was pushed to have a university degree, it’s only normal if do the same to M and Jovie.

I know that some people think of me as rigid, or really pushy, in this department and I am already called “Tiger Mom” even though trust me, I am not even close (I give this credit to my cousin and a few other friends I know :D) but it’s difficult to be swayed when I have benefitted from having a college education. Even though I am not working and using my degree, I am using my knowledge and discipline to bring up the girls well.

I told hubby (and btw, he didn’t start college until after M was born) that if we had a boy, I’d probably be more open to the idea of the kid going vocational but a girl, even if the girls married some rich dudes, I want to see them be highly educated so that at least they don’t have to rely monetarily on their spouses and to confidently feel equal to their partners (now I am starting to sound like a raging feminist, HA!). But, since I don’t have a boy, I’ll continue to think that the last day of compulsory school for the girls is the day before their college graduations.

As a last note, there are reasons why many organizations want to educate women in developing countries. One of the reasons was explained quite well by UNFPA and I love this little bit, “Education is important for everyone, but it is especially significant for girls and women. This is true not only because education is an entry point to other opportunities, but also because the educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations.”

So not to bore you too much, I did include a card. I used WPlus9’s WONDERFUL new collection to create the card. I LOVE the snow flake die!!!