Launch Day: CSS + WPlus9!

Golf Pro, CSS

I can’t believe it’s the first of June!! This means it’s three more days until Jovie’s birthday!! Yes, she’ll be ONE! Wow, how time flies!!!

In the mean time, two of the companies that I design for are launching some great new sets today! If you EVER need any sports related stamps Clear and Simple is the place to go. Have you seen their sports section? Loads and loads of sports related stuff!! Today I used one of their new golf set: Golf Pro – which on my card doesn’t quite look golfy although the card can probably go masculine/feminine. Whatcha think? I’m not very good at masculine cards and I am also not a huge golf person. Besides Laura at 2S4Y and one of my old co-worker I really don’t know anybody else who’s into golf to give them a golfy kind of card. Because of that I wanted to I create something that’s not golfy while using a golf set.

I used 2S4Y’s sketch again for this card. I figured since yesterday’s card was a bit more imaginative I’d do another one that’s more like the sketch. This month CSS is launching a new color (buttons, ribbon, paper, and ink): True Blue Fan which I love – just a really nice blue color!!!

If you’re wanting something more girlie and fun check out WPlus9’s two new sets: Hearts background and the Birds and the Bees. Very very fun and versatile sets, perfect for many occassions!! You’ve seen my creations with the two sets and I’ve only used a little bit of what’s in there!!


That’s that and more later!


Stamps: CSS Golf Pro
Ink: CSS True Blue Fan
Cardstock: CSS True Blue Fan, PTI white
Accessories: Bakers Twine Annie42 (Etsy), buttons CSS, ribbon CSS, embossing powder Hero Arts clear, versamark

Day 3: More WPlus9

WPlus9 June Release

Having a great long weekend? The UK and US folks are enjoying a long weekend here. Today’s a UK bank holiday and also Memorial Day for the US. We didn’t do much besides cleaning, a little Cambridge outing, and me taking pics of horses. Yeah, I got a new gig… race horse picture taker. I know, right? Faaaar from children’s photography but my friend hooked me up with her friend and so off the girls, hubby and I went this a.m. Goodness, have you seen race horses up close? They’re just beautiful! We learned a lot about horse racing too. It was fun and educational despite the chilly day. The friend who introduced me to her friend said that who knows I might get into the racing community. Hmmm, I doubt that although I wouldn’t mind being the Shiekh of Dubai’s photographer (HA!!) — he’s got a stable near the one we were at. According to the news he’s got 700 race horses! WOW!!!

I do have a card too… it’s my last before WPlus9‘s release these sets tomorrow (you can check out the sets on Dawn’s blog now)!! For the design I used 2Sketeches4You’s sketch. Yes, it’s their sketch I used!! Something on top, three things in the middle and a strip on the bottom. Do you see it now? For the soil I used one of the cloud’s, pretty soil lookin’, no? The clouds I embossed. It was my heat gun’s first run here in the UK. It doesn’t mind the transformer although I thought it heated up a bit slow. I dunno, maybe it’s just me feeling things.

Ok, gotta go. Before I go, here’s one of the horse I took a photo of:

Newmarket UK Race Horse

I should, next time, know the names of my clients. I mean I would if they were humans so what’s the difference, right? These horses are like children in boarding school. They don’t see their parents/owners. So the trainers wanted me to take photographs of them (running, hanging out, etc.) so that they can show the horses’ owners how they’ve been doing at “school”.  This one in particular was a sniffer. So I thought it was appropriate to photographer her from the nose {::SMILE}.

To My Favorite Guy

Happy Birthday, Hubby

Happy birthday!!! So very glad that you were born many years ago! So very glad too that I met you 8-yrs ago, drunk and all, at a club. If we met in an online dating site we would most likely never have gotten together. The system would never in a million years match us up (if it did, it would be because of the plus/minus 3% margin of error… or a computer glitch), HA!! You have to admit though, I am a lot more charming in person than in photos or online (he’s thinkin’: Yeah, right, only if no word comes out of your mouth). As odd as it may seems we’re still happily together and I have to say, we’ve made some pretty cute mini us along the way {::SMILES}. Love*** you tons!!

To all of you reading out there… life is so much nicer when you’re with somebody who loves you as much as you love them. Even though you’re with somebody you’re free to be yourself and become whatever it is that you desire. It really is worth it, even if you have to make many sacrifices, adjustments, and changes because in the long run you’ll gain back everything that you’ve lost and achieve many more. It’s rewarding to be with somebody whom you can learn from and after the few years together he still gives me the butterflies + warm and fuzzies.

The above card I made for the hubby. I used WPlus9’s stamps: Woodgrain Silhouette and Addition (my FAVORITE sets!!) and a 2Sketches4You sketch by Kazan. This week Wplus9 is the sponsor and there’s an AWESOME prize for this week’s winner. Also, this is 2S4Y’s 2nd anniversary and there are MORE prizes to giveaway!! Go check 2Sketches4You out and also see what the other DTs has to offer.

The card’s fairly simple, I used the twine that I purchased from Etsy: Annie42 (yards of twine from this store for a great price!!!), Martha Stewart twill ribbons that I found on base for $2.50/spool (YEEESH!!!!! The one I have is a 7-yrds spool), staples, PTI button and kraft cardstock, and SU cardstock + ink. I think despite the flowers the card is pretty manly.

Well, I was suppose to go on base but Jovie just woke up from an extra long nap. I need to pick up M soon so we might just wait til we get M to get some groceries. We buy fresh produce from the store in town but there are a lot of things that we still pick up from the base once a month too like American cereal, Oreos (cheaper) and my ramen noodles. I still love ramen noodles, Shin Ramens to be more exact. That’s my craft secret. When I eat ramens before I craft I am more creative. Oh, and after wine too. More later!!

The NOT So Great

Americans… or at least me… are spoiled. We can easily access big houses, big cars, big washer and dryers, and big walk-in closets. Although I don’t mind just having two wardrobes to myself I find that they are a huge downgrade from a walk-in closet… even one that was shared (I have to say it was nice having the walk-in to myself when hubby left early for the UK, ha!). So now I have to go through my clothes (again) to see what I can do without… or at least store them in the attic (like business clothes — in case I decide and get a dress-up job here).

Then the appliances. We  get loaner ones from the base. You can keep them until you leave but they either SUCK or we just got bad ones. I put dirty dishes in and I took dirty dirty dishes out. You have to rinse everything out really well before you put them in which by then they’d be clean anyways — hand washed. Then the dryer… my friend who just moved to Germany said a lot of Brits hang dry. Really you gals? Again it’s not that I mind, I grew up with it, but I had LOTS of sun! Here, yes you have sun but not enough to dry clothes. Yesterday maybe.

I am going to ask the hubby to call and swap these ones. Maybe we just got bad ones. If not, once we figure out the house situation in MO I am going to buy us some new ones!

Ok, so that not so great isn’t that bad, huh? Maybe I’ve just been spoiled with the walk-in and new appliances that work like they should.

Here’s a card that I did… to get warmed up since I haven’t crafted in ages it seems… I used a 2S4Y sketch and colors from the Color Cue: white, navy, yellow, and light blue.

Happy Birthday Baby

A mom at M’s school heard that I make cards and asked me to make one for her daughter who’s birthday is a few days before Jovie. To the left of the bear, above the happy birthday, I’m going to customize it with her name. I hope the mom likey!! I am also going to take pics of this little person too soon. I need to set up a date to do this. I’ve been chit-chatting and networking and letting people know what I want to do in photography and seeing if anybody is willing to let me take pics of their kids for my portfolio and website. I am doing something in this department. Between taking care of the kids, unpacking, and work I’ve been pretty busy. Time really passes by!!

Alright, have a great Tuesday and more later!!!


The stamp is WPlus9: Kisses and Cuddles, the pattern paper SU, the button PTI, and the twine is Olive Manna (I got four 10 yrd/ea jute twine, just like PTI’s, from her Etsy store when it was closing for 50%… I have four colors), but the rest I’m not sure. They’re gifties.

More Driving… ALONE

First I want to welcome WPlus9’s two new DT: Hannah Craner and Heather Pulvirenti. Both of these gals are very well known in the paper crafting and stamping community and if you don’t, you need to go check them out!! We’re very excited to have them join our team and we all can’t wait to see what they create with WPlus9’s sets.

Now, can’t do a WPlus9 announcement without a WPlus9 card, right? Here it is. I used Woodgrain Silhouette and Kisses and Cuddles. The little strip of paper is My Mind’s Eyes and the orange is Making Memories. The ribbon is PTI and burlap from Etsy. To adhere the burlap the Fabri-Tac fabric glue was used. It’s been a while since I played along but today’s card was inspired by a 2S4Y sketch. Laura and Kazan has three new DTs of their own. Great choices and I know for sure Kelly will not disappoint – congrats, girl!!

Sweet Little One

I went driving again. The second time I did with hubby and it was a longer drive. I did pretty well (that’s my own opinion… hubby’s got his own). Thursday I had to drive again… alone this time! It’s not that I wanted to but it was cause I had to. Jovie got sick. She started getting a fever on Tuesday but we couldn’t see the doc Wednesday because we weren’t in the system yet. Since Jovie didn’t look like she was dieing we just kept her on (un-recalled) Tylenol and Motrin. Thursday we got an appointment and guess who was at work and who was available to drive? Despite the fact that I drove alright Tuesday I really wasn’t ready to go solo yesterday but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. So I drove.

It wasn’t bad. I only turned before the interstate exit so Daniel had to recalculate and on the five way roundabout (this thing was busy too):

5 way roundabout

I did splendid!! I almost kiss the front of a bus but I took care of that. I forgot how small the roads are here and I didn’t slow down enough while the bus was turning. Just imagine a semi turning from the road to the left of you onto your road. You’d have to give this semi some space so not to hit you. Same deal. So I had to push the brakes pretty hard because the front of the bus was on my lane. But besides that, it was good.

Today I got brave… well it was because I had to go back to the base to pick up a package (Jovie’s better too). In the U.S. there’s no way I’d be able to negotiate with a delivery driver to meet me somewhere other than the address on the box but I guess in the UK the delivery folks are more flexible. I had to pick the package up from the delivery person because only the postal service can go into the base. Anything else you’d have to meet them at the gate. Well it takes me 20-30 minutes to get to the base and so we negotiated on a noon meeting (he called me at 9 a.m. but M had a program at 10) at the Birmingham pub in Beck Row which is outside the base. When I got to Beck Row (which isn’t big) I couldn’t find this place. There’s some Shakespeare place and a Bird and Hand. A minute after I got to Beck Row the delivery person called again and asked where I was. By then I was parked on the side of the road – lost. I told the guy my location and literally five seconds later he was right behind me. I apologized and told him I couldn’t find the place. He then pointed to a pub just yards away and said that he was waiting there. OOOOOH, he said Bird and Hand and NOT Birmingham!!! Crap, I felt stupid for not understanding him. I really need to get use to the accents (there are a few I noticed)!!! He was so nice too.

For today’s drive I took the side road (yesterday was Interstate). The drive was GORGEOUS! I loved the small villages that Jovie and I passed by. All very charming and quaint! Some churches I could see from the road and they’re just beautiful, old, and serene. I passed by a few farm shops (plan on stopping at each one of them the next four years) and just many many lovely homes. The only thing I didn’t quite get was how the heck you Brits drive 60 miles/hr on these itty bitty roads? I went 50 and I thought I was going way too fast. You all need to slow down {::SMILE}. Some of the sharp turns were nerve wreaking and I kept hoping no big truck/bus would meet me. Eek!! In town, this is what I have to dodge around:

Church Ln, Exning

This is not a one way road. The silver and blue cars on the left were parked. The blue car on the right was parked too. It is common to find rows of car on this road so when you get on this road you need to stop behind a parked vehicle, look to the right to see if a car is coming and then go. Sometimes you need to zig-zag a bit because somebody might also park (temporarily) on the right… half the car would be on the sidewalk. Trucks park on the side too! Oh, in case you’re wondering, cars face whatever direction when parked. That’s why the silver and blue cars are facing each other. I’m not sure if there’s no law or the police just gave up {::SMILE}. I thought in my driving book they’re suppose to face the traffic direction. Not sure…

I look forward to spending some time in many of the villages that I passed by today. There are markets and events in each of them every weekend. Definitely lots of exploring in store for us just here locally!!