It’s Goodbye

Missing You
Sometimes good things must come to an end. It’s sad but life is about having the courage to decide when to stop and move on to something new.

After two years 2Sketches4You is closing. Laura and Kazan have invited all past design team to participate in this last post and this is my take based on Kazan’s sketch.

I know I have participated in their challenge in ages but 2S4Y will always be my favorite card sketch challenge. Their sketches are always fun, Laura + Kazan were awesome to work with and best of all, I’ve met some great craft friends while playing along. I also think that 2S4Y was my first big DT gig (I don’t keep up with this stuff but I am almost certain) and I remember being super happy when I received the acceptance email.

I will miss seeing their sketches and cards created using those sketches but I know that whatever Laura and Kazan do next will be fabulous. They’re two very talented ladies, not just in crafting!!

My card is very simple. I pretty much stuck to the sketch, even the butterfly. For this card I used two stamp sets, one is one of my favorite from WPlus9, Woodgrain Silhouette Addition and Guiding Light Sentiment. For the colors I chose Dawn’s Color Cue for this week: Aqua, pink and white. I skipped the neutral color.

Missing You

I’ll give you another view from a different angle.

Missing You

On the ribbon… Laura is probably my favorite ribbon bow maker. She makes the best looking bows I think. One day I asked her what her trick is and she said to pull very hard. Laura, if you’re get to reading this part… I pulled and pulled, oh, watch your video too, and still, I don’t get no Laura style bow!

Missing You

Ok, that’s it. Will miss them guys!! Have a great Martin Luther King day!!

Celebrate Today

Celebrate Today

Today was a great day… actually this week should be a great week because:

  • I have everybody here with me, no school for M and off work for hubby
  • I got a lot of projects done
  • I got invited to do something super fun — still a secret {::SMILES}
  • We did all the dishes (BIG deal for me!!)
  • We had a yummy salmon dinner, no head!

Here’s one project I did today. I used 2S4Y’s sketch for this card. I was going through some die-cuts and found this butterfly. I think I prefer it a bit bigger but it’s pretty cute. The designer paper I used came from the DigiChick. Which speaking off… not about the DigiChick but my printer… I am not very happy with Canon. I have a printer which is for sale in the U.S. and the UK BUT the ink has two different chip models and of course I can only buy my ink in the U.S. Since today’s printers uses a chip on the ink cartridges, even though the ink cartridges are the same exact ones, the printer will not register the new cartridges unless they carry the right code… which is stored in the chip. So so lame!! So I thought of removing the chip from my old ink cartridge and gluing it on the new one but then I read that these ink chips also tells the printer that it’s full, half full or empty. So even if I did swap my printer will think that I have an empty ink cartridge. GRR!! I’ve been wanting to print some new papers from the store but I’m just going to have to be content with old leftovers until I get my shipment in from Newegg. GRR!!

The printer is not going to make my week any less fun… it’s just frustrating. Oh, how about the base? They don’t carry Cannon inks. They carry everything else under the sun but no Cannons. GRR GRR GRR!!!


Hi Hooked on You Wplus9 Card

M’s school break. Tomorrow’s her last day and she’ll be done with her year 1 aka kindergarten. My baby is growing up!!! Waaaaaaaaaay too fast!! I think this is why Jovie’s not growing up. I keep telling her to take her time and she might actually be listening to me!

I’ll be busy the next few days planning our outings amongst other things. I have a few projects I want to finish too that’s work related. They’re all fun stuff, just need to find the time. Speaking of work, I’ve been asked by our neighbor to help him here and there with his project… the computer stuff. I love it. I haul the kids to his place, let them play with his girls and I chit-chat while I do my thing. Awesomeness!! I’ve been taking photos too but haven’t been happy with the end results. I am either hard on myself or I totally suck.

Hubby’s going to be gone too for a bit. Usually I don’t share this stuff until he returns because we used to live in the middle of nowhere but now we’re smack in the middle of civilization and if there were no walls the neighbors would be here all the time chit-chatting. They’re just all super friendly and the neighborhood watch is tight… so tight one of them told me exactly where my package was when I myself couldn’t find it (couldn’t read the delivery guy’s hand writing too… I thought it said: left in road — ended up being the shed).

I did a card last night. It’s a simple card but it was soooo hard to do because I was trying to incorporate a few different challenges. This card is based 2Sketches4You sketch, two SCS Dirty Girls challenges: this, this and this (sorry can’t tell you exactly what, it’s part of the deal, you have to be an SCS paid member to play along), and WPlus9 All Eyes on: Embossing.

The card is VERY simple, just run it through an embossing template, I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder, crinkled a piece of ribbon. On this particular one the ribbon I used has a piece of thread going through the middle. I just pulled it and pushed the ribbon back. You can have more or less crinkles. Up to you really. For the edges I just used fabric glue and then I fabric-glued everything to the card. Last but not least I stamped, trimmed, and used dimensionals to adhere the fishes. Oooh, sentiment and bubbles, yes, those were the very last pieces I added.

Ok, that’s that. I did this post fairly quickly!! Yes me! Sometimes Jovie doesn’t mind playing by herself. This afternoon we’re going to M’s school to listen to her sing with her class/the whole school. Laters!!

Is This THE Night?

For Jovie to sleep through the night? She cried twice but very short and she put herself back to sleep. Crossing fingers!!! M was, and still not, one who can put herself back to sleep. Now and then she’d calm herself down but most of the time I’d have to come in and tuck her back in. Or chase her around the house first and then tuck her in. She sleep walks and pee in random places. Last time was the waste basket which was, still is and always have been, right next to the toilet. Good thing it’s a plastic basket!!

I got some short blog hopping done and Sarah made me want to do a SCS CAS challenge. I thought I’d combine it with a 2S4Y sketch and I came up with this:

Happy Birthday Friend

I liked how I layered the houses in this scrapbook page and thought I’d do it again on a card.

I think after all’s done it’s borderline not CAS but I think, looking at it, it’s still pretty clean. What do you think?

I put my light kit together. Now I can take night time craft pics. I love my bay window natural light but sometimes I just want to post my stuff right after I make it… or a deadline, ha!

Ok, short and sweet. Laters!


Cardstock: SU
Pattern Paper: American Craft
Digital Paper: Kellie Mize Iced Latte from The DigiChick
Stamps: Practicing Creativity
Embellishments: Buttons and baker’s twine from Etsy

No Disposables?

Last weekend we went to a BBQ. Lovely BBQ, weather and company. There was one little interesting bit at the BBQ… there was no paper plates/cups and no plastic utensils. They had real silverware, dinnerware and glasses. We never got to asking them if it’s a British thing or if they just wanted a formal type of BBQ.

Today we went to a town event. A duck race — you know, those rubber and numbered ducks — and they had games, food and drinks. Except for the paper napkins there were real tea cups, saucers and even the kids’ drinks were in real drinking glasses. There were probably a good couple hundred of people there.

Now I really need to know. Is it just that the UK is overly green or it’s not a proper thing to have paper/plastic eating utensils? I don’t want to invite our British friends over and serve them with paper and plastic if it’s just plain rude. The good thing is that we brought our party dinner, silver, and glassware sets. We have a 24 people place settings!! I got them some while back. Hubby likes inviting his troop (I think that’s what they’re called) who can’t go home over for the holidays and since I don’t like pot luck type of events at our home (I think potlucks are only for BBQs… it’s just a Savitri thing) I got the sets. Also, there’s also something about a formal holiday dinner don’t you think? Especially for those who lives in the dorms. A proper meal!! Any comments on this from my British friends/readers?

I have a card to share too:

Golf Pro, CSS

I used 2S4Y’s sketch and the Golf Pro stamp set by Clear and Simple Stamps. The card’s fairly simple. I used white chalk ink for the background and sentiment. I found some ribbons and thought they’d look good on this card. The image behind the blue golf ball is by Lauren Reid: The Way We Used to Be.

Alright, have a great weekend everybody! Until next time!!!