Merry Merry Christmas!


The ornaments have been carefully placed in each branch of a very carefully chosen tree.


Gifts have been exchanged amongst friends and placed lovingly in their special places.


The presents have been wrapped.


Even for the tiniest members of our family.


A few special gifts were handmade. Waiting for each of us to open.


And now, only the mice, the children’s slumber and my keyboard can be heard in the house. 


The most chocolaty of chocolate cookies were made last night.


Proudly presented.


Taste tested.




Thoroughly analyzed.


And approved.

Now off to bed I go but before I go, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Thank you so so much for following and reading my blog. It means the world to me and I’ll see you in 2015!!


Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me!

So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!!

To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string). Here’s the tricky part, tying the strings! In order to not get frustrated with this project, you need to first tape the chocolates together with any clear tape (just fold the tape around so that it’s sticky on top and bottom, or you can use double sided tape) and then tie the string around.

The result, no little boy or girls will be able to resist these little goodness :)







Crafting for the Holidays

Hello again!! What have you been up to lately?

We did a bit of traveling up north during the girls’ school break and I’ve been busy helping organize a Christmas fair and doing a bit of crafting for the event also. I know our stall will have lots of cards since a few of my great crafty friends have kindly said they will mail me a box of goodness, a few yarn wreaths (since I have a butt load of yarn from a local friend), tags, gift card holders, ornaments and hopefully more yarn goods since I have A LOT! I don’t have a minimum number to make and so if I get one done, then be it. Whatever profit our booth makes will go to the Brain Tumour Charity via Sophie’s Smile.

I’ve been having fun again with my craft, I guess the whole variety of things and having a purpose did it, and I cannot wait to share with everybody in a few weeks time at the fair. Unlike my blog posts, where I don’t care if anybody likes what I created, I seriously do hope that those who visits the fair will like my creations enough to buy them. I want to make a lot of money for the charity!!

If you wish to create a star like the above, this were the tutorials I followed:

I bought my sheet music from a charity/thrift shop. I got a bit for £2. But I think the ones I bought were a bit too old for the project. There’s a lot of folding involved (although you can eliminate the pentagon folding if you use a template) and by the end, my already fragile paper was a bit more so. But, it does look so pretty!

Here are a couple photos from our trip:


Whitby, Yorkshire, UK. The inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


The Lake District. We visited Beatrix Potter’s home while there. It was so neat and I think her home is now number one on my favorite places I’ve visited list. I felt a bit emotional walking into her home and this girl is not at all emotional!

Until next time!! Hugs!

Mini Book and Box

We have another gymnast in the house! It’s only been four weeks but Jovie seems to be enjoying it. This is her fifth attempt at organized activity (she’s quit three of them) and I haven’t seen signs of not wanting to go. In the past, it’s usually after the second session that she’ll start to balk. Besides gymnastics, Jovie also does theatre but she really doesn’t like it and only goes because we think it’s something she’ll (eventually) like. Ha ha! I know, we’re so bad!


At gymnastics, her and her little friends have many opportunities to earn stickers. She’s been asking for a sticker book to collect all her stickers in (currently the two she’s earned are in my Filofax) and I told her that I’ll get her one. I was going to get her one but, I saw this cute little tag book on Pinterest and I thought I’d give it a go. Emma, from Gathering Beauty, also had an origami box tutorial and so I made that also. Jovie was soooooo happy to receive her little present this morning! One.Happy. Little. Girl!


For this mini book I used a die-cut template from Stampin-Up! I think. But you can use whatever die cut, or tag, and go for it. Score the cover and then score in the middle of the book bit, staple and voila.


The paper came from a legal pad. I think my book came out to be 2″x3″ and I just guillotine a piece of paper accordingly.


See how tiny it is? But perfect for Jovie’s little hands! The five-years-old with a three-years-old hand :)


And here’s my box, with help from Kate at picklebums. I need the box for Christmas goodies, thus the Christmas paper, but I figure I’d use it once for Jovie and then re-use later in a few months. Nobody will notice, right? This box was from a 6″x6″ pad. The bottom of the box I trimmed to a 5.5″x5.5″. A 5.75″x5.75″ will be ok too but it felt really tight. Give both a go on a regular piece of paper first and see which is best for you. The end product is a 2″x2″ box. An 8.5″x8.5″ paper produced a 3″x3″ and a 12″x12″ sheet made a 4″x4″ box.

Note: May want to tape, cute washi tape maybe, the center together. But I think after you put your little giftie in there, the box will hold up just fine.


Soooooo, glad I found these two tutorials because I have a lot of pattern papers that I don’t really care to use in any of my scrapbook pages!


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England, You’re Beautiful!

England is not very big. Compared to a US state, England is only 200 sq miles bigger than Alabama. The UK isn’t a whole bigger either. Comparing it to a couple US states, the UK is in between Wyoming and Oregon. Despite the size, a three hours drive in the US can equal to an eight hours drive here in the UK for a few different reasons. One, depending on where you go, you can hit traffic. Traffic on the motorway (interstate) or the A roads (highways, although some A roads are two lanes). In the US, once you hit the interstate you can pretty much set your car on cruise control and just go until you’re out of gas, need to pee or have to go around a big city. The motorways don’t go everywhere. There’s a long one between London and up to Edinburgh for example but for other destinations, it’s a combo of different types of roads. This means you have a chance to enter villages/towns and also many many roundabouts. Or, you take the smaller roads, the B roads or a combo of As and Bs, and you keep hitting cute village/towns or historical sites along your route and just want to stop and have a walk around.

When we were in Mississippi last summer, I drove the girls to Disney World. It was a 12hrs drive and we did it in two days. Yes it was a bit dull at times but the drive was a breeze. Our next trip is to Scotland. The border is about size hours away but we’re breaking the trip in two days. If we had all the time (and money) in the world, we’d probably do this drive in two weeks. Or even a month’s time. There are just too many places I want to drag the family to between here and Scotland. Yes, yes, I know I can go another time, but we’ll already be up there ;)

Anyhow, our house to M’s gymnastics competition is about 180 miles away. A good three hours drive. On our way there, we just stopped for a coffee/snack stop. But on our way back, we made a few stops and drove on roads which looked like it could only fit one car but it’s a two lane road. The drive back took us almost eight hours and it was beautiful!


We saw Bibury. Look at this house built in the late 1300s. Can we all go ahhhhhh, now? See the stone fence? You can see that alongside many of the roads we drove on. They’re carefully cut and stacked on top of each other and many have been there for hundreds of years!


Here’s a peek of Arlington Row. Built in 1380 as a wool store and then converted into weaver’s cottages in the 17th century. Arlington Row is owned by the National Trust (which we are happy to be members of). There is no fee to see these homes but for £84/year we have access to hundreds of sites owned and maintained by NT that are scattered all around the UK.


There were lots of ducks when we went and they all eagerly quacked and swam for food from the visitors (which there were loads of, buses of them).


To the left is a trout farm and that building is the Swan hotel and pub/restaurants. That’s where we had lunch Sunday. The food was good but not one we went ga ga about.


Arlington Row. It is now a residential dwelling and again, I wish I could just look inside one of them!



Walking towards the main road and look, I spot a handsome man’s back!


And him from the front, or side. Stalker me ;)


This is more less what many of the villages that we drove by looked like. Gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s why I love driving small roads here when I have the time. Every day I drive the girls to and from school and I love each drive! I know, weird! But I do. I love driving away from the street next to ours, where all the old homes are, and then the small road that goes into the village of the girls’ school, our old village we moved from. I love seeing the pub in the corner and the old houses that are there. In the spring the pink flowers would drop on us. In the summer is great to feel the warm breeze. In the fall I LOVE watching the leaves change colours. And in the winter, I love seeing the white branches and fields.


It’s been a really mild fall. I think it’s just started to cool down the last couple of days. And the leaves haven’t completely changed colours. But it’s still a lovely fall day!


Love them!

Until next time!!