Digi FAQ

Why DigiScrap?
You can get all sorts of (detailed) answers if you post to a digital scrapbook forum. My answer is:

  • It doesn’t create a huge clutter
  • It’s portable, at least if you have a laptop
  • It can be, depending on what hardware and/software you already have or what to use, cheaper
  • You can make duplicates very quickly
  • You can delete and edit anytime
  • You can reuse your digital items over and over again
  • It can be more environmentally friendly
  • It’s quicker
  • Freebies exist
  • I think you can do more things, be more creative

What is the downside to digiscrap?

  • If you haven’t done so, you need to learn a new software
  • You can spend as much, or more, on hardware, software, and kits
  • If you’re already on the computer a lot on a day-to-day basis, the spouse won’t like this hobby
  • If you’re on the computer a lot, everyday, you might not want to get on it again at home
  • If you don’t back-up often, you can loose everything
  • If you like the feel of traditional scrapbooking you’d be disappointed
  • You need to be careful on which kit you buy, some just doesn’t look like the real deal

What’s the most inexpensive way to get started on digital scrapbooking?

  • If you don’t have a computer, go get one. They’re not that expensive nowadays (towers are less expensive than notebooks and to me better for digiscrapping… bigger screen!) but you don’t want to get the bare essentials either in terms of hardware. My suggestion on buying a computer is: buy the fastest with the budget you have. Or, save up until you can get one that’s pretty fast (high memory and processor). When buying a computer pay attention to:
    • Processor type and speed
    • Memory, can you upgrade? You want to have at least 2Gig in the system – at LEAST – and make sure it’s upgradable to at LEAST twice that.
  • Get a nice software. A free one is Gimp and it’s Mac/PC/Linux compatible. If you want to spend a bit, go to Photoshop Elements (under $100).
  • Find freebies for your digital paper and elements. They are everywhere. Go to forums and designer’s blogs and you’ll find tons. Or, wait for a good sale. Subscribe to your favorite store’s newsletter and you’ll be informed on when sales are happening. That’s how I get most of my kits!

What’s Hybrid?
Using digital pieces, paper or elements, on/for traditional (paper, fabric, and more) projects

Do I need to have Photoshop to print digital stuff?
Oh noooooo, all you need is a software that lets you change sizes of images (digital paper and elements are mostly .jpg files — picture files). You can use Word even to do this! Check out my Word tutorial if you’re curious! For paper, if I want to print a whole sheet, I just click on the .jpg, my picture application on the computer will open the image up and I’ll go up to File –> Print and out it goes. I only have a regular printer 8.5×11 paper and so the 12×12 paper fill fit to size but I never mind it. If you have a printer that takes legal size paper, you can print 12″ in height, just shorter in width.

Why do I digi?
Because I can {::SMILES}

Why don’t I do it 100%?
Because I love all forms of scrapbooking and papercrafting and I have one of those jobs where I’m on the computer all day long and hubby wants me off the whiz bang when I’m at home {::SMILES}

2 thoughts on “Digi FAQ

  1. what type of paper do you use to print your digital paper on plain copy paper or is it a speciality paper i use plain and they look so washed out
  2. Savitri! Savitri! Savitri! How I've missed you! Long, long story as to why I've been absent from blogland for so long that I won't bore you with. But one important part of the story is that I've moved and nearly all my crafting supplies are in storage. GASP!!! I just can't keep the creative from coming out, though, so I've recently taken up digital scrapping. I'm LOVING it!! But I haven't quite tapped into the community of it yet and that was something that I just adored about my card making days. So, bottom line: I'm thrilled to see that you, too, are a digi girl. I'll now be stalking your blog once again so I can learn from the master. Thanks for always sharing your creative genius, whatever form it takes.

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