Jam, Jelly, Preserve

Fresh Preserves

Do you get jelly, jam and preserve all mixed up? I did until last week.

I was at a cafe and said: “Can I have the scone with the (while pointing) jelly, jam, preserve… oh, that thing over there! What is that thing?” The guy helping me chucked and he said, “jam?” I let out a little chuckle and said, “Yes, jam! (Pause) What is the difference between jelly, jam and preserve?” It was the lady next to me that eventually explained. She said that jelly is like American jello, see through clear. Jam has fruits but they’re not in chucks. Jam can be pureed fruits. Preserve is jam but with chucks of fruits. It was then that I had an “Aha” moment {::SMILES}

Today I have this cute little tag using WPlus9’s new set: Fresh Preserve + dies.

Fresh Preserves

  • is a 4×6 clear photopolymer stamp set
  • 17 high quality photo-polymer stamps; 1 jar image, 1 filler image, 1 label image, 8 berry building images in two sizes, and 6 sentiments that fit inside of the label
  • will be available for purchase June 5th for $14

Preserves Jar Die

  • coordinates with the Fresh Picked stamp set
  • four separate dies wired together that can be easily snipped and separated
  • will be available for purchase June 5th for $8

It’s a lovely stamp set. You can make tags out of this, and hang it on the jar of jam/preserves that you want to gift to somebody. Love it!!

Before you go, please check out the other DT’s work:

And I will catch you again tomorrow!!



A few weeks ago I got suckered persuaded, to run a 5k in Cambridge. I agreed because it’s for a good cause and that it’s still a few months down the road, which basically means I have plenty of time to practice for it. While one can walk this 5k, I want to do it properly and I had this oh so awesome plan to start running again for this 5K AND also to loose a few pounds… the same few pounds from a few months ago.

I asked my friends for some tips on how to get started and the couch-to-5k was highly recommended.

Fast forward… the app is faulty. On a 1-5 rating it’s a 0. Why? Because after all this time, I am still on couch mode. ¬†I tried to get the app to work, I am a geek after all, but nope! Faulty app!!

<Sigh> I think I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow it will work for me. It is suppose to be another warm day and M doesn’t need to go to gymnastics so maybe, just maybe, the app will get me off the couch tomorrow.

Now, I was suppose to do some Tae Bo… or P90X. But nope. Instead I was browsing the Internet looking for awesome places to visit in York. It’s the Internet’s fault that I wasn’t burning calories!! That’s right! The Internet’s fault!

I have a little card to share with you today. I used Waltzingmouse’s sketch to create this. When I first saw the sketch I thought, “Woah!!” But then it grew on me and I had a really fun time playing with some oldies but goodies. I hope you come along and play this week with the Mice!!


Title-Less Wednesday


I’ve been sitting here for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what to title this post. I guess if a title can’t be found in that length of time then the post should just be title-less. So here’s to my no title post…

I actually have a lot to share today. I haven’t blogged in… uhm… a week? Just decided to take a little break and spend a bit of me time because once again I turned 25. I had a few friends celebrating before and after my birthday so it’s been a week of parties and fun. The hubby and I even went on a little date without Jovie freaking out!! I think we’ve reached a milestone here!

For the first time since I was 10 I had a little get together for my birthday. I just invited those I hung out most often and those I like hanging out with even though we don’t see each other often. We had tea and cake at a cafe and had a nice time chit-chatting. I had so much fun that I am thinking of inviting people again next year. Different venue (better cakes, HA!). We’ll see… maybe next year I’ll have no friends {::SMILES}.

Today (or Tuesday – I am writing this was past my bed time), M went to gymnastics. She’s in a new group. The girls in the group itself is fine but oh my, that group has a lot of kids! M came a group of five girls her age to nine!! So tomorrow I am going to have to give them a call and tell them how not comfortable I am with that. On top of my own comfort level I heard the other mums from the group complaining about the new additions too. There were already busy with seven girls, even adding another one would just be a bit much. So we’ll see. While M doesn’t care either way, she likes the girls in both group, she doesn’t understand that more girls = less time on apparatus and also = to less attention. I’ve seen so much improvement in her the last three month’s and I’d hate to have her stall. The sad part is, we might be stuck with this arrangement because they’re short on coaches and the next best gym is 45 minutes away (compare to 30). I am not at all some crazy overly ambitious gym mom but this new arrangement doesn’t look promising at all.

Cards… I have a few cards to share from card making day that I had at my house a few Fridays ago. The above is mine which I proudly paint using water color pencils and the below Christmas card is my friend’s:


And this one is Miss M’s:


Hope you enjoy the cards and before I leave, here’s the Miss:


This was taken during the UK heat wave a week and a half ago. It’s fall but you couldn’t tell from M’s dress.

Have a great one and if you’re a blogger, hope your post is better titled than mine!!!

A Bag Full

Hello Friend

Hiya! Today I went to my friend’s Stampin’ Up! party. We met in Missouri (the great thing about being in the military is that there’s a good chance you’ll bump into each other again even after an overseas move) and it’s always nice to catch up with her now and then. I was hoping to meet up with another person too and was glad that she stopped by to chit-chat.

Anyhoot, at the party we made some candy baggies. They were so cute and M loved my gifty for her. I forgot through to take a photo and so I made another one (doesn’t look quite the same) so that I can share with you and this other friend of mine who wants to get some crafty things together for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.

This bag was really easy to make. This one was a 5×7 piece of paper, a bit bigger than the 4×6 I made at the party. Before I glue the edges of the paper I stamped it with WPlus9’s fun spider webs from the a Pocketful Halloween set. To put it together you just glue one end of the 5″ side and then the 7″ ones. After gluing stick the 5″ side to the other side (you should get a cylinder) and then squeeze one side of the 7″ (now a circle) together. Fill this up with candies (or whatever) and going the opposite direction as the bottom adhere the ends together so to close the box. All done!

At the party we scored the bottom so that they looked crimped but I didn’t do it with this one. To finish the box off I added some cute stamps/embellishments from WPlus9. LOVE the little pocket (and die!)and the spiders. The spiders are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter than the ones I see here. There are LOTS of spiders here in our area. More than I’ve ever seen anywhere else in the US. If you don’t like spiders don’t move here or pay somebody to spray around the house once or twice a year. There are other methods too but just FYI, the spiders here can be HUGE!!

I hope like the colors. I do. It’s a bit edgy I think. Yes? No?

Gordes, France

Gordes, France

One neat thing about driving through France was seeing how each area differs, in a very significant way, from one another. A two hour drive can take a traveler from lush to dry. As soon as we hit Provence, the geographic changed in the most stunning way. As you drive further into Provence you’ll notice more and more off white, with a tint of orange, homes built on the very tip of a high hill (some look so steep). The tallest piece from each village is usually the steeple of the church (although if there’s a castle it’d be the castle).

We visited a few (at least when it wasn’t raining) when we were in Provence and out of all, the most well known is probably Gordes. The village is quaint and like many known places in France, touristy (you might notice the lack of people in the photos, just FYI I waited until it was empty or as empty as possible before photographing). But it was still quite pleasant and we had a great time walking around, snacking, and shopping. I am not a souvenir kind of person so no T-shirt with I Love Gordes or a statue. What I like to buy when traveling are spices and things I can use (like pots and pans, HA!). So in Gordes I purchased some local herb de Provence, salt mixed with olive oil and different other spices, local olive oil, local rose wine and lavendar. After using the salt, I wish I had bought two tubs of it. It is sooooooooooooooo good!!

I have a few pictures from Gordes. The photos are in the order they were taken so that you can get an idea of what it was like walking through the gorgeous village. So not to make anybody wonder let me go over them really quick…

  1. The view from where we parked.
  2. I have a thing for small roads/alleyway. This was just one of many as we walked into the center of town.
  3. The center of town. Behind me was the castle.
  4. A street view, to the right is the castle.
  5. M looking at a white dress. I said no. I become freak mom when the kids wear white expensive clothes.
  6. A linen shop across from the dress shop.
  7. The small street leading up to the church.
  8. A walkway down… we didn’t go.
  9. Another road we walked on, I think the church is to the left.
  10. We did go up and down a few steps. This one led to a viewing area, to see the valley below.
  11. A close-up of the steps so that you can imagine being there better {::SMILES}.
  12. A house. I love red doors!
  13. The pharmacie… promoting safe sex.
  14. The boulangerie… yum! One of the best part of France!
  15. More shops and check out the old cobble stones. LOVE it!!
  16. See how short the alleyway is? Just shops to the left and right.
  17. There are a few artists who has a home in this village. What an inspirational place to be living in!! JEALOUS!
  18. Another path
  19. Another path
  20. And another path
  21. A shop and the view down below
  22. A house as we walked back to the car (I think our car is next to the person walking up)
  23. An illegal stop that I made so that I could take a photo.
  24. Then somebody (while I was taking the above photo) told me that there’s a (legal) viewing area just a bit below and got this photo. This is what one would most likely see on postcards, websites, and who knows what else.

If you are planning a trip to Provence, especially the Luberon valley, do check this village out. Spend a few days and try to do it in the first week of July when the lavender are in full bloom. When we were there they were gray and dull. Very not photogenic at all. I am hoping to catch them in bloom and stay there for a full week to explore more of the beautiful area.

I know this is a bit cheesy but there’s something about France that just makes me so happy. I’d love to live there, maybe retire there, and open that bed and breakfast that I’ve mentioned in the past (it’s why I practice to make the best looking pancakes and staying at B&B when possible). It’s probably a dream but hey, dreams do come true, right? I mean, I am here in the UK {::SMILES}.

  • DSC_1262
  • DSC_1264
  • DSC_1270
  • DSC_1273
  • DSC_1276
  • DSC_1277
  • DSC_1278
  • DSC_1279
  • DSC_1284
  • DSC_1285
  • DSC_1289
  • DSC_1290
  • DSC_1296
  • DSC_1298
  • DSC_1300
  • DSC_1303
  • DSC_1306
  • DSC_1307
  • DSC_1308
  • DSC_1310
  • DSC_1311
  • DSC_1312
  • DSC_1316
  • Gordes, France

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little photo walk through Gordes. Until next time!!