Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day 2014


Just a little love post from me to you. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful day today! We’re not one to celebrate Valentine’s day by going out for a romantic dinner etc but if there’s a special day to celebrate love, kindness, giving, and anything nice, we’re there!

I cannot wait for the girls to come home. Again, we’re not having anything super special but a little extra love, yummy cupcakes from my favorite cake lady, cards and decors will make their end of the week (and start of their school break) extra lovely.

Take care and I shall share how I created the 10, maybe 15, minutes bunting with you next post! Thanks to all the gorgeousness from WPlus9, all the above were able to be created. Do check out WPlus9’s blog for all sorts of fun challenges and giveaways to celebrate their birthday. Lots of inspirations and tips this week alone!!

Happy 10-years-old!!

Emma 10th birthday

Oh my, how did this ever happen? Our big girl, Emma, is TEN today!! First double digits, which she’s been so looking forward to!

This morning we woke her up super early. Super early because dad leaves for work quite early in the morning and we wanted to surprise her together. So after scrambling looking for candles (I know I have some somewhere), we brought cupcakes, 10 tea-light candles on a tray, and presents at around 6:30 a.m. <– yes, this is super early for us who wakes up at 8 a.m. on a weekday.

But despite being woken up, she perked up quickly and blew her candles at the end of the song. Aaaah, bitter sweet. I love how she looks forward to growing up but as a mom, I just wish she grows up a little bit slower.

So here’s our googly eyes girl who’s still sweet, caring, loves gymnastics and all her good friends. My little travel, craft and foodie buddy and the best big sister Jovie could ever have. She loves to rough it with her daddy and watch hours of documentaries on Netflix.


And oh, the girl who has this “whatever” look when she thinks I’m just full of it. Love her to bits!

Happy birthday, sweet angel!

Emma Emma 10th birthday Emma 10th birthday Card made by me as usual but I can’t claim the cupcakes. Cupcakes were made by a local cake artist: Cake, Love, Crossbones by Holland.


WPlus9: Day 3 + Fabric Dolly

WPlus9: Coming Up Roses

This Christmas I really feel like making all sorts of stuff. Whether I get to them is another story but I really am feeling it!! I have a few cute projects that I will share in the next few days but one I am super excited about is this one: A fabric doll for Jovie! And the pattern pieces are FREE!

Fabric Doll: Free Pattern

Aren’t they adorable? I am going to make a little Chloe — a short hair doll basically. And hope to get started cutting tomorrow night! I have the pdf files downloaded already. Wish me luck!!

I also looked at buying this one by HIlary Lang from Wee Wonderful. But, since it’s my first time and who knows how it’ll turn out, I’m going with the free ones first. Sensible, right? {*WINK*} I do adore the blanket that Hilary did and I may also create something similar from my fabric remnants.

Until then, I have a few cards to share. More gorgeousness from WPlus9!

I’ve told you already that I love using beautiful stamps to create CAS cards. While I don’t mind layering, beautiful stamps can be gorgeous by simply being simple.

What do you think?

WPlus9: Coming Up Roses If you like what you see, hop on over to the other DT’s page to see what they’ve created with this set. I’m sure you’ll love every one of them!!

Hannah Craner
Jinny Newlin
Lea Lawson
Sarah Martina Parker
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WPlus9: Day 2

WPlus9: Valentine Wishes

Hiya! Hope my American friends had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We spent our in Amsterdam this year. We did lots of exploring, visited a few museums and for Thanksgiving dinner, we had our first Rijsstafel.

Our mail pick-up schedule got mixed up last week and I just received my WPlus9 goodies today and WOW, another beautiful set by Dawn!!

This month’s release is full of LOVE and since I always seem to be making something for the girls, I thought that today, I’d create a little something using the Valentine Wishes set + matching dies for my fab husband. It’s a bit difficult, for me at least, to go masculine with pretty sets but I think I managed to get this one right. What do you think?

Hubby loves to read and I’ve also included a matching bookmark. I used the cardboard from one of my scrapbook paper shipment for the bookmark so that it’s a bit sturdier than cardstock.

WPlus9: Valentine Wishes


Before you go offline, do visit the rest of the crew and see what kind of gorgeousness they’ve created using this set!

Hannah Craner
Jinny Newlin
Lea Lawson
Sarah Martina Parker
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wplu9 I am so excited about today! I am going away. To Belfast. Alone! No kids or husband. Just a couple girlie friends and I!

Last time I went alone overnight with just the girls was last year. To London. We had a really fun time (and hoping my friend would get back to the hotel safely since she was Boris biking drunk in the middle of the night) but this trip, not only will it be a few nights more but it requires an airplane ride.

I remember my first big going away after I had M. She was about 2-years-old and our first phone cry was full of sobs. Not on my end, but hers.

I do miss the family when I am away but away time for me is so rare that I (selfishly) smile more than anything else. It’s the once in a few years where I get to only think about what to pack for myself.

So here’s to Belfast! Hope I am not on the same plane as a lot of nuns (my friend said most plane crash movies have nuns in them) and that I don’t fall off the rope bridge! Dry weather is in the forecast and so the girlies and I should have a fabulous weekend away!

Until next week!!

Card: WPlus9 Heartfelt Holiday and dies