PL Week 1

Project Life Week 1

Whoohoo! Go my cover page/week one done! Now I am working on week two! I have a lot of scrapbooking to do but I am very much organized in terms of keeping track of all the day-to-day highlights/happenings up to day 12! I haven’t been like this in ages — since I didn’t have a job anymore basically — and it’s quite comforting!

For my PL, I don’t want to necessarily document every single thing we did everyday. I want to highlight what we/I did or thought of that week. So for my week one, I added two sewing photos, since they’re still new to me and something I really want to be good at this year and goals.

While I am quite confident about how I want to document our 2014, I am though not so sure how to photograph my weeks in a nice way. I don’t have a really good set up for it and there’s that glare from the plastic sleeve. Any suggestion? So until I figure this bit out, I’ll just take a few bits out and highlight them like below.

Here’s one of the inserts I did. Just some splattered ink, Thickers, alpha stickers, stamps and my handwriting.

Project Life Week 1

Thi one is very easy too. I actually accidently blotch the paper with orange ink (see top right near the washi tape) and the rest are just Thickers, washi and stickers. Oh, I did use WPlus9’s alphabet stamps to write out “OLW”. It was really hard to list one for this year but I figured if I can listen better I can do the rest better too. My brain goes 200 mph often times and I often times can’t pay attention. I then assume quite a bit and that gets me in trouble. So this year I want to slow down and listen better.  Project Life Week 1

Just a few of my goals. I am working on getting rid of a lot of stuff, learn to sew more AND use my sewing bits to brighten up the house and have days where we’re not plugged in.  Project Life Week 1

And I LOVE this card by Crate Paper I think. I want to remember to do all those things in 2014. I am too serious and judgy. Which can make me a bit uptight and nothing is good enough if not perfect. I want to be less complicated I suppose and just be happy with the little things. The stamp by WPlus9 is perfect here too, a little “hello there” from Strictly Sentiments Project Life Week 1

So that’s it. First week. And quite happy with how it turned out.
Project Life Week 1

Project Life Week 1

Hoping to finish week two in the next few days and continue to photograph and journal the upcoming days.


My Project Life Organizer

Project Life Organizer

I think, for any hobbyist, the biggest challenge of collecting and gathering tools and supplies is storage. Most people prefer to have all their things organized in a certain way and many people look high and low for the perfect space/storage compartment to house all their goodies.

I’m new to Project Life. I did start, well kind of start, last year. But it only went as far as buying. The actually working it was almost non-existent. I didn’t decide to do it until the second week of January and by the time I got supplies in, it was the end of January. By the time I got my first kit subscription (Citrus Twist), it was the end of February. By then I was too behind to bother. So as usual I did a few scrapbook pages here and there.

But this year, it’s a different story. I have stuff! And while they’re 2012/2013 designs, they’re all lovely and I am, well kind of, pass the only-using-what’s-latest-and-greatest supplies. Living where I live now in the UK and only working when I want to work has curbed my (crazy) spending on craft goods habits.

For my PL storage system, I really wanted to get the IKEA Raskog, $49. BUT, England’s IKEA is selling it for £50! Which is more less $80! This doesn’t make sense!! Most of the time the prices are not that huge of a difference. For example a 5×5 Expedit is $199 (before tax) in the US and £130 (around $212 with tax included) here. So depending where you’re at in the US, the Expedit is more less the same. So I shall wait for a sale!


Lovely isn’t it? The one above is Heidi Swapps. You can see how people are using the Raskog on Pinterest. It’s pretty neat!!

In the meantime, I am using this crib I found at a charity shop (Goodwills are in the charity shops category) for £5 ($8-ish). I had baby prop, for my photography, in mind when I bought it but after some thought, the crib makes a really cool Project Life organizer!

I don’t remember where I got the wicker container but it fit the 4×6 and 3×4 cards really well. I can also place the Citrus Twist rubber stamps next to the 3×4 cards. A few months ago I also found some American Craft baker’s twine at my local TKMaxx ( =TJMaxx) for really cheap and I plan to use them this year. Next to it, all the 6×6 pads that came with my kits and a few that I bought at TKMaxx for £2.99/ea. The back bit is not easy to see but I know what are there. Alpha sticker on the right, 12×12 paper in the back and sentiment/embellishment stickers in between. I don’t have much still so it’s still easy to remember where things are.

Project Life Organizer

Besides the Citrus Twist kits and my small purchases, I’ve also gathered all the WPlus9 stamps that I can use to stamp lines, sentiments, backgrounds and cute little embellishments.

Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9 Project Life Stamps WPlus9

I have more background stamps and the seasonal ones but it’s still January and I only dug out the ones I can use on a daily basis. My crib can’t fit anymore and I do want a good visual of what I have.

When I was a Designer for Pebbles Inc, owned by American Craft, I was about to buy all sorts of AC Thickers for a huge discount (one of the perk of being a Pebbles DT during my time) and I stocked up. I have lots and I plan on using many of them this year! I don’t have a good storage system for this yet (to where I can see what I have better) but once that Raskog comes on sale, I can put most of what’s in this bin on the bottom cart.

Project Life Supplies

And here’s my pile. I craft on the floor. I sewed on the floor too but I found that it was actually better when I used my table. HA!

Project Life 2014 I need to print a couple photos and I’ll be done with my cover page for PL. It’s week 2 now for me and I cannot wait to see what memories, good or bad, we will make and the lessons learned this week!

Have a great day! xx


Project Life 2014 – Tools and Freebies

WPlus9 December

Anybody working on a Project Life album this year? I am!! I downloaded the Photo 365 app on my iPhone and HOPEFULLY by doing this, I can photograph and/or write about each day of 2014! I will also use InstaWeather’s photo feature to document the current day’s weather (only if I think it’s significant, e.g. first day of snow, super sunny day, extreme wind). I was a bit rubbish last year but it was mostly due to not starting at the beginning AND not having anything in stock. I know, I know, not an excuse to not finish but that’s just the way I am. I have to have the right tool(s) or I won’t feel as motivated.

Here’s a sample of what the Photo 365 and InstaWeather photo apps look (PS: The below are images for Photo 365 and InstaWeather’s website):

Project365 app InstaWeather

SO, while I have all sorts of stuff now (tools to keep track of photos and memories and paper goodies), my January PL kit club stuff doesn’t come until close to the end of the month. To compensate, I did some Googling and Pinteresting and came up with the following.

Hope what I found will be useful for you too, either now or later down the road. Best of all, they’re FREE!

Hello 2014 PL Freebie

Caylee Grey Hello 2014

Hello 2014 PL Freebie

And Sew We Craft 2014 download

PL 2014


Dunia Design PL 2014 inserts

PL 2014 Die-cut download — PNG files but there are directions on how to trace and cut in Silhouette on the blog post!

Now, just in case you all think I’ve gone 100% into sewing dollies, I want to also share this card I made for WPlus9 using their latest December release. A pretty Valentine card. I still do really love layers and I hope it shows here!

That’s it for today! I am going to do some PL work and find more projects to sew — going to the fabric shop this weekend! Whoohoo!!

Until next time!!


Prepping for Christmas


Hello hello!! I know it’s October BUT, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re a crafter, it’s time to start creating!!

This Christmas I was to be a bit more motivated with our house decor. I want to keep it simple but I want to add more photos and craft goodness to our home. Even though I am a photographer, I have only one or two photos displayed and even then, they are a few years old AND no Jovie! Yikes, right?! Since both girls are in school, I hope to have more time to go through with this plan (and to finish my knitting — ya know, that ONE project I started in January, or was it February? It was probably March…).

Today I have exhibit A. A scrapbook page! I used A LOT of new goodies from WPlus9. Goodies that will be released this Saturday! Aren’t they gorgeous? I used a few bits from the Poinsettia set, Woodland Wreaths, Heartfelt Holiday, Strictly Sentiments and matching dies (I LOVE the dies!!). A pretty paper and and an hour later I got the above. With the page above I plan on framing it and displaying it on the window sill with a few bits and piece of other Christmas decors. I think the page (and another one for M) will give the room a warmer feel.

I’ll be sharing more in the next few days and weeks so stay tune! In the meantime, do visit the other girls to see what they’ve created using WPlus9’s new sets. Oh! Don’t forget to stop by Dawn’s blog to not only see all the gorgeous pieces she’s created but also to enter her lovely giveaway!

Hannah Craner
Jean Martin
Jinny Newlin
Kerrianne Bowen
Sarah Martina Parker
Dawn <– Owner!



Little ‘Tude

Sweet brown eyes


I live with a Miss Sassy Pants. I have no idea where she got her attitude from although both hubby and M said she got it from me {*ROLL EYES*}. This morning Jovie was messing around too much, playing with her dolly mostly, and every so many minutes I’d say, “Jovie, are you dressed for school yet?” And the answer I got was, “No, not yet!” So finally, 20 minutes before we had to go I said, “Jovie, do you need help putting your clothes on?” And her answer (with a lot of attitude), “Oh mommy, don’t be so bossy. I’ll get my clothes on in a little bit! I just need to put Rabbit’s clothes on!!” Oh don’t forget the “humfph” at the end also.

I don’t (really I don’t), speak that way!

Been ages since I scrapbooked! I kind of felt guilty for not having done any in awhile. By age four M had pages and pages of stuff, a couple were even published. And then there’s Jovie. Not many scrapbook pages but a lot of attitude! {::SMILES}. I felt a bit motivated since I got a couple new things from a scrapbook shop down the road and a few bits and pieces I picked up from the base last June. REALLY miss going to Archivers or this one independent shop in Independence, MO though. There are nice things that I can find here but nothing compares to scrapbook shopping in America!! Nothing!

Hopefully I’ll be able to scrapbook more that I’m home alone. Lots to catch up!!