Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me!

So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!!

To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string). Here’s the tricky part, tying the strings! In order to not get frustrated with this project, you need to first tape the chocolates together with any clear tape (just fold the tape around so that it’s sticky on top and bottom, or you can use double sided tape) and then tie the string around.

The result, no little boy or girls will be able to resist these little goodness :)







My First Dolly

Fabric doll

I have been having an I’m-so-dang-proud-of-myself moment since I finished Jovie’s dolly. One of her Christmas present from me and one of her big wish on her list. It took me almost six hours to complete this! I think I could have gotten it done in four hours if my sewing machine wasn’t so temperamental. Somebody who’s used to sewing can probably whip it up in two hours!

I used this pattern and tutorial to get this doll and after following everything, I got Anabelle. Yes, I think that’s what I shall name her!

Check out the little collar. So cute! The little mouth I hand stitched and the eyes were sewn in (although stitching it would have been tidier — I am not good with the machine).

Fabric doll

I don’t have a hemming machine and so I just zig-zagged the bottom of the dress.

Fabric doll

Just a close up of the face.

Fabric doll

And little red shoes. LOVE the little red shoes! You can see a bit of white thread on the left foot but oh well. It’s hand made and I am not a sewing expert. You should see the inside of this doll. YIKES!!

Fabric doll

I showed M the dolly and she was completely smittened by it. She wanted one too — or anything that I make especially for her. Ahhh, love that my girls like the stuff I make {::SMILES}.

That’s all I want to share today. The photos are kind of crap. It’s already getting dark and I had some Red Cross volunteer event earlier today.


M’s Scrapbook Contest

Hello hello!! I am still alive!! The weather’s been great, the kids’ been busy and I’ve just been busy with them, house and photography. I am though itching to do lots of scrapbooking if nothing else!! Oh, and some sewing!

In a month’s time we’ll be moving to a house just in the next village. We’ll miss our village but the girls will still be in the same school for a little bit longer, or Emma may move and Jovie stay – we’ll see, but there will be so many more positives at our new place than not and we’re excited! I’ll tell you more about it after we settle!

Right now, M has a scrapbook competition for this summer break and I working very hard to not take over. Emma did ask for help though getting it started and so I’ve been raking my head to figure out what’s best.

I thought of doing a mini Project Life and also a make your own kraft bag album with lots of colorful embellishment. I am leaning more towards the later but the PL is going to be so easy and manageable for M. Plus I think you can keep adding if needed. With the kraft bag, there will be lots of space to put lot of photos, tickets, notes, etc inside the bag itself or inside a glassine bag. I was going to sew the glassine bag onto the kraft bag. I know it’s redundant but I am going for pretty. Then Emma can do the sticking, adding content etc. So basically I’ll just be the book maker. There’s also a mini binder with kraft/glassine bags in between pretty papers option, may be easier to expand than a kraft bag album. I looked at Liz K’s website (she loves doing minis) and I just love the binder idea also.

What do you think?

A Little Christmasy Project

WPlus December Release

Last Sunday Emma and three of her girlie friends came over to do some arts and crafts. There were lots of talks, giggles, a bit of play and a lot of crafting. I was actually a bit surprised. I thought they’d do a bit of craft work and then spend the whole day playing. The girls had a great time but I think the highlight of their craft moment was when they got to use the Sizzix machine and WPlus9 die-cuts to create all sorts of goodness. They cut out some snow flakes, Christmas trees, tags, hearts, and more.

One often used die-cut was the the clear cut stackers: Heart Shapes. They then used the hearts on a black canvas grocery bag and on cards. I played a long a bit too with them and my creation was the above Christmas ornament.

I LOVE how the die-cut cut fabric like butter. I just ran everything through once and got the perfect cut. For the heart, I used a stiffer felt. I have two types, one is softer than the other, and I find that the stiffer one is a lot better for these types of projects.

So, this is my little bit of inspiration using the new die-cuts (Heart Shapes and Rounded Rectangle) from WPlus9. Die-cuts are fab. They’re my new most favorite craft gadget and while it’s still nice to do my own trimming now and then, die-cut tools sure make projects a lot more polished.

Do spend a bit of time to see what the other DTs did with this month’s release sets! I personally LOVE every single pieces that I received from Dawn and I cannot wait to do more craft projects with them besides paper crafting!

A Bit of Stitching


Miss M turned 8 last Sunday. Being 8 is somewhat bitter sweet for her though. She loves that she can go into the pool’s changing room on her own or be able to participate in “better” art workshops at museums and such. But at the same time, she wishes she’s seven still so that she can be the same age as the other girls in the development program at her gymnastics club. It’s not a major issue and it’s one of the reason why we switched gymnastics club, so that she can move up quicker and be with other 8-yrs-old sometimes at the end of the year or even this summer.

For her birthday we didn’t splurge. We got her little bits of this and that with her favourite being things from Cath Kidston. We were suppose to go out too, with two of her best friends, but it snowed the night before with 5-6″ on the ground and so we had to reschedule. Hopefully this weekend will be nicer and three little girls can have a fun little get together.

I did get a little bit of time to make M a little handmade something. While she thought it was cute, she’s not so enthused about it. Ahhh… I could only hope, right? So, even though it’s just laying around somewhere (see, not even sure where) I will hang it up in her room. Maybe one day it’ll grow on her. Me personally, I love it!

Have a great one!! Our heat just came back on after being down for a good three hours. We’re so lucky to live in the era of central heating. I love wood fire places but in terms of comfort and convenience, central heating is the way to go. Laters!!