Hello 2013!!

2013 goals

2012 went by way too fast! It was a fabulous year for us and while I am not always right, I feel it in my bones that 2013 will be as wonderful! I hope your 2012 wasn’t so bad and that 2013 will bring you all many many opportunities, great health and happiness!!

I am not sure why. Maybe because there will be many big milestones for the girls. Or maybe because I am hoping to actually do some work this year. But I am a bit giddy about this year!!

I feel like many great things will come our way and I look forward to each and everyday. I am feeling a bit more productive too, especially in the craft department (and no, I actually haven’t created anything, HA!). But, I am currently gathering some new stuff, Project Life goodness mostly, so that I can do a better job of capturing 2013 as they unfold and create other papercrafting projects. Very excited!!

My PL goodies have not arrived but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t start. All day today I organized this week’s (Instsagram) photos, jotted down notes of each day’s highlights, and went searching for some (free) digital stuff.

OMG, there are LOTS of free things out there and they’re all so cute!! Most of the things I downloaded came from this Pinterest board and for my list above, I chose a tag created by Kimberly Kalil. I plan on doing a combination of digital and paper products. I’ve begged a few kit clubs to add me to their list but if the club bit fails, I’ll just gather bits and pieces and do my own thing. Again, EXCITED!

That’s it for now. Can’t wait for my page Becky Higgins page protectors to arrive! Gnight!!

Day 3: Spring Post & Postmarked

Happy Birthday

Hi again! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday M went to her guitar lesson. Third one. And after the session her teacher told me that he couldn’t believe she just started. She’s got five or six cords memorized and can move around decently well and fairly quickly. She’s no Mozart on the guitar but I’m just so proud of her for working at it with me. She was so frustrated after her first lesson and we talked. Yesterday when were walking home I pointed out how she’s having more fun, how easier to follow her teacher too, at guitar lesson because of practice. She agreed and wants to practice some more. I’ve been motivating her to practice math and reading too and everyday for about an hour she’d be happily studying with me. Anybody homeschool? I want to get supplements and I figure the home schooling kits might be good. Suggestions?

Anyhow, I have another sneak peak from WPlus9 and this time it’s from another set: Spring Post and Postmark. I love this set because I can see a lot of use from the Postmarked set. I always date my scrapbook pages so this set will be great for that.

Happy Birthday

The card is bright. LOVE it! I printed all the paper, Back to Basic Paper Pack by Creativity by Crystal @JessicaSprague, on this card on one 8.5×11 cardstock paper. Another reason why I love this card is because I used the color purple. I don’t like purple and so being able to use it willingly and actually thinking the card ain’t bad is quite an accomplishment!

I did a few different stitching on the card. Just something to add and also to give it a little splash of darkness.

Happy Birthday

That’s that. Have a great rest of your weekend!

M’s Invite + RSVP Page

M's Party Invite

Been very busy here! Wanted to blog yesterday but got too sleepy after staying up until 5 a.m. Sunday night to do last minute prepping for my online class and getting M’s invite and rsvp page ready to go. Tomorrow she’ll be handing out the invites I made her to her classmates.

The above was what I created. I was going to do something very simple but this digital card, Daisy Jane (lovely and vintage!!) by Carina Gardner caught my eyes and voila. Everything was so perfect. All I had to do was type the info, made the name bold and arranged the text to fit the card and I was done. I removed the location and the RSVP website to for safety and spam reason but you get the picture. Oh, can you see the QR code between the girls and the text? If people know what that is, they can scan the code with their mobile and it’ll take them to the RSVP page (I removed part of the QR code too for the same reasons).

Then, using one of Carina’s digital kit, same Daisy Jane line (elements and paper), I created the RSVP page. This is the splash page.


After you click on the “RSVP” you’ll get to the form below. There’s a little something I have to fix, Adult Phone is one word, but this will be where parents can respond.


After clicking submit they’ll get to this page and get a response based on what they clicked on for “Attendance”. An email will also be sent to them… again they differ based on their response, with info on how to cancel, a reminder on when and where the party will be, and our phone number. A few days before the event parents with children attending or who replied with a maybe will also get an email reminder.


Ok, so it all looks so high tech and difficult but it’s not, at least for me. I used to do this for my old job. I was the e-vite lady at the university. It was by accident. I was the chair for the social event for the professional staff and for a few years I got the job of sending out the e-vite. Although it’s always been an e-vite, the old e-vite wasn’t that great. So over time I made it better (not perfect, but better) and by the time I left people could rsvp and cancel and rsvp again and cancel again, etc, get a reminder, and those involved could view who were attending online — made it very easy to talk to catering without waiting for me to give them the info. A few other folks on campus liked the e-vite and for a couple of years I did a few others.

When I create a card/scrapbook I don’t usually go all theme-y. I might have a snow-flake here and there for a Christmas page/card but often time they’re pretty non-traditional. I took that approach with M’s birthday invite and page. Even though it’s a funky dress party with carnival type games and more I went ahead and used these pieces because not only do I love them but miss M does too — and she loves it when it’s different.

That’s it! Have a great one!! I gotta do some grading! Laters!!


Merry Christmas

Happy weekend everybody!! Here’s my first creation, using Waltzingmouse’s sketch and Sassy Season digital papers from in the Making Designs at Jessica Sprague, after almost two weeks! I’ll be busy creating again the next few days though cause I just got a few design team packages in the mail. YEAH! Tonight we’ll be watching some fireworks (celebrating UK’s Guy Fawkes day and fund raising for the local preschool) and then a bonfire at our friend’s house. We’ll be showing them what Americans do around a fire: Making and eating S’mores! Good times!!

I also want to share more pictures of our trip, something which I hope gives a calming effect. I’ve been playing with Photoshop the last week – another reason I didn’t do any crafting – and have really just been enjoying messing around with adjustment layers.

During one of our holiday sight seeing trips we stopped by this beach called Brean Down. I was hoping to go to a National Trust building, a fort, while there but we didn’t arrive until 5p and the place closed at that time. So we just hung out and played on the beach. Although the day was chilly the beach was nice. There weren’t a lot of people and there was a very wide stretch of sand here. It was a great feeling being there. I felt so small and in awe at this place I live in, this place called earth. We were very careful though, we read that the tide comes fast here, one of the fastest in the world and we made sure we were safe.

This was what I saw soon after we passed the tall tide wall. On the left are mobile homes. From where I was they looked like beach houses.

Then there’s hubby doing the Karate Kid move, the stork stand. But see how vast the sand area was? The water was on the other side of that land on the right. Quite a distance away but when high tide comes, it’d quickly make its way to where I was at.

There’s M making a face on the sand. I think it was Waldo/Wally (why the US and UK has two different names for Where’s Waldo/Wally puzzles me).

Then there’s hubby and Jovie. She was cold after a little bit and that was why we only stayed for half an hour at the most. Jovie’s so cute when she’s cold. She’ll sign cold and say “brrrr.” Love that little bundle of joy!!

Of course it’s not quite perfect if you’re at a beach close to sundown without a sunset kind of picture. So here’s mine. Not a sunset but close enough. This was probably the closest thing to a sunset that evening. It got really hazy cloudy and this ended soon after. The water line was still far far away. I’ve never seen a beach with this wide of a sand area before!

Card details:

I love this digital paper line by in the Making because although it is a Christmas kit the colors are not at all Christmasy and I LOVE none traditional pieces. Except for the cardstock base everything was from that Sassy Season kit. For the background I chose a light pattern and then I stamped some musical notes on it. I thought the base looked a bit dull and so I did some ink blotching (using a brush and Winsor Newton ink). Then per the sketch I added a few circles. I felt that the card was still blah so I added some jute string and the buttons finished the card off.

Well, that’s it from me. You all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again next time I post! Ciao!!!

A Sketch and a Hop

Give Thanks, a Card

Today is a special day because I get to use my blog to do something nice!

I have a thing for old people, especially little sweet old men, they make me go “awwwwww” and reminds me of my own grandpa. but in general, lot of them just brings a smile to my face. A little squeeze on my arm, a little laugh, home made cookies, whatever… old folks gives me the warm and fuzzies. I especially love loving elderly couples. Ya know, those ones who still giggle at each others’ jokes or still walk hand-in-hand or have that look for each other that’s just ever lasting. I love it because it always reminds me that true love is not just in story books and I hope that one day, 50 yrs from now, the two old folks laughing at each other (lovingly of course) would be hubby and I {::SMILES}.

Anyhow, Vera (my fellow Indonesian-American craft blog friend) is having a card drive. She wants to gather as many cards so that she can send them to elderly folks in nursing homes. Do check out her blog for details and if you participate not only will you help bring a smile to an elderly person’s face you will also be eligible to win some yummy goodies!

Card details:

I used the brand new Waltzingmouse sketch for this card. If you need inspiration for the card drive, do stop by and check this lovely sketch out. It’s awesome because it’s so versatile and the other DTs have some fabby cards to show you!!

I did some stamping, Waltzingmouse Musical Backgrounds and Victorian Frippery, AND also used some hybrid goodies, Fall Frolic, by Zoe Pearns. I added some stitching too to match up with the cloud and owls.

Give Thanks, a Card

Don’t you just love the owls? Underneath the big one I added a little bit of leftover paper which coincidently fit the color scheme. Leftovers are a good things, I keep whatever I can.

Now, if you didn’t come from Sarah’s blog, there’s a blog hop going on to support Vera in her card drive. If you’re already hopping you’d have came her from Sarah Martina Parker’s blog. If that is the case, let me send you off to Tiffany’s blog for more eye candy!!

Have a great Saturday everybody!!!!