Instagram is not for Kids

Porn has always been an issue on Instagram but the last few weeks, Instagram has been hit hard by porn spam. I am not just talk talking about topless photos. I am talking about penetration, oral, threesomes, and more you shall get! Type in your favorite popular hashtag and see! I love Instagram. Maybe not as much as Pinterest, but I love it. Instagram brings me beautiful images and those images make me smile each time I log in to my account. At the beginning of the year I decided to give the account a bit of a makeover, use

Quick Non-Spicy Chicken, Spinach and Chickpeas Curry

Hi again! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We LOVE Meal Planning! For the third year our family or I am to be exact, is still going strong with the meal plan. Meal planning has not only saved us money but it has also helped us from wasting too much raw material. I have also quit our weekly veg delivery service. I tried really hard to work my recipes around the box content (that I’ve customised) but it was still limiting and I ended up giving away or throwing a bit of the content away. Right now we’re

Hello Poppy!

A couple years ago our dog, Shady, passed away. She was 13 or 14 years old (she was adopted and the vet wasn’t sure how old Shady was when she was found). Shady was hubby’s dog and if Shady was a human being, he’d have married her long before he met me. Hubby and Shady, when possible, went everywhere together. When we’re lounging about or on the bed, Shady would lay as close as possible to hubby. Shady loved me but it wasn’t the same. Remember the Annie scene where she called Sandy’s name for the first time? If that

Favourite Local Footpath

Do you know the secret to always fitting into your favourite jeans? Get an active dog and walk her every other day at least! Poppy is a Border Collie and Boxer mix – how the mix came about was an accident I was told. She’s sweet like a Boxer but very alert and active like a Collie. Poppy is┬ájust 10.5-months-old and all she wants to do is play or walk all day long! She’s not overwhelming, we can tell her to sit or lay down, but if we can throw her toy or ball for hours at a time, she’d

Finding Balance

Last year wasn’t such a great year for me in terms of personal well being. I had a lot of frustration and because I wasn’t happy, everybody in the family wasn’t happy either. Being a stay-at-home-mom was still difficult for me and while I wanted to be home for the girls and husband, besides myself (mostly for the purpose of traveling whenever the girls are out of school), I still didn’t feel like I was living a full life. While many of my friends told me how lucky I was, I just didn’t feel it. I started to get angry

Almost a Year Without Blogging

Hello all! It feels a bit odd to be writing here again after being absent for almost a year. I have no craft to share. I haven’t done a lot this year and when I did do a few bits and pieces, I haven’t felt the motivation to photograph them. I haven’t done a lot of photographing either. I did one and that was just a little gift for a friend. Oh, I did do something as a going away present for one of Jovie’s teacher but that’s it. For Christmas, I was surprised I received presents I needed and