Tut: Clipping Mask

Hello hello! Today I have a little video tutorial to accompany the above digital page. I needed to test my equipments before the semester starts and make a couple new videos for my students. Also, it’s been a while since I did one and I thought a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t have time to zoom in and all that but I think this tutorial’s fine without having to zoom in. Viewing on YouTube in full-screen mode is best if you can’t see it well here on my blog.

Enjoy the video and hope you like my 5 minute scrapbook page! {::SMILES}.

The above page was created using a quick page template by Creativity by Crystal at JessicaSprague.com. Software is Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Tut: Pencil/Brush Tool to Create Dotted Lines

Ok, this is the last of this series. To watch the previous two, just go up to the Digi Tut menu option and check them all out there.

This is just a short little post.  I am behind in lots of stuff, including blog hoping — even my PTI blog hop I’m still in process of cause I keep getting interrupted by the Jove. She’s been all about mom lately. No dad or M. Just mom. It’s flattering but goodness, I can’t even go pee without her screaming her head off… if she’s awake that is. I guess I can take her with me to the bathroom but that just seems wrong ya know. She use to be content to just swing while I cook or whatever but not lately. She has been though eating. She started that last weekend. She finally got rid of her tongue thrust and actually wants to eat. Babies, they’re so smart. It’s amazing. They tell you when it’s time.

Tut: Adding Dots – Shape + Brush Tool

Now folks, keep in mind that in Photoshop (or any software) there are many ways to achieve a certain result. What I usually show in my tutorials are the easiest way for me (and I don’t know all the Photoshop tricks available — I wish though) and I hope it helps you a tad bit.

In this tutorial I used the Rounded Rectangle tool but really you can use ANY of the other shapes using this method. IF you already have the marching ants, maybe by using the magic wand tool for example, you can go straight to the path tool and apply the brush stroke to the marching ants and voila, dot dot dot (don’t forget to create a new layer first though in the layers tab or it won’t work).

So here’s a little tutorial that, if you understand the concept, can be applied to many other tools in Photoshop. You just have to experiment and not be afraid of the software. People, you’re NOT going to break anything {::SMILES}.

Tut: Rounded Corners in Photoshop

Wow, it’s been awhile since I made a video tutorial, huh? Well, today I made three! I was suppose to just work half a day and then work out but uhm… I got lazy and so did the work half day but ended up sitting on my comfy chair and made three tuts. Here’s one… I still need to edit the two.

With this method you can use it to pretty up your background paper, make a small tag, or create a banner for your blog. Lots of stuff! I can’t remember if Gimp or Elements have something similar but you can always look.

Google Reader + Blog Candy

NOTE: This is a sticky. Please scroll down to the next post for my newest entry!

Hi readers! Before I get to the blog candy, I want to write this…

I’ve been a bit slow in updating my blog. Reason being: Just very little time since I went back to work. Besides my full-time job I am also an adjunct for the university where I work at and this semester I am also taking a photography class. Ok, I’m not doing it for a grade but I do want to learn the material and try to read my text books at least every Sunday evening (the night before the quiz, ha!).

Initially I started this blog to share my crafty stuff. I actually had other blogs that I update. But I got lazy with the other blogs and this one is just so much fun to keep up. Then I started making blog friends too and the blogging thing became more exciting. In all honestly I didn’t think anybody would want to look at my stuff or read what I write. But I actually do have people subscribed to this blog and I kind of feel bad that I haven’t been posting as regularly or worst yet I haven’t been visiting my friends’ blogs as frequently!!

The other day I made this video. It’s meant for work and my class but I thought I’d share here too. Since I’ve been random at posting and it’d suck if you click or type my web addy and there’s no new post I suggest that you use this method of keeping up with my blog and others too. If you’re still using email subscription and you love it, that’s fine, but subscribing through the RSS feed and using a reader, like Google Reader, will be so much easier (cleans up your mailbox too). If you’re already using Google Reader, that’s great. Maybe the video will show you a bit more about it. Keep in mind though that there are many RSS readers out there (if you use Outlook, you can use Outlook for your RSS reader for example). Google’s just my favorite cause I already have a Google account and I love using iGoogle as my homepage.

Another good way, if you are just bored and want to know what the heck is going on with Savitri’s life, you can follow me on Twitter. I’ve been Tweeting since before Twitter became huge. I don’t know what happened there… great marketing? Who knows but I do use it everyday. When I started Tweeting I only Tweet work stuff but since I went on maternity I’ve been a bit more random and personal. I figured why not.

The giveaway… share with me one little/big thing that you did to help somebody recently and you’ll be eligable to win $25 to spend at Tina aka’s Travelingmama’s new Etsy store. There are tons of wonderful stuff there and all profit goes to a wonderful cause which you can read in her store or her blog. Share this candy by posting it on your blog and be eligible to win some extra goodies that I will snail mail you (ribbons, buttons, paper, chipboard, all that good stuff). Just include the direct link to your post in the comment! One more… tell me that you’ve subscribed to my blog either via email, a reader, bookmark, blogroll, whatever, let me know (I’m just curious) and I’ll throw in more goodies for you. There you go (pics of the goodies to come). You have one chance to win up to THREE things from me. You have until Sept. 10, noon Central U.S.A. time, to comment and be eligible to win. Good luck!


Alright, have a great day and I hope I’ll be able to get into the swing of things again and craft regularly – I really want to sew more! Oh, I added this plug-in for the comment portion and so even though you’ve commented before, if this is the first since I installed Intense Debate, your comment will be moderated first before it post.