Halloween, Take 2

Favourite Photos

It’s our second Halloween here in the UK and the whole trick-or-treating event was better than last year! We had more kids stopping by for candies and Emma came home with a good stash of candies. Now, it’s not that we eat a lot of sweets but, the amount that the kids brought in gave me a good indication of how many families participated in this fun event this year. We had quite a bit of fun the last few days that we’re somewhat thinking of hosting a party and really decorating our house next year. Emma was quite inspired by our friend’s highly decorated home and really wants to make our house spookier. I’ve asked hubby and her for a list of things and tomorrow I will find whatever’s on sale for next year’s event.

I hope your Halloween has been as wonderful too!

Today I just want to share two digital pages. For both pages I used kits from Jessica Sprague, Carina Gardner for the above and Samantha Walker for the below. While I’m not too keen on the below page, I do love how the above turned out. The vintage paper’s very pretty and the template (Queen of Quirk) is just awesome. Really LIKE! The below… I love the elements but I don’t think I used them that well. They could be better. I did finish but just not happy with it.


Have a great one all and until next time!

On a Diet

Sweet Jovie

The last few… hmm… week… days… uhm… something, I’ve been on a diet. Reason: I wore these pair of pants trousers a little bit ago and they were a bit snug.

The other day we went for pizza. This place has these really good pizza dough. They’re so much better if dipped into their garlic-butter dip. And I had nine of them, all dipped. This was on top of my veggie pizza. The only reason I knew I consumed nine pieces was because hubby pointed it out (grrr!!). You see, he’s a skeptic. He believes that diet and I don’t get a long. Paying attention and pointing out what I eat just proofs to him that he’s right and I might as well remove the word “diet” from my life.

But hey, a girl has got to try, right?

I have another digital page to share with you. More goodies from Jessica Sprague with Jovie as my little model. Ok, I know I am bias but isn’t she just too cute?!?!

Crispy Fall Air


I don’t like cold weathers but I do love a nice chilly fall day. Even though I now drink hot tea three times a day at 30, 50, or 80 degree weather, there’s nothing better than a hot cuppa when it’s 60 degrees outside. Fall makes dressing up worth while. One gets to layer, add fun pieces like a scarf and a cute hat, and wear boots. Fall gives me an excuse to eat soup everyday. And in terms of photography, there’s nothing that my camera loves better than the golden fall colors.

I took some fall pictures of Jovie a few weeks ago and these were what I captured. With help from a bag of potato chips/crisps, I got a few fun shots, a few expressions, and her sitting nicely alone a few feet away from me.

Oh well, just like life, pictures can’t always be perfect, right?

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Until next time!!


Digital kits from Jessica Sprague.

Halloween Prep

Emma in France

Me: M, why don’t you help find Jovie a Halloween costume.
M: Ok.

M took over the computer and five minutes later:

M: Mommy, how about this one?
Me: Emmaaaa!! NO! Jovie is NOT going to be a peanut for Halloween!!

Peanut Halloween Costume

M: But she’ll be a cute little peanut.
Me: No! Jovie, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Jovie: Princess.
Me: There, go find Jovie a princess outfit!
M: Ok, mommy… (pout pout)


We’ve been looking at Halloween costumes today just in case M wants something that is either cheaper (than buying here) or can only be purchased from the US (takes a week usually but I’ve had packages come six weeks after it was mailed out — per tracking number). In the past all of M’s outfits have been creatively designed by me but this year M wants something more like the character and not a spin off. In the past, since M’s was still easily influenced, I could wiggle myself out of buying an outfit. Last year she was a pirate. I suggested this because she already have everything for it (well, they all had to be gathered but they were all in the house), the year before that she was a ghost. Remember that ghost outfit I did? Yes, it was just a sheet and yes, no sewing was involved. It was just the sheet and my scissors.

Halloween Ghost

The year before the ghost my mom made a kimono and M was a Japanese girl. The other years before kimono I can’t remember although she was a lady bug the first year and one of the year I forgot M’s face was painted all cattywampus — oh yes, her second Halloween. Her babysitter did it! One year I was at a conference and hubby took her… what was she that year? Hmm… I remember hubby said it was really cold and they ended up at a restaurant after just five minutes. M doesn’t like candies so it never bothered her that she never got a full bag of goods. <-- If this paragraph doesn't make sense, it's ok, it's not you, it's me. I was thinking out loud... Although you might say I was creative with my approach I have to admit that it was mostly tightwadness and unmotivatedness to be a part of the tradition as the reason for M's 'simple' costumes. I've probably dressed up three times for Halloween my whole entire life. So this year I want M to have fun with it and get whatever she wants (and I'll try not to persuade her to be the paper bag doll or Punky Brewster <-- easily done by rummaging through M's wardrobe). As for Jovie... we'll find something decent. This will be her first time dressing up. The first Halloween Jovie dressed as a baby and the second time she was a 1-yrs-old. I know, lame mommy, huh? That's that. I hope you like the page I did using Daisy Jane Paper by Carina Gardner and many bits and pieces from Kitschy Digital. Yellow’s one of my favorite color (red is the other) and the background of this layout makes me so happy! You all take care and laters!