Little ‘Tude

Sweet brown eyes


I live with a Miss Sassy Pants. I have no idea where she got her attitude from although both hubby and M said she got it from me {*ROLL EYES*}. This morning Jovie was messing around too much, playing with her dolly mostly, and every so many minutes I’d say, “Jovie, are you dressed for school yet?” And the answer I got was, “No, not yet!” So finally, 20 minutes before we had to go I said, “Jovie, do you need help putting your clothes on?” And her answer (with a lot of attitude), “Oh mommy, don’t be so bossy. I’ll get my clothes on in a little bit! I just need to put Rabbit’s clothes on!!” Oh don’t forget the “humfph” at the end also.

I don’t (really I don’t), speak that way!

Been ages since I scrapbooked! I kind of felt guilty for not having done any in awhile. By age four M had pages and pages of stuff, a couple were even published. And then there’s Jovie. Not many scrapbook pages but a lot of attitude! {::SMILES}. I felt a bit motivated since I got a couple new things from a scrapbook shop down the road and a few bits and pieces I picked up from the base last June. REALLY miss going to Archivers or this one independent shop in Independence, MO though. There are nice things that I can find here but nothing compares to scrapbook shopping in America!! Nothing!

Hopefully I’ll be able to scrapbook more that I’m home alone. Lots to catch up!!


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