Warm Wishes

For great husbands!!

I’ve been coughing this whole week and Wednesday evening, after returning from a days out at the zoo, I got really sick. I don’t get sick often but I do I am not at all useful. If it wasn’t for the husband I wouldn’t know what to do in terms of feeding and cleaning the kids. M’s been a great help but she’s only seven and a very short one too and it’s still limited on what she can do. So the week I’ve been on and off sick hubby got me meals in bed, took M to swimming, got me some meds in the middle of the night (thank goodness we don’t like in London or other big cities in England) and cleaned. While I am glad that I have been up and around today without feeling like a bulldozer ran over me I wish the meals in bed or cleaning continues. Ahhhh, wishful thinking, huh? I won’t give up hope though. Cinderella didn’t and her fairy godmorther showed up!!

I am still coughing but recuperating well. Hopefully by Sunday I will be normal again!!

To all you ladies with awesome husbands, go give him an extra big hug and kiss {::SMILES}.

Today I want to share this card that I created for Pebbles Inc. My last card for Pebbles! I will not be joining their DT team for the year 2011-12 but very much looking forward to seeing who the new girls will be! I am sure they will be fabulous and really rock the new releases! I have a few on hand, from Scarlet Lime, and they are LOVELY!! I had a great time working with Pebbles, the girls and especially Lynn Gahary. That girl is one coordinated chick!! It’s been a great experience working for a big manufacturer but I will also be looking forward to more scrappy and stamping time for me.

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3 thoughts on “YAY

  1. lovely card, did u take time to sew that cloud? amazing! cute flower too! well, feel better! did u get the flu or something? u poor thing, good for Drew, being a wonderful husband to you! I've hugged Scott enough today, hehe :) Hugs C

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