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I can’t remember if shared this or not but one day I told my colleague that I was one of those college kids who rolled out of bed, brushed teeth, put hair up and went to class in PJs. I told her that I slept in flannel bottoms and T-shirt top. I was adorable!! I can’t remember what she said exactly or what she did but she wasn’t impressed and eye rollings most likely took place. Fast forward… I have nice clothes, many are dry clean only ones too, from well known companies. But, unless there was a meeting, I was teaching or was super motivated, everyday was casual Friday. Fast forward again and now I am a work at home mom. Dress style: Way too casual for hubby and M’s taste. Jovie, as long as she gets her mama, she doesn’t care less. I have good days but for the most part: Frumpy!

Despite my lack of dressing up motivation, I do change 2-3 times a day!! I’d wake up, look at the weather gadget and dress accordingly. Today for example, I got a fitted tee, a skirt and flip-flops. It wasn’t even noon yet and the weather changed. It was cold and raining. I had to change into some long sleeve shirt and pants. Oh don’t forget the thick socks. Later in the evening, between getting pee’d on by Jovie (potty training not going anywhere) and the warmer temperature I had to change again. The UK weather make me feel like a movie star! The weather has also confirmed my belief that the UK is definitely a female. Ya know, indecisive, moody, and one more thing which I won’t write out in public.

Now, I’m not complaining. I actually like the coolness, makes me sleep well! I want to share a bit of my experience here.

When we went to the carnival (on the scrapbook page above) the day was beautiful but goodness, it got chilly. I made the mistake of not bringing a jacket but see, this is where you need to always be prepared when you’re in the UK. ALWAYS have an umbrella and ALWAYS bring a sweater/light jacket. You never know when the weather will change — I really don’t think the weather folks even know either. Need more details on the scrappy page? Check out Pebbles blog for info! TTFN!!

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