Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day

I’ve been a terrible present buyer for the husband. It’s not that it was intentional but somehow, each time I buy hubby a present it’s always something where if he doesn’t like it, I’d happily keep/use it. It’s been kind of bad that hubby said for my birthday he’s going to get me some size 10.5 men’s shoes. BOO!! For father’s day I should probably just pick some random book about WW2. The only use I have for them would be as a door stopper. Hey, I like that idea! I really didn’t think about that until I wrote about it. I was actually thinking sarcastically about it but hmmm… a book on WW2… that’s just lovely!

I did though make a card and this I made especially for him. The only thing I couldn’t resist putting was the butterfly (I’m not sure if butterflies make masculine cards sissier). For this little piece I used Pebbles Mr & Mrs goodies (complete list of materials you can see on their blog). I really like all the different patterns. Reminds of my college days too when I was doing graphic design. I used to do simple designs like this just because I couldn’t, still can’t, draw.

Well, toodles (Jovie’s new word) for now. I’ll post more tomorrow!!

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