If Looks Could Kill

It’s color cue time again with WPlus9 and this month us designers get to pick our own colors everyone to play with. Mine’s pretty easy: Red, black/gray, kraft with white as an option. A friend of mine asked me if I can make her ten cards for Christmas and so I’ve trying to come up with one layer designs. This was one of them and I think it’s a keeper. The stamps I used are WPlus9’s latest set: Classic Christmas. I love the ornaments and the fonts for the sentiment!! So… we went to IKEA and the night before we

Tip: Stickies Off

Very glad we’re not in Missouri because if we were I’d be sleeping outside. Hubby would have kicked me out because I’d keep asking: “Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic?” each time I hear the wind blow while he’s fast asleep. He’d be extra annoyed if it’s on a weekday because he has to be up by 5:30 a.m. while I won’t come to bed until 11p/midnight. It’s been very windy in our part of the world and I am not freaking out! Due to the wind, our area’s been like the card above, created using Clear

My IKEA List

Hi again folks!! Happy happy weekend to you! It’ll be a busy weekend here for us but I hope to have a little bit of time tonight to relax and do some projects. I am teaching a few classes next semester (online) and I’ve been busy reading, browsing the WWW for new issues/discussions/topic on online teaching/learning, and trying to figure out what assignment to keep, change, or remove. I’ve taught this class for a few semesters now but I like to keep it fresh — plus, it makes cheating a tad bit harder, ya know, borrowing somebody else’s work, somebody

Holiday Ideas…

No no no, I didn’t make the above. Dawn at WPlus9 did (do visit her blog because there are lots of wonderful holiday homemade gifts samples to see!!). Mine will be coming shortly (mail issue). But, even though I have no project to share I want to let you know that WPlus9’s very gorgeous holiday sets are available for purchase. Now, if you love WPlus9’s designs I recommend subscribing to the blog because not only will you get awesome eye candies you will also know when there’s a giveaway. For the most part though, every release countdown Dawn ALWAYS have

123 Go!

Who would have thought I’d be with a military guy. That occupation was just not on my future husband check list. Back then the idea of being with somebody who moves you around while he’s gone every so often didn’t sound so appealing. But, life is funny that way and so here I am. To the guy who made me toss my check list while still making me laugh each and every day, happy Veteran’s day! Today I have a little page to share, it’s M teaching Jovie how to walk — no matter where we’re at. The above photo

Car Stuff

Here’s a little bit of cuteness using cute goodness from Pebbles Inc. You can get the supply details from Pebble’s blog and see what Ginger Williams created using another line. I love the Twitterpatted line chipboards and wish I have more. I still have a few summer photos I want to scrapbook and a little birdie like the above will be perfect for a few of my pics! On the home front I am hoping that soon I will have a car. This is coming from a household who pays insurance on three vehicles. The problem is, I can only