The Tooth Fairy Sucks

Emma has to bring in a jar, a decorated jar, Monday filled with something under £1 for the Christmas Bazaar. Luckily I have this empty coffee jar and some leftover Halloween candies (Kisses and Reeses Peanuts) so I didn’t have to run around looking/buying. Now, I’m not quite sure what their definition of decorated is but since I’m a paper crafter this is what she’ll bring. I used WPlus9′s new stamps: From the Kitchen Of and All Occasion Tags also called the Homemade Holiday Bundle for this project. I don’t decorate a lot of gifties like this and it was kind of fun. I think this year I’m going to do jarred hot cocoa presents, decorated, for the neighbors. I hope they like hot cocoa!

Then the tooth fairy…

M lost another tooth two days ago. It was so dangly that hubby just pulled it out. There was no pain which surprised Miss M. Anyhow, this happened a few minutes before we left for school and she ran upstairs to put the tooth away. Then that night the tooth fairy came. The next morning I asked M if the tooth fairy visited and she said: “Oh, I forgot to put the tooth under my pillow.” This was also before we walked out the door for school and so she didn’t check. After walking her to school the tooth fairy was informed that there was no tooth under the pillow and she came back and took the £2 under the pillow away. Then last night M put her tooth under her pillow and this morning when she woke up she came to our room looking pathetic and said: “The tooth fairy didn’t come, mommy.” Maaan, stupid tooth fairy!!! So I said, “Well, the tooth fairy didn’t know that you put the tooth under your pillow. She’ll probably know today though and will make another round.” She was ok with it (thank goodness I have an accepting child) and got ready for school. So tooth fairy, you better remember to stop by tonight!!!

Alrighty, I’ll post more tomorrow. It’s Saturday so there’ll be for sure a Waltzingmouse Sketch post but there will also be another special one! Until then!!


Pattern Paper: Cosmo Cricket
Stamps: Wplus9
Accessories: Twine from Annie42 Etsy, Martha Stewart snowflake punch, jute twine, PTI button, fabric from stash

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5 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Sucks

  1. My Tooth Fairy story: I overheard my children plotting to fool the tooth fairy one day. They were going to make teeth out of playdoh and put them under the pillow. So that night I had my husband sneak into our daughter's room (cause I was always afraid she would wake up) and check under her pillow and there it was: a clay tooth with a note attached. He handed it all to me and then went back to bed. The note said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I do not want money. What I really want is a baby sister or brother. Please let me know." I almost fainted! I had my children in my mid to late thirties and here I was about 43 years old and they want a sibling. I wrote her a note saying, "Its not nice to try and fool the Tooth Fairy!"
  2. Ha ha ha, I have forgotten the silly toothfairy was due on two occasions, so you're not alone! And she has been known to leave the coin, and forget to take the tooth! Fab jar, your school PTA will love it!

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