Halloween Gifty

Pirate Emma

The above was my little inspiration for the below project. M had pirate day at school some weeks ago and we gathered stuff for that event. After putting on the head pieces she ran out and hid and I followed with the camera and captured this photo. This was also the reason why she decided that she’ll dress up too for Halloween. I think she’ll be the cutest pirate around! {::SMILES}.

Halloween Gift Bag

So, I dunno, after making a few Halloween stuff this year I’m kind of liking Halloween a bit more. I guess I’ve always just thought of it as another (over) commercialized…. plus cavities… day. Granted M rarely eats her trick-or-treat candies I do like the box above, stamped using the Beware set from Clear and Simple Stamps, and I plan on putting some yummy dark chocolate in there for her. Yup, she’s dark chocolate!

Short and sweet again today. I have a few things to take care of this week (a few projects to finish, blog post scheduling, mail, house sitter, etc.) because we’ll be leaving in a few days for a whole week. We’ll be in the Somerset area in a quaint little cottage with no Internet. I know, I rented a place, for 7 days, with no Internet. It’ll be great fun though and we’re all looking forward to it. I had been wanting to go to Paris but with the current travel alert and strikes I’ve been (unhappily) persuaded to change plans. See ya!

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Gifty

  1. Sweet pirate! Such a fun treat box! I've definitely made more halloween projects and cards this year...gotta remember to send them out...that's the tricky thing:)
  2. M look so cute in her pirate outfit. Love your project.. awesome... I can imagine that Halloween projects can be wickedly fun.. just too bad its not a popular thing here in Malaysia

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