WPlus9 Color Challenge

Do you keep your craft room/studio/office tidy? You know my space isn’t big so I have to stack a few things but man, one thing I hate about paper crafting is the mess that I accumulate after one project. When I crop I have this habit of tidying up after each page and I try to do a bit of that at home too but often time I find things ending up stacked up (neatly) on one corner of my table. What do you do?

Today I have a little card for WPlus9’s color challenge: Red, aqua, yellow and vanilla/cream/off-white. For this piece I used Magical Moment and Background basic II. The design’s pretty simple. I was trying to go for the simple but fun. I’m not sure if I captured it but I like it. It’s CAS but with some bulk.

Color Cue 7, WPlus9

Today is yard day. I’ve decided to just stay home and do yard work. Our landlord hires a gardener to mow the lawn, tidy it up now and then and to rake the leaves but the bush trimming only comes every so often and they need some love. There are other things that I need to do too. They’ve been neglected because we’ve been out and about almost everyday. IKEA isn’t going anywhere. They’ll be another time!

I hope your Sunday’s fabulous!! Have a goodie!!

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5 thoughts on “How

  1. This may be simple - but OHHHHHH, so fun! How could it NOT be, when you've crafted it! hee hee PLUS, those colors just scream FUN! It's darling! Just like you! Amen, to you for sharing some of the same neurotic.. I mean, cleanly tendencies {WHEN CRAFTING!} I'm constantly "cleansing the palette" even in mid process - I just get crazy when my piles get to big and tipsy... ! Then, there's the never ending pile of "leftovers!" Or table top "salad" - once in a while I make a card from that stuff, but mostly it just ecrus.. {Is that a word?} Anyway, YOU'RE fun! Craft ON, sista'...! Or, should I say, GARDEN ON!
  2. I love this card, simple but elegant. I love the new sets. They are just gorgeous.:) Great for Diwali cards..the Magical Moment stamps. My craft room is a mess lol... just bits of everything everywhere.. and I spend more time looking for things than actual crafting.. :).. can be frustrating sometimes coz I keep on thinking.. I saw it somewhere lol. Have a great weekend. :D
  3. Sigh, love this clean and simple beauty. These colors are great, I need to play! And for desk cleaning, I let the pile grow until I can't stand it anymore! YOu can get such good creativity from the pile!
  4. We are alike! I can't leave my craft space messy and each time I finished up a card, I will tidy up my supplies. I even keep my ink after each use even though I know I'm gonna use it again. I can bear to see all my supplies lying around on the desk just like that. My friend says I have :) I LOVE this card so much!! Simple card always caught my attention!

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