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Swim Diapers

I have a French audio language tutorial plugged in to my ears right now so we’ll see how my post will turn out… I am getting ready for our little trip to France and Germany to get the hubby in Sept. I like to learn the language of the country I visit. Granted I was never good when I get there it’s nice to be able to understand a bit and/or to say a few phrases. Any hints on how to learn a language well besides immersion?

Last night I was browsing around for some inspiration and fell in love with Embellish Mag’s colors. I haven’t played the last few of them and I felt like I really have to do this one. I used the main colors: Pink, brown, and green but I’ve also added a splash of black and white. I may have strayed a bit with a touch of teal but hey, teal’s partly green, right? {::SMILE}. The layout design was inspired by my good old blog buddy of mine, Angie Tieman (the Stampin’ Up! goddess). The strip of paper was what really got me and thus my layout.

Ok, I’ve switched to German now (an hour later, slow blogger remember). My, it’s so so foreign when it’s the first time. But, after rewinding it over and over again and looking at the words the language doesn’t seem so scary. We’ll see what happens though after a few weeks!

Page details:

Well, most of the details are on the bottom but really they’re just layers of paper and stickers. I’ve also subtly added birds. Can you see them? Also, aren’t Jovie’s cloth swim diapers adorable? Who needs a swimming suit, right?

Swim Diapers

I found this bright pink paper in the August 2009 Scarlet Lime kit. It’s wrapping paper. Ooooh, not acid/lignin/whatever free. I really don’t care. I use lots of stuff without the free stuff. Will it ruin my photos? Who knows but I am having fun and that’s why I have backups of these photos so that the kids can print more when they grow up or 100 years from now. That’s what the ink said on the box, 100 years lifetime guarantee.

You see the birdies? They’re there!

Well, I am sleepy (this is hours later from me listening to German). Gnight!

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10 thoughts on “Language Learning

  1. Adorable pic. Cute layout. Yes, i did see the birdies and they look super cute :) Maybe you should catch a few subtitled French and German movies to get the usages right. What say? :) hugs, smita
  2. I'm so excited to have been the sponsor this week over at Embellish Magazine! Thanks for playing along and I have one more prize over on my personal blog :) Your layout page is wonderful and I loved the close up of the birdie! So cute...good luck with learning two languages, very admirable!
  3. Beautiful Layout. I love the pics, I love the design. I love the tree, bling and butterfly. Love that strip that runs across. Love it:) Wow.. Love that you are learning languages. For me, Learning new language can be so dry esp when its not day to day functional. I took basic Thai when I was in uni, thinking that I will be using it when I pop over to Thailand for shopping.. naw... I just ended up sleeping in class, and I was sitting right in front of my Thai lecturer. She never imagined, that I did pass the paper from frantically memorising before exam :p
  4. Whoo! Good luck with learning German, lol! I know a bit, but I learn best with immersion, and haven't used it in a long while. Needless to say I'm rusty. :) I adore your layout! I remember these pics when you first posted them and I couldn't agree more... babies don't need swimsuits! Just something to keep their bums secure (til they learn to control themselves, lol!). I had to look 4 times before I saw those sweet birds! Subtle, but well placed! Lol! Super fun! You're such a fab scrapbooker! So glad you joined us for the Embellish Challenge!

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