My Behind


When we were walking to the Bury market last weekend:

M: Mommy, me, Jovie and daddy, we’re skinny.
Me: Whoooa, what? How about me?
M: No, you’re not skinny?
Me: Why?
M: Because you have a fat butt
Hubby: Emma, mommy doesn’t have a fat butt
M: Yes she does, she needs to work-out
Me: {grumbles} Oh ok…

After we came home I secretly ran upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror — or my behind to be more exact. I twisted my head and flipped my pants size out and it said size 2. So I’ve outgrown my size 0/1 — I swear giving birth made my hip wider — and I’m no spring chicken but I really think M needs to get her eyes check {::SMILE}.

M’s first day out of school and I’m taking her to a doc’s appointment, ha! Laters!!!

Page details:

This page was inspired by the Play Date Cafe challenge #39. Check out the muted neutral and elegant colors! I LOVE and perfect for this photo that I printed out a few weeks ago. The page is pretty simple. The main pieces are from My Mind’s Eyes, a Halloween kit from last year but if you don’t use the witch and things that reminds or say Halloween this kit makes a lovely man page. I added some stamping too, the air balloon that was stamped on a pattern paper.The flower, tag and the two pieces on the right side of the photo came from a sheet of flock stickers. I don’t remember what company.

The photo is of my super adorable husband (I hope he’ll miss this blog post today… he’s not too fond of me advertising him as adorable, he he…). He was reading a magazine, so nothing mind shattering there, but he really does love to read and he reads anything. He can go from stupid to classic. From fiction to non-fiction. Sometimes he reads more than I do which bugs me because I love to read too and I do want to read quite a bit but sometimes I got to pick and choose what I want to use my time for. That’s why I love this guy. He’s very knowledgeable and it’s really fun to talk to him about anything and everything. There’s just something extra hot about a guy who reads {::SMILE}.

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23 thoughts on “My Behind

  1. oh, Savitri! I really love this! I love how you used all neutral colors which gives it such a great vintage feel. I've been thinking that I need to use the balloon image from PCD for a vintage project, just haven't been able to get it in my head yet. thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and yes, guys who read are most definitely hot! Also, guys who do housework and know their way a round a kitchen. I think that's hot too!
  2. Fabulous layout, Savitri! Love the paper piecing on the balloon. A size 2 behind is a tiny behind! LOL! I'd be happy to just make it to a single digit size.
  3. lovely page Savitri, I really like yer use of the colors and the damask really makes it elegant! :) I luv how you say "he reads anything from stupid to classic" funny really :) Have a good wkend! Hugs C
  4. Wowza! Great page! All those neutrals look SO yummy! And ummmm, you better get M's eyes checked! Maybe she's near-sighted or far-sighted or has some depth perception problems! ha!
  5. gorgeous photo Savitri, and I love how you've done your layout. Your little story made me smile, kids know just how to wind you up don't they lol Thanks for playing along with us in the play date cafe this week :)
  6. savitri....this is stunning. I love when we get layouts that really work and tell a story and this is definitely one! Curious....where in the UK are you living? Your story about walking to Bury market spurs my interest because my husband is from Heywood in Manchester. So glad to have your LO in the gallery at The Play Date Cafe : )
  7. until you're twice the size you are now (or even 5x the size you are... which would be a size 10) there is NO WAY ON EARTH you have a big butt!!!!! take care!
  8. Stunning dear...cantik sekali karyanya...lovely Photo too.....saya tidak baca semuanya tapi I LOVE YOUR LO....I just joining the PDCC too would you mind to see my blog? my card is number 63...thanks very much before, hugs, Monika
  9. Fantastic layout! Love the picture of your DH. Gorgeous use of colors. Thanks for joining us this weeks at the PDCC!
  10. Great layout, the splashes of black are very cool and I love what you did with the DP! and that dialogue is too funny-don't ya just love the things kids say sometimes?! My son asked me one day "what happened to your body mommy?!" Great for the ego!
  11. I've been following your blog for a while and when I saw your stunning layout I was about to invite you to enter it into the Play Date Cafe challenge, then I saw that you already had! This is beautiful Savitri. I love everything about it. Loved your story too! Kids, don't you just love 'em! Thanks for playing along with us at the Play Date Cafe this week!
  12. WOOOOOOOOOOW! This has got to be the most beautiful page I've ever seen! Great job on all the details--and the papers match perfectly! I love it! Thanks for joining in the fun at the PDCC:)
  13. Not sure what happened to my last comment---here it is (sorry for a repeat!). OH MY! This has got to be the most gorgeous layout I've ever seen! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it! All the details and the color combo--you rocked this challenge:) Thanks for joining in the fun at the PDCC:)
  14. I LOVE the design of this layout! And I hope he DOES read this post! Your story about the size 2 fat butt cracked me up! MY son (who is now 19) pokes my waist when I'm in my bathing suit and I tell him if I hadn't gotten pregnant with him, I'd still be skinny. That shut him up!!

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