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Hey! I’ve been learning how to crochet again the last few nights. My grandma taught me the basics when I was in middle school but I haven’t done anything much since. I bought some thread and crochet needle a few months ago and I finally sat down to do it using this book: Teach Yourself Visually. Now, if you’re new to crocheting, I don’t recommend this book. Yes it’s visual but if I were brand new I’d have a hard time in a few spots. A few times I had to re-read a part over and over again. My grandma taught me how to turn around but I forgot and I spent a good 30 minutes or more trying to figure it out according to the book’s instructions. The book did though have a nice crochet flower recipe which was pretty easy:

  1. Slip knot (you always start crocheting with a SK)
  2. 2-Chain stitch (CS)
  3. Stick your needle into the 1st CS and do a slip stitch (this basically ties the two edges together)
  4. After the SS make 5-single crochets (SC) — keep putting your needle into the 1 CS when creating each new SC
  5. After the 5th SC, stick your needle into the last single crochet you did (closest to your needle) and do 1 SS.
  6. After the SS, do 2-CS and then do 3-Double Crochets (still sticking the needle into the same hole)
  7. After the 3rd DC create 2-CS
  8. After the 2nd CS stick the needle into that same hole one more time and do a SS to tie it up
  9. You should now have completed one petal!
  10. To start on the next petal go up to instruction #5. Just stick your needle into the next hole and do it again!

Here is a video that takes you from start to finish. It’s a bit different than mine. For example instead of 2 Chain Stitches at the beginning she had 4. This I think depends on how big you want your center circle to be. When she started the petal she did a Single Stitch instead of a Slip Stitch and before I did the 3-Double Stitches I did 2-Chain Stitches. But overall they’re more less the same. I guess experiment and see which flower you like better. Oh, I got my thread, they’re cotton, from WalMart. My crochet needle is 4.25mm.

Here are mine:

Crochet Flowers

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4 thoughts on “Crochet Flower

  1. okay. my big question for you is: how long does ONE flower take? they are gorgeous once completed, but is this one of those cases where it takes an hour to do one? my husband cross-stitches and i see him sit down for hours at a time and only get a tiny section done so i have this opinion of needlearts taking forever! is it true?
  2. I wish I had these simple steps when I learnt how to crochet!!!!!!!!!! I got every book available in our local library:(:( In the end I think the vids are the best way...Your flowers are adorable.. Have a lovely Evening:)x
  3. Cool! Thanks for posting this - I just picked up some crochet hooks in Thailand. I've been wanting to start crocheting again (it's been years since I've done anything). These flowers look great!

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