Love + Rule of Thirds

I know it’s past Valentine’s day but love’s everyday, right? Yesterday I did something dumb. I emailed Emma’s teacher and told her that M would be out that day due to strep. Monday afternoon M asked what lunch would be Tuesday (I told her she’s going back to school that day) and I saw the “NO SCHOOL” right under Monday. Wow, I wonder what her teacher thought of that email he he… What kind of stupid things have you done?

So yesterday while Jovie was napping I got this page put together. I finally opened the Crate Paper paper kit that I got at the Creative Keepsake Expo in October. Another simple page. I didn’t cut anything on this page. Everything was cut and paste. Other things I used were Prima dried flower (or whatevere that thing is), K&Co rub-ons, Crate Paper chipboard (different than the paper kit), buttons, twine, and rhinestones.

Photo tip: When I was in college I took photography and graphic design classes. I was a mass communications major and those classes were required. What I learned there was the Rule of Thirds. I’ve used this rule of thirds quite a bit in my photos, esp. the ones I want to scrapbook, because I like to embellish on the blank area, just like what I did below, to the right of M. To me this rule of thirds work two ways. It makes my photos more appealing AND it gives me plenty of room to cake on some embellishment if I want to. Now, are all my photos taken using the rule of thirds? Close but not always.  I always post-process my photos in Photoshop/Lightroom, before I print a photo to scrapbook I always imagine in my head what the layout will look like (based on what embellishments I want to use) and crop accordingly. For the below, since the girls are leaning to the left it seemed more natural to have more white space to the right of Emma.


Here’s a close-up of the butterfly and a peak from the side.

Love Close-Up

And last just another picture of the girls – yeah I know, my strep throat daughter holding her baby sister. This was Monday though, very close to the 48-hr quarantine period. This is my first experience with strep. I thought it’s highly contagious but we’ve been all over each since M got sick Thursday (at least when the Motrin was kicking in – when the Motrin wore off M was sickly looking and feeling). We didn’t know it was strep until Saturday. I did ask for her to not kiss us or share anything that’s been in her mouth (and to watch where Jovie’s hands land on M). So far Jovie and I have been fine. Is it just mild strep?

M and J

I hope you all have a great one!!! Take care!

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12 thoughts on “Love + Rule of Thirds

  1. beautiful, love the butterfly and the glittery bird! Hope your Valentine's was the best!! I haven't really said anything strange 'yet' to any of C's teachers, but I'm just afraid one of these days....I'll forget to get him at the bus stop or something like that....I think I would feel stupid if I ever did that! ;)
  2. you can EMAIL in that your child is sick now??? how cool is that... of course, if there's no school, you prob don't have to. cute story! and i love that page and photo!
  3. Thanks for the reminder about the photos... :) I'm about to start scrapping more... hold me to it, k? :) LOVE the page... and yes, yes I have done stupid stuff like that before. Lol...all the time. haha!
  4. Ha! that is funny :) I do things like that all the time - constantly backtracking as I say or do something silly - Love the layout Hugs K
  5. Beautiful page, kids, and pics! I need to scrap more like I said I was going to this year! And we pass strep around our house all the time! The dr. seems to think I have been the "carrier" of it, so I took like 17 days of antibiotics over the summer to try and kill the strep. Autumn got her tonsils out Dec. '09 and it has seemed to help our family alot! I have to keep my tooth brush away from theirs just in case of the strep, but changing out your tooth brush after you have strep is VERY important, in case you din't know that! :)
  6. Hiya gorgeous ladies...such a gorgeous LO I love love it...Love the rule of two thirds only wish I was a tad teeny weeny bit as good as you ... Beautiful photo`s of you two lovely ladies TFS:)xxx Hope `M` a lot better :)xxx

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