Two-Steppin’, Funnies, and Budgeting

Hi y’all, I two stepped. Oh yeah, me, Savitri, two-stepped. How? Cause hubby let me lead. I’m not good with music. I have to read sheet notes to be able to play any songs on the keyboard where my sister can just memorize and/or listen. But I can listen to rhythms and  beats and that’s what I did. I wasn’t awesome but I two stepped! Oh, I did the Electric Slide (it was rough starting but then it was like riding a bicycle… it just came back) and who knew what else. There were all sorts of Electric Slide-ish types of dances, stomp here stomp there and when things get too confusing I just make my own moves. It was fun.

Oh, before the dance hubby’s friend and I had a conversation. It wasn’t word for word but it went more less like this:

Friend: You going to cut a rug tonight?
Me: What (looking at him funny)?
Friend: You going to cut a rug tonight?
Me: (hmmmm, did hubby tell this dude that Max, our Lhasa Apso, puked on the rug this morning) Why?
Friend: Just curious if you and Drew are going to cut a rug tonight.
Me: (hmmmm, I washed the rug before we left. Hubby knew that. Why would we cut the rug?) Why would we want to cut a rug? It’s clean.
Friend: (gave me a weird look) You don’t know what cut a rug is?
Me: (me giving him a weirder look and thinking, of course I know what cut the rug is, but why would I want to cut our rug?)
Friend: It means to dance it up (or something like that)
Me: Oooh, uhm, maybe. If he drinks enough.

So folks, don’t ever talk slang with me cause who knows how I’d interpret it. Hubby said I am the smarter dumb person he knows. Trust him {::SMILES}. Just FYI, hubby drank enough to want to dance. We had fun!!

Today we had all day event at the city. Sushi at our favorite place, some grocery shopping for Jovie’s meals (check out the WOW of the day!!)), dinner with lovely friends, and ARCHIVERS!!! Yes! I got a few goodies which are great (of course) but my Mint account is going to kill me. Do you have one? It’s like an online version of Quicken or Microsoft Money. I like it a lot because it’s online and I can quickly look at all our accounts in one place. If you have an iPhone you can get a cool app for your phone. It’s pretty neat.

I set it up some while back when one of my friends from work mentioned it. Lately I’ve been using it more, the planning portion, to get us used to a budget. With two income, small town living, and not a lot of bills we have been somewhat carefree when it comes to spending for our hobbies. The UK, with one income and the possibility of still owning a house, we’d have to cut back and really watch our spending. But this month’s not a good month to budget. Mint has been screaming at me because we’ve overspent already on eating out. This January’s special. It’s our last time seeing families and such and so we’ve been eating out or buying food to cook for them.

Anyhow, just the other day I gave myself a craft budget. It’s a reasonable amount but this month I already have my last SU order as a demo, some PTI goodness, and then Archivers. It’s going to get some getting use to since after the UK I’m only allowed a scrapbook club (Scarlet Lime) and specials on holidays and birthdays or worst case scenario (if we still have the house and I am completely jobless) nothing at all. Technically I should be ok with nothing because I already have a lot of stuff but being able to get whatever whenever now will make it harder. It’ll all be good though. No worries… at least I’m not.

Oh yes, I did a scrapbook page. Just cut-outs from Sassafrass Lass. It came with my 2008 Studio Calico kit. I’ve been hoarding it.

Tiny Hands

Have a nice one I am off Monday, yippee!!!

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10 thoughts on “Two-Steppin’, Funnies, and Budgeting

  1. Yay! So glad you had fun! It's great to let loose every now and then... :-) LOL @ cutting a rug! I love what you did with the sassafras stuff... I have some, but I just stare at it. Lol... I need to put it to good use. Your pages are all such beautiful pieces of art. :-) Love it!
  2. Okay, I was seriously cracking up!!! I'm glad you had fun dancing:) I think it's the asian thing not knowing slang...I'm like you:) Gorgeous layout...gotta love the sass!
  3. Oh my word, that layout is awesome!!! Glad you had fun last night, too funny about cutting the rug! My students are all bi-lingual and they never get those idioms either! It's the hardest thing to teach.
  4. Cutting a rug, I can't believe you have never heard that! I guess I take it for granted that every one knows that, because I live in Texas! :) Glad you had fun, I don't really like two stepping either! Love your page, as always! :)
  5. Ha Ha .... sounds like you all had fun `cutting rugs there` (I think in the UK I would of thought he meant I`d been cutting my wig)ha ha ha ha......... Rug: can be slang for a Wig of hair here where we are!!!!! Glad you all had a fab time... Your LO Is gorgeous `Beautiful photo` hmmm they are not babies too long are they:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Wow!! Gorgeous layout...I love how the picture looks slightly recessed into the background and even with the fabulous embellies, the photo is still the focal point!

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