M’s B-Day, Part 1

M’s bday isn’t until Feb. 5th but because of our awesome moving schedule we decided to have a month of celebrating M’s bday. Today it was family day and she chose Dim Sum at Bo Ling‘s in Kansas City… or actually Overland Park, a suburb of KC on the Kansas side. As always it was delicious. Then we grabbed a few things from Whole Foods and then ice skating. BUT, ice skating didn’t happen because it was an outside rink and our little princess did not want to be out in the 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-12-ish Celcius) weather (we don’t blame her). So instead we dropped the hubby off at Mercy Seat and us girls went to another known KC location, 39th st (close to the also known West Port), for some coffee/hot cocoa (Javanaut — we like local shops than chain if possible. The Starbucks is at the next block), and 2nd hand bookstore shopping. M got herself five chapter books. She loves to read like her parents.

No crafty goodness today but I want to post some photos to help me remember what we did this weekend.

For once my M dressed up like a normal girl. She still got layers of clothes but at least they were coordinated… although her rainbow color outfit sometimes makes her more adorable. Oh, check out them boots from Santa (they’re by Primigi if anybody wants to know), I want some!

M All Dressed Up

Our two girls.

The Girls

Our little shrimp. She’s only 13lbs some ounces at 7 months old. She’s in the 10th percentile in height and 5th in weight. Her head is normal tho, ha! My poor baby, 90-95% of babies her age are bigger than her!

Jovie with Her Goofy Look

And what hubby got after I picked up from Mercy Seat (suppose to be one of the best place to go in KC, Exile is another great one). This is one big reason why our marriage is still going well. We let each other do whatever and support each others’ wants. I’m not a tattoo person. I’d like one but I’m too chicken to. But, I let him ink up as long as they’re nice looking. This is his fourth.

Hubby's Tattoo

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7 thoughts on “M’s B-Day, Part 1

  1. Cant believ how long it is since I last visit you!!!Phew... WoW Fab photo`s Savatiri...The girls are growing fast!!!! check those cool boots out I love them....... not into tatoo`s myself although I do have one right across the base of my back!!(The days when I was younger and wore bikini`s)hah ha.....hmmm those were the days.... My hubbie is into tatoo`s he just had another..(will have to post a photo` for you)he said `This is the last one`!!!lol....how many later????? You girls are in for a fun filled month YahahaTFSHave a fab Evening:)xxx
  2. Look at M, with her little 'toe pop'! Too cute! And sweet little Jovie! My son was 8lbs. 4oz. at birth, and he was in the 98th%, all of his baby years. Now he is one of the shortest in his class! :)
  3. How precious!! Jovie is growing fast! It's like I'm watching her grow :) M is such a model!! If she's my girl, I'll love her to bits!!! She's so cute in her own way! I guess our hubby have one thing in common. Yep, tattoo! My hubby tattoed both his arms and the entire upper chest.

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