I’m Thankful for…

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I am a VERY lucky person and I am grateful each and everyday. But every year on Thanksgiving I do think about it a bit more and still the best three things in my life are the folks above. Then my friends and a handful of extended families. I also have my health. I’m very lucky there. My dentist said I’m one of the 1% who still have their wisdom teeth and I rarely get sick. I have every single body part that I was born with. Everything else in my life… they’re wonderful bonuses. My education has been a wonderful gift. My job has been very fulfilling and fun. The second income has been a treat. Our travels have been joyous. And our future adventure across the pond will an experience to cherish.

So today we celebrate Thanksgiving and are very thankful that we have love, nutritional food, clean clothes, good health, a warm loving home and all the bonuses that we have been very fortunate to receive.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

PS: Jovie moved, thus the blurriness. Still love the photo though.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Thankful for…

  1. Hope ya'll had a very Blessed Thanksgiving! I too still have my wisdom teeth! I went to a oral surgen about 8 yrs ago, and he said my wisdom teeth would never come in right. Long story short, I was scared to get them out, so I just prayed alot that they would come in right, I wear a night gaurd at night for grinding, and I think that helped them come in straight. So they are in and pretty straight! :)
  2. Hi, Oh me too : I’m one of the 1% who still have their wisdom teeth and I rarely get sick :)) Good ! You're a beautiful Family. Wishing an Happy Thanksgiving. Lili

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