Simple Merry Christmas

I did some stitching! I got motivated after I saw this stamp that I bought from the UK… or Ireland to be more exact. I thought I’d practice buying in pounds instead of dollars, ha! This is a new company called Waltzingmouse Stamps and they’ve got some cute images. The stamps are nice too… very crisp! I get a bit shady when I buy acrylic stamps because some are just not that great… makes my images blotchy, but this one isn’t the case. For the stitching I used three embroidery thread and I tied both ends together making it a 6-thread stitch. Nice and thick… makes me think of a nice warm winter blanket.

Merry Christmas

Besides the card I want to share another photo of my little shrimp (my new title for her cause at her 4-mo appointment she’s only 11 lbs 13 oz and 23″ tall — 87% of babies her age are bigger than her). This little shrimp has been keeping me up the last few nights. Instead of going back to sleep as usual she’s been wanting to talk. Talking past mid-night is a no no in my dictionary. Then she’d get mad when I put her back in her crib after feeding. In the past I can take her in our bed and she’d fall right back asleep a bit after I did (if the crib fails and I’m too tired) but not this time. She’s been getting more control over her hands and instead of sleeping she’s been smacking my face. When I try to put her binky in she’d spit it out or cry to complain. Oh babyhood!! But, when I get this in the daytime I have to say my heart just melts. It’s so bad that I’m wanting another baby. URGH!! Scary, huh?!?! No, that won’t happen but goodness instead of the baby blues I have the opposite… is there a name for it?


Ok, that’s that. Oh, all of us passed our health and mental test on base. Now we’re just waiting for the official paperwork that tells us we’re moving to England! Laters!!!

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11 thoughts on “Simple Merry Christmas

  1. Just love the simplicity of this. I've been drooling over Clare's stamps for a bit but shipping to the states is so high. Love the stitching on this. And who can resist that sweet face in that hat? Just makes your heart melt.
  2. Oooh! Can you make me some matching socks? :-)Love this! I love this new company... I'm glad to hear the positive review. It's on my "list" of things to get, also. :-) Omgosh I can see why you'd want more with such a wonderful little girl like Jovie. :-) Maybe I should let my hubby come see the pics... ;-)
  3. yay for stitching! all of my cards lately have felt and stitching in them... it's my latest fav :O) uhm.... is it weird that i'm craving shrimp now? haha

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