Baby Passport Photos


Useless Passport Baby Photos

We’re going to try again! This time with a white blanket over her body. We might hold her up (that’s what we did with M) or we might lay her down. Since we’re doing it at home (there’s no rule saying you can’t as long as you follow the guidelines) we can lay her down. If you all want to make your own passport photo and not quite sure on the sizing, use this site: ePassportPhoto. Upload your photo, select the area (making sure your head is within the green lines) and voila. You can select to download and print yourself (FREE) or you can have it sent off to a photo processing place. Neat, huh? If you print yourself, make sure that you have a nice photo printer. Read the guideline! Newer printers make awesome prints. We have the Canon 860 and the Selphy ES30 and I can use either to make my prints. Plus, the Canon software lets you print two photos on one sheet of 4×6 paper easily (or you can do it manually in a photo editing software).

I also made a card:

Cheer Up Card

I was just messing around with some PTI and American Craft stamps. Not sure if I like this card but after staring at it for a while it’s not that bad. I’ll play around with the stamps some more. Plus, I wasn’t too happy with my ink pads. I used SU ones and they’re just not that great for clear stamps — makes it blotchy. I only have a few chalk or PTI ink pads and so my options were limited!

Well, have a great one! It’s Tuesday, yeah! It’s another day closer to the long weekend {::SMILES}.

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23 thoughts on “Baby Passport Photos

  1. LOL its always so much fun trying to do that passportthing with babies...heck my 3year old daugher's photo is a NIGHTMARE your card is outta control gorgeous!
  2. Oh so cute! Jovie is soooo cute and beautiful! Funny because she looks like her dad (I can only tell by the pics of course!) but she is also starting to look like M! hehe. Love the card, the black card stock is a good pic, very cute stamps too! I should've gotten the add on to the Scattered Showers set too but I chose the SU! stamps for my big order, yey! Hugs Clouds :D
    1. You know, you're right! I noticed that myself too just the other day. I told hubby the same thing. She does look a lot like him in real life but when I look at a picture of M at about the same age they do look a like. Weird! :) Oooooh, so many options and so limited money. Got to pick and choose! My PTI collection is slowly building up. Wish I can do the same for Unity stamps and other ones out there. Oh well...
  3. So cute!! Love the pictures. The bottom left one is the cutest! Babies need a passport??!! Weird! Thank you so much for your comment, I am doodling a lot in my seminars at uni, most of it looks stupid but some is actually quite nice :)
  4. Completly Beautiful Awww sweet `Jovie` is growing sooo quickly.. `Thanks` for sharing the Passport place!!!!! Hope you and yours are well Savitiri... I got lots of catching up to do...sorry I havent stopped by for a while I hate missing your beautiful posts... Have a lovely week:)xxx
  5. Oh my...Jovie is growing...she's such a cutie pie!! And the more I look at her, the more i think she look like M :) don't like this card? Worry no can send it my way and I'll be happy to take it..haha :) This card is beautiful, Savitri! I actually say 'wow' when I saw it!

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