Jovia Therese. Born Thursday, June 4th at 6:06 p.m. weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and 19″ tall. She was born just a tad bit smaller than Miss M… by 1 oz and .5″. My mid-wife and friend said that only 6-10% of babies are born on their due dates (these are none C-section babies). Both of mine are due date babies. Amazing!!! I started contracting with M at 1 a.m. and with Jovie it was 2 a.m.

Our newest addition is super super adorable and petite. A lot quicker to push her out than M (about 20 minutes). While M is somewhat of a mini me (least what most everybody says) little Jovie looks so so like daddy… even to the little wrinkles on her forehead and between eyes, the cow lick, and the hair line. From what we can tell based on her attitude she even has his temperament he he he…

I’m feeling pretty good… more so when I have my dose of Vicadin and Motrin. My pelvic area’s getting better but still sore from her pushing on it the last few months. On top of that the area where the epidural went in was bruised also. The rest of me is fine amazingly enough but with the two bruised area it’s still quite painful to move around when my drugs wear off.

I’ve been wanting to post earlier but I only had my cell and for some reason it wouldn’t let me log in to my blog. Hubby picked up my laptop yesterday and finally I have a chance to take some nice (decent light) pics and get online (wow, hospitals are high tech nowadays… free wi-fi!!). My past few days posts… well this week I’ve been post dating my blog posts and just let WordPress automatically publish {::SMILES}.

Nuff blabbing… you probably just want to see pics…

This is how she looks like when she’s awake and not crying {::SMILES}.


I have not been able to get M to stay away from her sister. She was even in the labor room when Jovie was born. She insisted and we’ve prepped her. She actually looked a few times even though she started out just holding my hand with her little body next to my shoulder.  I have some more cute cute pics of these two that I can’t wait to scrapbook!!

M and Jovie

She is amazing with her daddy. She’s been responding to him so so well.

Dad and Jovie

Just us girls…

M, Jovie, and Mom

With grandma.

Grandma and Jovie

Last… just another close-up picture of our sweet sweet new member. We all love her so so much!!!!

Jovia Therese

That’s all folks. Enjoy the pics and we all can’t wait to come home this afternoon/evening!!!!


  1. crissy says:

    I am soooo behind on my blog hopping, but I wanted to say congratulations on the new addition to your family. What a beautiful name you have chosen for a beautiful girl! You are truly blessed!!! {{{hugs}}}

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