Jovia Therese. Born Thursday, June 4th at 6:06 p.m. weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and 19″ tall. She was born just a tad bit smaller than Miss M… by 1 oz and .5″. My mid-wife and friend said that only 6-10% of babies are born on their due dates (these are none C-section babies). Both of mine are due date babies. Amazing!!! I started contracting with M at 1 a.m. and with Jovie it was 2 a.m.

Our newest addition is super super adorable and petite. A lot quicker to push her out than M (about 20 minutes). While M is somewhat of a mini me (least what most everybody says) little Jovie looks so so like daddy… even to the little wrinkles on her forehead and between eyes, the cow lick, and the hair line. From what we can tell based on her attitude she even has his temperament he he he…

I’m feeling pretty good… more so when I have my dose of Vicadin and Motrin. My pelvic area’s getting better but still sore from her pushing on it the last few months. On top of that the area where the epidural went in was bruised also. The rest of me is fine amazingly enough but with the two bruised area it’s still quite painful to move around when my drugs wear off.

I’ve been wanting to post earlier but I only had my cell and for some reason it wouldn’t let me log in to my blog. Hubby picked up my laptop yesterday and finally I have a chance to take some nice (decent light) pics and get online (wow, hospitals are high tech nowadays… free wi-fi!!). My past few days posts… well this week I’ve been post dating my blog posts and just let WordPress automatically publish {::SMILES}.

Nuff blabbing… you probably just want to see pics…

This is how she looks like when she’s awake and not crying {::SMILES}.


I have not been able to get M to stay away from her sister. She was even in the labor room when Jovie was born. She insisted and we’ve prepped her. She actually looked a few times even though she started out just holding my hand with her little body next to my shoulder.  I have some more cute cute pics of these two that I can’t wait to scrapbook!!

M and Jovie

She is amazing with her daddy. She’s been responding to him so so well.

Dad and Jovie

Just us girls…

M, Jovie, and Mom

With grandma.

Grandma and Jovie

Last… just another close-up picture of our sweet sweet new member. We all love her so so much!!!!

Jovia Therese

That’s all folks. Enjoy the pics and we all can’t wait to come home this afternoon/evening!!!!

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55 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Oh Savitri....CONGRATULATIONS to your entire family. Jovia, is a gorgeous baby & the name is beautiful too. Look forward to seeing many more pics of her & Little Miss M.
  2. Wow! What a beautiful baby! She's adorable! Love the pics too! Congrats Savitri...I've been waiting patiently for the pics! hehe. Thanks for sharing your pics with us! What a beautiful fam :D HUGS Clouds :D
  3. Congrats! These are great pics and makes me excited for the birth of my own baby (due July 12th). Hope recovery continues to go well, as well as adjusting to life with 2 kids!
  4. Yeah!!!! Congrats! She is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad your labor and delivery went well. I hope you have a quick recovery (#2 is usually a lot faster than #1, so hopefully that will be true for you.) I cannot wait to see your scrapbook pages... with such a beautiful family I'm sure they will be amazing! Best wishes with your new little one! Hugs from Morocco! Tina
  5. OMG - Savitri - she is just perfect and super gorgeous!!! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! I'm soooo thrilled for you all!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful and intimate photos of your new arrival!!! I love her name too!! May God bless your baby and your family - hugs ~Silke~
  6. Congrats, Savitri, on the healthy arrival of Jovia Therese! She is absolutely gorgeous! She looks so full of life and is beautiful, even as a newborn. Your pictures are amazing and she looks weeks old instead of days old. She is so pretty!! Wishing you a smooth transition!
  7. Congratulations! She is so beautiful and I love her name! Emma looks like she is over the moon and I'm sure she'll be a great helper! Hope you start to feel better soon!
  8. A big congratulations to you and your family, Savitri!!!! Very happy for you. Glad your painful pregnancy is over. Jovia Therese is beautiful! I love her names too! Hope your recovery is fast. Cute pictures. Hugs!
  9. woot wootie woot woot sista...Oh My Goodness...she is just plain beautiful...thank you sooo much for posting this...I've been thinking aboutcha! Congrats to you guys!!!!!!!!!!
  10. She is so absolutely gorgeous! I'm shocked that both of your girls came ON their due dates. That's so cool!! I'm so glad everything went so well and that she's here and perfect :) Congratulations!
  11. congratulations savitri!!!, I CRIED WHEN I SEE HER, SHE'S SO CUTE, I loved the M and jovie picture, they look so tender OMG!!!! even I'd make a layout with that picture hihihih, CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS I'm really happy about you and your family, and thanks you for sharing all your joy (and pain too, but it woth it, isn't it?) with us, that is priceless GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TOO ÜÜÜÜÜ
  12. So sweet! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy, she's too cute! Wishing you and the baby all the best! Greetings from Germany!
  13. Congratulations Savitri! I knew you'd have pictures up somewhere I just had to find the site! Glad that all went well, and Jovia is beautiful. She looks perfect. I hope you're doing well adjusting at home now. We're thinking of you!
  14. Aw Yahahah.... Massive `Congratulations` Welcome to little `Jovia Therese`...a beautiful addition to your beautiful family!!!! I am absolutly thrilled for you all... Sending lots s and lots of love to you and yours... Absolutly `gorgeous ` photo`s to Cherish...TFSx `Many Blessings`............:) xxxxx
  15. Congratulations, Savitri!!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and adorable pictures! She is a beauty. I especially love the pic with J and M. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care & God bless!
  16. Dear Savitri congrats for your cute baby selamat untuk kelahiran babymu..dia lucuuu sekali.. saya Monika from Indonesia and living in Muenchen saya senang lihat karya anda...cantik2 dan adorable semuanya.. hugs and kisses for your little baby... Monika
  17. Welcome Jovia--how beautiful she is! Many congratulations. I also read your post about your dreams of her and your grandfather... just to let you know, I also believe there aren't any coincidences; And in terms of motherhood, I believe there's a special connection with heaven there, and the children waiting to come... Jovia let you know it was time. What a blessing to have her now in your home! Wishing you a very beautiful day, --Kathryn
  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Savitri!! She is just precious!!! SOOO sweet! I adore that picture of you and M and J - sooo sweet to see a pic of the girls!!! Each shot is just adorable and perfect and lovely and sweet and soft! I miss those early sweet days! M looks just sooo grown up with her little baby sister!! How does it feel to be a family of four? How is M doing with everything? How are you!!!??!!! I hope that you are feeling more and more rested and clear and that you are back to your strength in your body! How are the nights and days? I am so happy for you guys! Sending you big armfuls of hugs and gleeful congratulations!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! love, Sankari :)
  19. I am soooo behind on my blog hopping, but I wanted to say congratulations on the new addition to your family. What a beautiful name you have chosen for a beautiful girl! You are truly blessed!!! {{{hugs}}}

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