One More Week…

Almost!! Until my due date of June 4th. So far nothing exciting is happening in terms of labor. With my luck, just like M, she’ll show up on her due date. In the meantime, during my insomniac moment, I made the below… I used Kristina’s colors for this week: black, white, red, blue, and yellow.


Oh, I’ve gotten a few emails on what envelope I use for my larger/super bulky cards and where I get them (most of my cards are 4.25×5.5″ but a lot of times I have stuff sticking out of them… like this ribbon). Well, I’d go to Hallmark, we have one in town, and ask if they have any leftover bigger size envelopes. They usually do and they’d sell them to me for $.03 each. Pretty cheap I think. Even though I can stick this one in a regular envelope I hate how the ribbon will end up looking once you take it out. So I stick with bigger envelopes. If I give a gift with a card sometimes I don’t even do an envelope. I just tuck the card under the ribbon inside the gift box and it’ll be part of the gift decor. Is that rude? I don’t know but my card stays nice ha ha ha…

I also have a little toot… I’ll be guest DT-ing at CardPatterns next week (sketch #17). Yeah! It was my first time playing there and really didn’t expect to win sketch #15. So I was super super happy when I got online Monday and clicking through my Google Reader and saw my card plus the email from Michelle. I’ll get working on this tonight… in case I have a baby {::SMILES}.

Oh, one last thing… it’s SIX (6) more days until the big 2Sketches4You contest!!! TONS of prizes and the big winner gets to keep over $500 worth of stuff!!!!

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21 thoughts on “One More Week…

  1. What a gorgeous card you made! The colors are fab! I like the black scroll behind the red ribbon. Congrats on the CP DT! I look forward to seeing your card next week. Also, wishing you the best on your delivery!
  2. Oh wow, this is perfect and just a wonderful use of those colors! Love to play along with that challenge. Congrats on getting so close to that little one arriving, how exciting and congrats on Card Patterns too - I love to play along with them too.
  3. Gorgeous card - Savitri!!! OMG - I can't believe it's time for a baby soon - oh I can't wait to hear all about your new addition!!! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything will be as you hoped for!!! Big hugs ~S~
  4. Each week you amaze me! You seem to pull off the toughest colors so effortlessly! Your card is gorgeous! Best wishes for a safe and easy delivery.
  5. Your cards always come out stunning and very original :) How many times have you gotten on Kristina's top picks? Seems like every week you win hehe.. well deserved though!
    1. Thanks for the sweet compliment :) I really appreciate it!! Actually I haven't been top picks in weeks :P How many wins? I don't really know. I never got to counting :)

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