A Make-Over

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Congrats... Not Like :)

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The first card was my first attempt at Kristina’s color challenge for this week and Laura’s sketch at 2S4Y but I dunno, it just didn’t turn out right. So I just tossed that card aside and made another one which was posted yesterday. Then, I grabbed this card again and added brown and some more stamping and voila. I like it a lot better. What do you think? I already stamped the congratulations and sewed the lace and scalloped paper so not much I can do there but the different, darker, ribbon and extra stamping made the card more interesting.

I have an M story… this happened during our party over the weekend… The weather got cold by the time we had the bon fire. M was eating her smorse and there were a few older girls (8/9-yrs-old) that were sitting next to her. M said: It is getting cold. The girls heard and they got up, put an extra blanket on M and started moving the chair closer to the fire. Instead of relaxing and saying thank you here’s what M said (in a sassy little adult voice): Girls, girls, stop. Just stop (imagine both her hands up and doing the stop movements… like the ones us adults do when the kids are into something they shouldn’t). I can do this myself, I do not (put an emphasis on the “do not”) need your help. One of hubby’s coworker was there and he couldn’t help but bust out laughing. The girls quit and didn’t know what to do.I guess M got up, readjusted everything and plopped herself on the chair again and continued to eat her smorse.

Yesterday hubby’s coworker asked hubby if M’s always like that. Hubby said: Yup. She’s something else and who knows what’ll come out of that little mouth.

Have a great day. I feel a tad better. If it continues I’m going to walk this afternoon. I still want to stay active and maybe it’ll help evict the baby out of her warm comfy spot ha ha!

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15 thoughts on “A Make-Over

  1. Cracking me up....your Girl cracks me up...such the whipper snapper...maybe a chip off the ole Mom block? LOL Super card...love the makeover. The ribbon in the 2nd one looks more like you, kwim? Love them both though :)
  2. What a great idea to let us see the process of making a great card even better! Thanks for being willing to do that, and for treating us to the lovely final result!!
  3. oh how funny! M seems to be very independent! That's awesome! your card is awesome! I love Kristina's colours this wk! I wish I could play but 1. I have no tricks up my sleeve and 2. I am super busy this wk! And that butterfly stamp is awesome, not to mention the lace!!! Like Laura, your talent blows me away as well! LUV Clouds :D
  4. These are both lovely, but the butterfly on the second is really striking! M sounds like quite the personality! I remember wondering how my second could possibly be better than my first, but it has been a blast watching Parker's character develop (and now Landon too!)

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